Berkeley recovers after violent protest against Milo Yiannopoulos

Michael Wan/Staff

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Clean-up crews comprising students and UC staff worked early in the morning Thursday to clear debris remaining from acts of violence against conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos’ campus appearance, originally scheduled to occur Wednesday evening.

A peaceful protest organized by students in response to Yiannopoulos’ speaking event was interrupted by about 150 outside agitators who destroyed campus and city property, prompting the University of California Police Department to cancel the event about 6 p.m. Many students and campus administrators expressed disappointment over the escalation of violence, emphasizing that damage caused by outside groups was not affiliated with the student protest.

“The violence last night was an attack on the fundamental values of the university, which stands for and helps to maintain and nurture open inquiry and an inclusive civil society, the bedrock of a genuinely democratic nation,” said Chancellor Nicholas Dirks in a campuswide email statement Thursday.

According to Berkeley Police Department Officer Byron White, at least 15 different buildings Wednesday were vandalized. ATMs at several banks, including the Bank of America on Telegraph Avenue and the Wells Fargo banks located on Bancroft Way and Shattuck Avenue were left graffitied with screens shattered. Windows of buildings such as the Starbucks on Oxford Street, which was also robbed, and the T-Mobile on Shattuck Avenue were still shattered and boarded shut Thursday.

On campus, a large burn mark was left on Sproul Plaza in front of the ASUC Student Union’s Amazon pick-up location where a fire was set Thursday night. The windows of the Amazon pick-up location were also shattered and sealed off, with paint spots on the ground left from paint thrown at the windows of the Student Union building. The damage inflicted upon campus property was estimated to cost $100,000, according to the campuswide email.

According to students who were present at the protest, violence was instigated by members of off-campus groups. A campuswide email sent Wednesday night condemned “the actions of individuals who invaded the campus, infiltrated a crowd of peaceful students, and used violent tactics to close down the event.”

Several individuals were physically attacked Wednesday night. One member of the Berkeley College Republicans was assaulted Wednesday night and another two Thursday, according to BCR head of communications Celine Bookin. One man was arrested Wednesday night during the protest for allegedly staying “in the place of a riot,” according to UCPD spokesperson Sgt. Sabrina Reich, and another two individuals were arrested for allegedly assaulting BCR members Thursday morning.

“I am in support of peaceful protests — I think that’s a perfectly acceptable way to protest — but once it turns violent that makes me lose respect for the cause, and it makes it hard for a potentially opposing listener continue to listen to their argument,” Bookin said.

By Any Means Necessary organizer Yvette Felarca said campus administration and Chancellor Dirks should have predicted that response of this magnitude would occur, citing the string of protests that erupted before Yiannopoulos’ speaking events scheduled at several other college campuses, including UC Davis and the University of Washington.

“Just the fact that he was allowed to come was already raising the level of racism and hostile campus climate,” Felarca said. “We’ve seen people get shot when he comes to the campuses. Chancellor Dirks knew that and he had the authority to step in for the safety of students to step in, to stop it and to prevent it.”

Many students who supported or attended the protest last night said the ensuing violence did not represent their views. Campus sophomore Juliana Mora organized a student clean-up of Sproul Plaza and other areas that were vandalized, adding that the violence left her “heartbroken.”

“After I saw that there was people breaking our Student Union and trashing our community, I was really heartbroken,” Mora said. “I didn’t want that to reflect on UC Berkeley.”

Roughly 30 students, including Mora, assisted volunteers in cleaning the vandalized sites from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m., helping to clean graffiti, broken glass and debris still remaining.

ASUC President Will Morrow praised students who attended the clean-up effort, adding that it was encouraging to see students wake up at 5 a.m. to clean — even when they did not cause the damage. He added that the resistance dance party held Wednesday night was “student organized, intentionally not violent” and that students involved were acting separately from those who instigated the violence.

