1 suspect arrested in connection with Milo Yiannopoulos protests at UC Berkeley

Mikaela Raphael/File

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UCPD has arrested one suspect at the Milo Yiannopoulos protests Wednesday night and two suspects in an unrelated incident Thursday morning.

Edward Thomas Kuo, a 19-year-old man who is not affiliated with the campus, was arrested Wednesday night on suspicion of remaining “in the place of a riot,” according to UCPD spokesperson Sgt. Sabrina Reich.

“We had given a dispersal order,” Reich alleged. “He remained in the area and was blocking the path of the police, who were trying to move a skirmish line along.”

According to online records from the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, Kuo was arrested about 8:40 p.m. and booked into Berkeley Jail about 12:20 a.m. His arraignment is scheduled for Friday at the Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse in Oakland.

About 11:30 a.m. Thursday, UCPD arrested individuals who had allegedly assaulted members of the Berkeley College Republicans, the campus group that invited Yiannopoulos to speak at UC Berkeley.

“Our officers … were out on the Sproul Plaza area — just routine patrol,” Reich said. “They observed two individuals assaulting two (individuals who) self-identified as Berkeley College Republicans, who were giving interviews to the media on Sproul Plaza.”

Oakland resident Devonte Gaskin, 28, and San Francisco resident Sean Seuss, 27, were arrested and booked to Berkeley Jail, Reich said. Neither Gaskin nor Seuss has an apparent affiliation with the campus.

According to Berkeley Police Department spokesperson Officer Byron White, the city of Berkeley did not make any arrests in connection with the protests Wednesday night.

Although UCPD is aware that people were assaulted and injured Wednesday night, no one has come forward to file reports with UCPD, according to Reich.

A UC Berkeley press release gave an early campus damage estimate of approximately $100,000. The cost will include fixing broken windows at the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union building, replacing a generator that caught fire and was destroyed, sandblasting paint off the concrete steps of the Student Union, cleaning up graffiti and possibly replacing some pavers and trees on Sproul Plaza, the release said.

Reich added that UCPD is “still in the process in collecting the total damage” to the campus from the protests.

Anyone with information about the protests is asked to report crimes and incidents to UCPD.

Chantelle Lee is an assistant news editor. Contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter at @ChantelleHLee.

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  • Karen Bayer

    Leaks came out 2 weeks ago that arrest warrants were imminent. A few days after that, Sandusky, Jr. was arrested. Chuck Schumer was on that list. Tell me … have you seen or heard Chuck Schumer in the past 20 days???? HAHAHA.

    Further, at least our candidate was not thrown into a truck like a slab of beef.

  • Karen Bayer

    Oh gee … “ONE” arrest out of 100 antifas … at the end of the riot ?? That’s supposed to impress us??
    Hey, Mayor and Chief Bennet !! (You fat, dumpling, useless gobs of lard !! Enjoy that in-your-face FBI probe!! HAHAHA.

  • orphan ellie

    Welcome to The Land of The Free.
    UCBerkeley holds its own Krystal Nacht with beatings, broken windows and arson.

  • Sugaronmytongue

    It’s so interesting that when liberals get feisty, (and we have yet to confirm that the perps in this deal were libs) that conservatives suddenly become peace mongers. I did some googling and many of the comments on threads where the reverse happened the blood thirst was unquestionable. How is it possible that you consider libs snowflakes and weaklings on one hand, yet violent crazies on the other? I thought you were the ones who are into the might vs right stuff. When does your own self awareness and sense of logic overcome your gut hatred for others? If we say the sky is blue, it suddenly becomes questionable to you. Do you really think that offending people works? I understand that it might satisfy your frustration momentarily, but it only prevents any type of reasonable dialogue. It seems to me that you are all increasingly becoming your own worst enemies.

    • ExChgoGal

      Your phrasing insinuates only the conservatives are guilty of offense. How ridiculous! Offending people is what made HRC lose. Her followers cost her many key votes by their tirade of -phobic and -ism slurs. They are the haters, so people fight back.

      You also insinuate that a party cannot be made up of a diversity of people. Some Dems are weak and can’t handle reality (snowflakes). Some Dems are vulgar and offensive, especially while protesting, marching, blocking intersections, blocking businesses so they lose money and accomplishing nothing of substance. Under cover of masks and when far outnumbering the other side, some Dems are violent and destructive.
      The majority of Dems are moderates and people uninterested in politics who live their lives, watch TV just for entertainment, don’t follow news, go shopping, play with their kids – you know… normal people. Some have joined the ranks of Independents, like I did years ago, so as not be associated with the shambles of the Democratic Party.
      Does that answer your supercilious and ignorant questions?

    • Karen Bayer

      We have to confirm they were libs ??? Do you actually think Trump supporters would beat up their own people ??? Remember the P*sy Tape?? Trump’s crowds jumped from 10,000 to 24,000.
      We are very loyal to our team. Nice try, though.