On Thursday, Sproul Plaza was crowded with students still discussing the actions of rioters. Closer to Sather Gate, students surrounded the BCR table to engage in debates about the purpose of the original protest. While most students did not approach the table, their main point remained the same — that UC Berkeley did not stand for violence.

“They wanted a peaceful protest and we wanted to shut it down, but not by any means necessary,” said campus senior KayLee Hunt. “This is not Berkeley, this is not what we do as students.”

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  • katzkiner

    How long before someone comes prepared to shut the black block, bamn,
    antifada down?
    Trump supporters are already coming geared up because we know the violent idiots will be waiting to attack.
    And there are no flowers in their hair.
    Even Barry’s former top cop(sweet Loretta) is calling for violence, blood and death in America’s streets.
    Looks like a long very hot summer.
    Fix bayonets!

  • Dave_m

    liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

  • Guido88

    Violent protest? That would be a riot.

  • Douglas Bonham

    I was there during the Sixties. I watched the Free Speech Movement on TV in 1964, then was enrolled both as an undergraduate and graduate student from 1965 to 1975. There were many many protests on campus in that era mostly revolving around the VietNam War. The violence and police reaction were much worse than what happened on Wednesday night. I never once saw the UC Administration ever allowing an outside group of agitators and thugs to come in and stage a riot and disrupt a planned event, whether it was a leftwing speaker or a rightwing speaker. Never! Yet that is exactly what they did Wednesday night. They stood the police down, intentionally. The UC administration and the cops they control knew for weeks that this group of Antifa/Black Bloc thugs was coming in with violent intent. The thugs started walking up Bancroft Way from downtown Berkeley, dressed in black, masked, with helmets and backpacks containing their fireworks and Molotov cocktail apparatus, obvious Antifas. The UC authorities could have sent the assembled cops out to bust them and keep them from getting up to Sproul Plaza, but instead they stood them down and camped them inside the student union complex. The Antifa thugs had free rein to riot, start fires, destroy University property, and assault people all the way up to Sproul Plaza. Even there, they could have let the cops come out and push everybody back and form a perimeter to allow the students who wanted to attend the talk and had tickets to get in. They didn’t let the cops even do that though, they just let the mob of Antifas run amok!

    Now that is just terrible police work, but I cannot believe it was the ordinary line cops who were responsible for this incredible stupidity and negligence. The UC administration told them to stand down, not confront the mob, and de facto let the riot get completely out of hand. It is dereliction of duty, professional misconduct, and wilful negligence, allowing a dangerous riot to ensue.

    In the old days the Blue Meanies (Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs) would have quickly busted the Antifas down on Bancroft Way, the peaceful student protest up on Sproul Plaza would have continued, and everybody who wanted to attend the talk would have done so.

    The actions of the UC administration indicate however that they really wanted the full blown riot to happen, so they could cancel the Milo speech. The university administrations at Univ. Washington Seattle and UC Davis had allowed these same damn Antifas/Black Bloc to riot, and cancel the Milo speeches there.

    You really have a problem there now when your own UC Berkeley administration is lying to you and manipulating you in this way, to make political points and sham professions of free speech there in present California. Back in the day there were thousands of these roaming anarchists and street fighters, going from campus to campus. The old Berkeley administration Roger Heyns and his successors never would have put on such a dangerous staged sham as occurred Wednesday night. And you would have indeed true free speech. What you’ve got now is violent staged show, by the administration and the thugs, the left and the right. Damn pitiful what Berkeley has become. I would never go there again, except possibly for STEM, and I was third generation to go to Cal. It’s a stifling PC paradise now, and of negative value except for STEM.

    • Jan

      YOUR POST IS VERY POWERFUL please do what you can to post this on the Presidents facebook page as well as the Fox News facebook pages. Every word you have posted it the truth. THE MAYOR was inciting the students on twitter earlier in the day. It was either him or the administration or both. If the mayor was behind it, he certainly isn’t going to investigate it. Someone above him has to conduct an investigation. I didn’t even see the fire dept for the fires. Of course even the fire dept would have disrupted the riots but they did not respond. It was easy to see the violent riot element was not concerned about time. They knew in advance the police would not respond

      • Douglas Bonham

        I will do what I can. These posts which I have made here have also been forwarded to the SF Chronicle and direct to the Chancellor’s office.

      • Douglas Bonham

        As before, thank you and I will do what I can. I would like to get what I have written to the attention of as many Cal students, faculty, and administration clear up to the Regents as possible. Governor Brown himself went to Cal and I am sure he knows that something went very very wrong here, shameful and unworthy of the great University that he and I went to.

  • roccolore

    Of course, not one liberal volunteered to clean up. Possibly because they were the ones rioting.

    • StanFromSomewhere

      I learned a long time ago that liberals are like children. They will show up for ice cream and candy and toys, but not for any meaningful work that produces said goodies.

      • Jan

        very good analogy towards their political practices as well

    • Kenneth Garcia
      • roccolore

        Were any of them “peace activists” or “protesters”?

      • Jan

        did that happen in DC?

    • Jan

      THE WOMENS MARCH on DC, they did the same thing. They left trash all over DC. Deplorable and disrespectful people that feel entitled to be picked up after

      • StanFromSomewhere

        Funny, but the same thing happens on so-called “Earth Day”.

  • FlameCCT

    They wanted a peaceful protest and we wanted to shut it down, but not by
    any means necessary,” said campus senior KayLee Hunt. “This is not
    Berkeley, this is not what we do as students.”

    IOW Hunt is a good little Progressive Fascist and wants to shut down any opposing viewpoints thereby ensuring only Progressive propaganda is heard and accepted. Truly sad that a college senior cannot muster even a half hearted attempt at debate, instead going directly the Progressive fascist tactic of shutting it down by any means necessary. I’ll lay odds that if one checked her social media accounts that she was calling for the event to be shut down by any means.

    BTW: I doubt local law enforcement is investigating one of the chief instigators of the violent riots, By Any Means Necessary organizer Yvette Felarca and her psychophants. After all this is CA and Berkeley where they support Progressive violence and riots with the Progressive Mayor standing down LEOs just like the Progressive Mayor of Baltimore.

  • SkorpioG

    It is a nice gesture of several students to come out and help clean up the mess there. However, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY certainly got it’s wish. Though I think this organization needs to change its name to “ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS.” It would be a more appropriate name.

  • Jay Beswick

    List of riot organizers associated with BAMN or By Any Means Necessary, Berkeley is home to YVETTE FELARCA the BAMN Regional Director;

    • FlameCCT

      She’s a middle school teacher too. I feel sorry for the children in her classroom, makes one wonder how she treats the non-minority children.

  • Alex

    Yvette Felarca needs to take a long walk off a short pier.

  • A proud Deplorable

    I hope UC Berkeley gets sued, defunded and has students withdraw over this violence,

    • Kenneth Garcia

      So, by that logic, we should start defunding the fringe on your side to, right? it’s always crickets when we ask you guys to call the crazies out on your side. A few bad apples spoiled it for the rest. End of story. If you can do the “meh” to the fringe fanatics who were equally as violent during the election, then you can do the same for us. UC Berkeley is a world class university that has developed innovations that positively impacts all of our life. You can start here: You can disagree with liberal ideology but you need to respect their scientific, medical, cultural, and technology innovations.

      • lovestohike

        Get real.

        Your post shows you are not tolerant at all of others.

        • Kenneth Garcia

          Um, ok. sure. I think we’ll just have to agree to disagree. have a nice day.

          • lspanker

            I think we have to agree that you’re an ignorant, hateful, and pathetic suck-up for thuggery

      • FlameCCT

        LMAO. So perhaps you want to provide all those who were equally as violent? Oh and btw, please don’t use the #fakenews stories created by HRC and DNC’s flunkies whose sole job was to cause violence at RNC events.