    • Karen Bayer

      About snowflakes and violent crazies … The “natural cycle” of mourning is first emotional pain … hence the hot chocolate, fuzzy animals and playdough … and then comes ANGER. Better?

  • CazUTee

    I didn’t quite catch how you and the high and mighty Tweet Monster are going to put the U-n-I back in United. Can you get us a tweet to confirm that someday maybe all us can enjoy the sweet joy of kissing his flabby ass. What’s even more hilarious is watching you low life starving maggots and rabid hyenas fighting over the rotten meat he keeps tweeting out there for you. Listen, the dog caught the bus this time.

  • KidDynamite

    It makes no sense at all that the police would stand by and watch these guys, where in other instances they’d be shut down and met with violent force. If every right winger can accuse every progressive of being a paid soros shill then I’m going to accuse these people of being agent provocateur paid Milos/Koch/Bannon shills. Based on the new standard of evidence devised by Trump and his supporters, the burden of proof is now on you guys to prove I’m wrong.

  • Bob Alexander

    Can you give me a quote from Donald Trump making a claim of ever having grabbed a woman by the pussy?

  • Bob Alexander

    Soviets & Nazis…kissing cousins involved in a turf war…that’s all.

    • Milton Devonair

      Exactly. They are both leftist ideologies. All leftist ideologies have “centralized control” as their hallmark.
      A liberal progressive is a liar.
      a socialist is an honest liberal/progressive.
      a communist/fascist is a socialist that got all the power they demanded.

      • Bob Alexander

        That’s why I lump them all into the “bat-shit crazy leftist” club!

  • Bob Alexander

    Actually, I believe every word in that quote! It could have just as well been said by Nikita Khrushchev or Fidel Castro.

  • Bob Alexander

    Jan…This was intended for me? I’m an OldPhart, but I agree with you!

  • Bob Alexander

    LOLOLOL! So says the bat-shit crazy leftist liar still unhinging publicly over the election of a President who adores America & being American. What is it about our Constitutional Republic that unnerves you leftists so goodly? The Clintonectomy was successful, our blessed Republic is safer, now. Life is good…

    • CazUTee

      Seriously Boob, you just keep spinning around in the little shit bubble kissing you’re own ass. You’re that kind of winner. We all saw the tweet from God thanking your high and mighty Tweet Monster for scaring everybody and saving America. They’ll carve his flabby ass into Rushmore for ya. You can make a pilgrimage once a year and keep kissing it

      • Bob Alexander

        Gosh! You are quite the whining & crying little bat-shit crazy leftist! Are mad at Media for scaring ya, huh? Longing for those Obama days, when you could roam around freely in semi-stealth mode, eh?

        When I watched, yesterday, video of Maxine Waters complaining about President Trump helping Putin with his invasion of Korea and Nancy Pelosi discussing doing battle with President Bush, LOLOLOL, I KNOW I live in no bubble and that normal folks are paying attention. I know, I actually talk with them. The best you could do is what comes naturally…eat, run rabbits n’ howl at the moon…

  • Francis Paul John McAnarney Jr

    A student at UC Berkley is the son of George Soros.

  • Kurt

    Liberals disgust on every level. No more cowering to these violent leftist thugs. Assume life is in danger. Remember Second Amendment is for self-defense above all else.

  • GB66

    UC Berkeley will pay even more for not protecting the students in the first place.

  • ExChgoGal

    I’m nonpartisan. What’s sad is your example concerning a minority of Republicans makes you so happy in its inadequacy. What’s crazy is you probably think Hillary is ‘the most qualified candidate ever’, or that ‘Hillary cares about the country’ and that ‘the Electoral College should be abolished’.
    And no, I didn’t vote for Trump. .. or Hillary. For the first time since I started voting, there was no lesser of two evils to choose between. Congratulations for picking the ONLY Democrat who could lose to Trump.
    I guess I can’t blame you with all the brainwashing you’ve eagerly soaked up.

  • Canuck Sailor

    Good luck with that! :)

    • Bob Alexander

      There’s always hope.

      • Canuck Sailor

        lmao – true enough…

  • Jan


  • Jan

    BE HONEST NOW is that why the students were protesting Milo. Isnt it his views of Muslims that kill gay men?

  • Jan

    NO WAY I never believed that but I did see 150 violent agitators destroy property, start fires and beat a student with an iron pipe and none of them were arrested. The cops did grab a kid at the last min to arrest, he was in their way not a protestor. Hmm, how can we blames this on Trump.

  • Brad Daniels

    this guy, Ian Dabney Miller, needs to be arrested and fired! http://theralphretort.com/uc-berkeley-rioter-exposed-works-university-203017/

  • Max Armstrong

    The man who was beaten unconscious should sue the Campus for not providing protection.