        • Kenneth Garcia

          Oh, so the existence of right wing and white nationalist nuts doesn’t exist? Interesting. I spent 1/2 hour in their echo chamber yesterday – they’re real and their hateful/ignorant speech/action/behavior is their modus operandi. And to pretend that the lot of them are characters on little house on the prairie is incredibly naive. Also, since you care so much about #fakenews, you could ask fox and breitbart to correct their articles about the situation that made no mention of a rogue group of anarchists that showed up to disrupt a protest.

          • FlameCCT

            Rogue group that showed up? You mean the BAMN group? Who’s organizer Yvette Felarca is an MLK Middle School teacher? That group? Or are you talking about the UC Berkeley students and professors that were calling for the Milo event to be shutdown by any means necessary even if it violated the US Constitution & laws, CA Constitution & laws, and even UC system & UC Berkeley rules?

            There is little difference between alt-right and alt-left as both are racists, bigots, violent, etc. The one difference is that Conservatives reject the real alt-right while Progressive support the real alt-left. Seriously, not only did the Progressive Berkeley Mayor stand down the LEOs but the Progressive University also stood down their LEOs; both allowing the Progressive fascist rioters to burn, destroy property, and commit assault and battery just like the the Progressive Baltimore Mayor. No different than the violence and criminal actions of the Progressive controlled #Occupy dirtbags. Yet people like you continue to project #Occupy violence and criminal actions on TEA Party groups with no evidence, no facts, just belief in the Progressive Plantation propaganda from your Elitist Masters and Uncle Tom Overseers.

            I also notice that you continue to make accusations with no facts, no
            cites, and no evidence. Once again you project your own proclivities
            onto others. Projection is a serious issue that if left untreated
            becomes full blown delusion.

            The original Berkeley Free Speech protestors would be disgusted by the actions of the current Berkeley students trying to stifle free speech. Truly sad!

            BTW: I have been opposing various Marxist ideologies including Communism, National Socialism, Progressivism, et. al. for decades. I also read/watch several sources for information including both Progressive and Conservative as well as others. As for #fakenews outlets like CNN, I’ve seen them kowtow and spread propaganda from Communists & dictators like Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Hu Jintao then Xi Jinping of China, Ahmadinejad then Hassan Rouhani of Iran, Kim Jong-il thenKim Jong-un of North Korea, et. al. for decades, often to the detriment of our military and civilians serving around the world.

            Progressivism is just Communism with better propaganda.

          • Kenneth Garcia

            Do you even read the articles you comment on? It’s above: “A peaceful protest organized by students in response to Yiannopoulos’ speaking event was interrupted by about 150 outside agitators who destroyed campus and city property, prompting the University of California Police Department to cancel the event about 6 p.m. ”
            Also eye witness accounts also confirmed that the protest was hijacked. I know that doesn’t fit into your narrative or what you want to hear, but somedays the sky really is blue.

            UC Berkeley students had every right to protest hate speech. And I don’t think either of us are in a position to speak for the free speech movement. No sir, we have both not earned that right.

            For facts, come on buddy, you haven’t sourced anything either. Give me a break. But I am curious, where are your facts or proof that “Conservatives reject the real alt-right”?* Mccain is stepping to the plate but I have quite a few conservative friends and haven’t seen one post condeming alt-right actions

            *Facts can’t come from breitbart, foxnews, or any of the other state sponsored media outlets that have bowed down to Vladimir Trump.

            I really wish you the best. I have a weekend to get to. I really hope your world view delivers everything you think it will bring you. I doubt it will. I don’t think Americans can be as hateful as the alt-right wants them to be. It’s not human nature.

          • lspanker

            “”A peaceful protest organized by students in response to Yiannopoulos’ speaking event was interrupted by about 150 outside agitators who destroyed campus and city property”

            It wasn’t interrupted. You didn’t stop your protesting, nor did you try to stop the rioters.

            Stop playing dumb – many of us have been around a lot longer than you and know how the Left plays this game.

          • roccolore

            You Democrats are the hatemongers. You hate Jews, hate Christians, hate our troops, hate critics of radical Islam, hate Israel, hate the police.

          • Kenneth Garcia

            I’ve never met a democrat that hated any of those groups. We’re not a hateful bunch. Hopefully, this can help you:

          • roccolore

            I’ve seen your “peace rallies.”

          • roccolore

            You are the hatemonger who makes excuses for rioting and looting.

          • lspanker

            Oh, so the existence of right wing and white nationalist nuts doesn’t exist?

            Were any of those people rioting and suppressing the free speech rights of others lsst Wednesday night?

            they’re real and their hateful/ignorant speech/action/behavior is their modus operandi.

            I absolutely love it when people who justify violence and violation of of the rights of other, call OTHERS “hateful” or “ignorant”.

            a rogue group of anarchists that showed up to disrupt a protest.

            Did any of you try to stop it? Of course not, given that you clearly approved of your behavior.

          • Kenneth Garcia

            Clearly you didn’t read the conversation. You just want to spread your hateful rhetoric. Go for it. I hope it serves you well and brings all of the happiness you deserve.

          • roccolore

            You liberals are the hatemongers who defend copkillers and terrorists.

          • roccolore

            You are an ignorant Mexican supremacist who makes excuses for rioting.

          • Kenneth Garcia

            No, you are the ignorant one who doesn’t want to recognize facts. Your hatred has hindered your comprehension skills. If you read the conversation above you would have seen that I was expressing support for the peaceful protestors, NOT THE ANARCHISTS. Also, you don’t know anything about me, so I have no idea why you would insult me. Why is it that you guys always take it to the lowest level? BTW, I’m bi-racial, white and mexican, so at least call me a “white and mexican supremacist”.
            Maybe this will help you:

          • roccolore

            You Democrats are the hatemongers who make excuses for rioting and looting. Notice how Republicans don’t riot and loot when a pro-Islamist, pro-abortion, Jew-hater, or other leftist comes to campus.

          • roccolore

            You are a black supremacist left-wing nut. You are the hatemonger who advocates riots and defends copkillers.

      • lspanker

        So, by that logic, we should start defunding the fringe on your side to, right?

        Did his side assault people or break thing, or did they merely commit the mindcrime of entertaining ideas that cause you vaginal pains?

      • roccolore

        Why don’t you fascist Democrats respect people with opposing viewpoints?

        • Kenneth Garcia

          Not opposing viewpoints, just hate speech.

          • roccolore

            You liberals defend radical Islam. You support hate speech against Jews, Christians, women, military veterans, gays, and critics of radical Islam.

  • Its nice to see that some Leftists do not agree with letting loose the dogs from Antifa and their ilk. These “brownshirts” must be identified and arrested. It gives the demonstrators a bad name. MAGA

  • Douglas Bonham

    You need to start reporting on the stand down order that UC Berkeley gave the cops after the Antifa thugs were first sighted. 100 cops were ordered to stand down, go inside the ASUC building, and not engage the thugs. While inside, they were reportedly given false information by the UC administration, who told them there was no significant trouble outside.

    With the cops withdrawn, the thugs marched freely up Bancroft, destroying property. They came unimpeded to Sproul Plaza, rioted, burnt, and assaulted. They trashed the ASUC building without impediment. It was at that point that the administration cancelled the speech. for “Milo’s safety”. The administration facilitated this riot, because they wanted to cancel the speech.

    The same thing had happened at Univ Washington and UC Davis, and it was the same group of Antifa/Black Bloc/Soros/purple color revolution thugs. This Yvette character was identified last year by California police as the leader of these Antifas.

    The Berkeley administration and those above them, Napolitano and the Regents, now have a huge liability problem. The FBI is already investigating the Berkeley police for their stand down order. The UC Berkeley administration, Napolitano, and the Regents could and should face charges of criminal dereliction of duty, facilitating a riot harming free speech and facilitating assault, and willful misconduct.

    Losing funds may be the least of their problems, but it looks like a definite possibility down the road.

    • C Bierbauer78


      • lspanker

        You’re the liar, dirtbag.