    • Jan


  • Eduardo Tijerino

    The binary thinking that the two party system encourages is annoyingly displayed in this comments section. The righties are blaming the lefties and vice versa. It doesn’t occur to these morons that there are many shades of political persuasion. There are more than two sides to these issues. There are more than two factions vying for power. The political pendulum doesn’t swing between left and right, it’s between “statists” and anarchists. It seems very likely that anarchists who have more in common with the anti government right wing (Tea Party) than with “statist” lefties, were the ones who caused the disruption. The radical right misappropriated the conservative moniker as they continually called about shrinking the government to the size that it could be drowned in the bathtub. “Government is the problem,” they love to quote the dunce named Reagan as they kept indoctrinating their youth that government must be destroyed. Look up the meaning of “anarchy” and you’ll see that there is a strong kinship between anarchists and the radical right. One doesn’t have to be Nostradamus to know that the anti government right will reject the anarchist label Considering all the lip service that they give to rugged individualism, it might be more accurate to call them egoists.

    • ExChgoGal

      You may convince others, but this Boomer ex-activist knows better. It’s not as strong a kinship with the Right as you think.
      Even now, so called ‘liberals’ are the ones calling for violence. Read comment sections from Salon, HuffPro and Mother Jones eagerly calling for blood in the streets. You can’t tell me that all of them are trolls for the right.

      • Eduardo Tijerino

        You’re still stuck on the binary limitation. I’m sorry I didn’t make it clearer. There are more than two sides. Is it really that hard to understand?

        • ExChgoGal

          I’m an Independent, left the Dems in ’88 cause they were right of Reagan.
          Trump has created and enlarged a poopstorm and the Far Left is falling into his trap. A simple look at real numbers, not media crowd shots and hype, tell the story. They won’t win. Of course their protests in Democratic strongholds draw crowds. They also create much animosity with the everyday folk.
          Here’s a silly but telling example of their self-delusion aided and abetted by a fawning media who need to sell advertising space:
          The combined totals of the Womens March across the entire US is estimated to be between 3.6 and 4.6 million. This event, planned weeks in advance, was on a Saturday which was unseasonably mild in many normally cold places, including Chicago.
          The rally welcoming the Chicago Cubs home after their World Series victory is estimated to be 5 million, from Wrigley Field to Grant Park (6 miles). This event, planned in a couple of days, was on a work and school day.

          So, tell me… just how much support do Lefties really have?

        • ExChgoGal

          Sometimes Disqus puts new responses before older ones. This is an addendum.
          Your sentence structure, word choices and labels aren’t easy for me to break down, so if I’ve totally misunderstood you then, yes, it is really that hard to understand.
          It occurred to me that I have a different understanding of a binary limitation. I assumed you meant Left and Right so that’s how I responded. But it’s not that simple. Even your ‘statist vs anarchist’ is too simplistic and doesn’t consider the majority – the ‘whatever, just leave me alone’ category of people.
          People of voting age as of Jan 2017 fall into three self-identified political affiliations*, even if they can’t vote (convicts, green card holders, etc). Republicans – 28%, Democrats – 25% and Independents including 3rd parties – 44%. Democrats have lost huge numbers since 2009, Republicans have gained a few of these and Independents (or disenchanted) the bulk.
          *There are subcategories within each.
          For me, in its simplest state, binary means globalist vs anti-globalist. From all I’ve read in sources that don’t attract the far left, solid left, solid right, far right… the anti-globalist are currently the majority and by a large margin.

      • Karen Bayer

        Sure no problem. All of us 2Amdt patriots will suddently come out of the woodwork and the liberal “chakra adjusters” won’t last a week. We’re armed to the teeth, well connected and we have 100 million in our network. (Yeah … we have a network).

        • ExChgoGal

          I just looked up 2amdt and we’re on the same side of the argument. My wording in the first sentence may have been confusing. I was defending the Right from Eduardo’s labels of anarchists and egoists, which I took as insults.

          • Karen Bayer

            Good to know “>)

  • JSpicoli

    Lawsuits TDB!


  • Sick Of Mental Misfits

    VERY STRANGE stuff going on at UC Berkeley …… don’t you agree ? ?
    WHO HELD BACK THE POLICE while the Rioters leisurely lit fires and smashed everything in sight, trotting up to, and trashing the windows with the Barricade Fencing placed there by the Police ….. WHO made the police stand down and WATCH …… see the video ….. one could see many dozens of terrorist rioters …… it’s obvious why no one was arrested, and no violence was stopped …. they arrested 1 out-of-towner the NEXT day …… ASK THE MAYOR for the reason ……..

    He’s got a reason ……… don’t laugh too hard while he’s telling you ….. don’t be disrespectful …… don’t ask him about Sanctuaries ….. he may get nervous.

  • jose abrigado

    The Berkeley Police Department was complicit with the anarchist rioters. FEDERAL OVERSIGHT is coming to the anarchist co-conspirators of the BPD.

  • g2reason

    The leftist bring out their fascist brown shirts to violently intimidate people – and claim it’s not them on the one hand while simultaneously encouraging it on the other.
    Democrats would make Mussolini proud!

  • Bob Alexander

    Yup, when Brother & I were 9 & 10, it made us feel proud! GrandMa always had to pause and spit snuff juice out before she spoke. She was a character and I miss her.