        • Jan


      • Jan


    • Jan


  • SmokyBlue

    The police need to start busting heads when these “protests” turn violent–and any student caught participating should be immediately expelled with no recourse.

    • Jay Beswick

      The organizer Yvette Felarca is California Teachers Union financed. She is Regional Director of BAMN or BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. As several unions fund BAMN, Democrats will not risk challenging the people or who funds these riots. Read the BAMN organizers who use students through social media. MOST ARE TEACHERS. Yvette is a BERKELEY MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHER!

      • SmokyBlue

        Unbelievable. Why does California not ban the teacher’s union from funding such organizations; and why is she still allowed to teach? I pity the poor students in her class. This person sounds like a real loser.

        • FlameCCT

          Simple. CA has become one big Progressive Plantation State with Elitist Masters and Uncle Tom Overseers controlling the Proletariat Serfs. Therefore CA will never oppose other Progressive controlled organizations whether it is Unions, BAMN, BLM, just like they did nothing to the Progressive controlled #Occupy dirtbags.

          • Jan

            I can not believe the courage of these posts. Very hard to find the truth spoken these days

          • FlameCCT

            One good thing to come from President Trump is the exposure of the Progressives. They can’t help but scurry like cockroaches as the light shines on them.

        • Jan

          She is an activist, so are many judges like judge Robart who put a restraining order on the travel ban. Google Judge Robart, you will be shocked by his statements from the bench, supports Black Lives Matter and says the dead police officers are responsible for their own deaths. He does pro bono work for refugees

      • Jan

        thank you for posting this information

  • SmokyBlue

    These so-called “liberal, progressive” types amazingly have no idea what those words mean. Nothing but narrow-minded hacks. Would have been right at home on Krystallnacht. So much for a liberal arts education. Why in the world would anyone want to attend Berkeley??

  • garyfouse

    Meanwhile, Prof. Robert Reich aka Professor Rumor told CNN last night he “heard” that it was right-wingers who carried out the riot. He also said he was on the scene and he could recognize those were not students. I guess he could see through the masks.

    Hopefully, Reich doesn’t teach his classes based on rumors.

    • Arafat

      Reich taught me one thing: Never trust a dwarf.

      • He is an Angry Elf……………

        • FlameCCT

          Vertically challenged cannot be Elves!

          • I am follicley challenged.

    • lovestohike

      Anyone in his classes should just walk out in mass protest.

      We cannot tolerate bigots on the campus.

    • FlameCCT

      Reich is a typical Progressive Uncle Tom Overseer who projects his own proclivities onto opposition, aka more propaganda and #fakenews!

  • Cheya Cary

    Heartbreaking stuff. Those ATMs had a family to feed!

  • Doug F

    > By Any Means Necessary organizer Yvette Felarca said campus administration and Chancellor Dirks should have predicted that response of this magnitude would occur…

    Especially with her doing her usual thing, bringing lots of BAMN members to commit violence & inciting others to do so. She did the same during the Black Lives Matter riots. If anyone doesn’t know, she’s an MLK Middle School teacher who was suspended for such actions, then wrongly reinstated.

    • woodrose

      Black Bloc and By Any Means Necessary are toxic to progressive movements. Their violence discredits peaceful protests and builds support for Trump among the general public.

      Since the police won’t arrest the vandals, activists are going to have to citizen-arrest them. If we allow them to run wild, they will bring Trump Martial Law down on all of us.

    • SmokyBlue

      Whoever Yvette Felarca is, she just proved how much of an idiot she is. Who cares anyway? If she is involved in organizing violent protests, she should be arrested.

      • Jan

        AN ARREST will have zero impact because the courts are dominated by liberal judges. Like the liberal judge in DC, the violent individuals involved in the riots will be released without bail. They never go back to court. This is the danger of one political group in power in our courts. Thanks to Harry Reid this is the state of our courts for many years to come. An arrest is simply a public display now. This seems to appease the public but if you follow up on the outcome of the arrests, you will be shocked.