Protest shows presence of free speech on campus

CAMPUS ISSUES: Students found a way to make the best of a losing situation by gathering on Sproul Plaza

Willow Yang/Senior Staff

Hours after the cancellation of an event where Breitbart technology editor Milo Yiannopoulos planned to target undocumented students at UC Berkeley, community members gathered to clean up shattered remains of the night’s chaos — largely the work of outside anarchist groups.

Yiannopoulos, per usual, played the victim. After he fled protesters to the safe space of his hotel, he ranted on Facebook Live and whined to Tucker Carlson on Fox News. He and members of the Berkeley College Republicans mourned the “death of free speech.”

What they fail to realize, however, is that freedom of speech is not a pick-and-choose endeavor. The protest was a grand display of the same freedom of speech Yiannopoulos uses to justify his incendiary, useless harassment.

It wasn’t the way we had hoped the night would unravel. His opponents could have defeated him without sabotaging the protest and blemishing rational liberal resistance. But one way or another, his supporters would have twisted the narrative to fit their agenda.

Yiannopoulos said the protest was proof that liberals fear conservative ideas, but he was never going to accomplish ideological conversion with derogatory rhetoric. If his past speaking engagements are any indication, he was planning to hand out the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement hotline number to audience members and encourage them to report fellow students whom they suspected of undocumented status.

The campus administration faced a lose-lose situation. Had they canceled the event, they would have neglected UC Berkeley’s commitment to free speech. But by reaffirming Yiannopoulos’ right to speak, they invited chaos. They should have seen this coming — there’s no way Berkeley would let itself be one-upped by UC Davis.

There were still steps the administration could have taken, however, to avoid the violence. It could have scheduled the event for earlier in the day, for instance, when anarchists could not shroud themselves in darkness.

At the end of the day, Yiannopoulos and his repulsive demeanor never belonged here. He isn’t a productive member of society, and he certainly doesn’t reflect the type of respectful and educated discourse UC Berkeley promotes.

But students found a way to make the best of a losing situation. They gathered in droves on Sproul Plaza. They played YG and Rihanna. Trumpets blared. Although harmful outside groups co-opted the media narrative, the majority remained peaceful. At the end of the night, campus police made only one arrest, and the individual was not associated with our campus.

BCR had advertised the event as an opportunity for the campus to learn more about Yiannopoulos and what he stood for. But this was a teaching moment for Yiannopoulos as well. Had he paid any attention, he would have seen that free speech at UC Berkeley is still very much alive.

Editorials represent the majority opinion of the Editorial Board as written by the opinion editor.

A previous version of this editorial may have implied that the campus administration invited Milo Yiannopoulos to speak on campus. In fact, the Berkeley College Republicans invited Yiannopoulos to campus.

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  • Padpaw22 .

    So setting fires, physically assaulting people is just a grand display of freedom of speech?

    I am sure you would not mind if some decided to celebrate their freedom of speech the exact same way with you. After all you clearly support being attacked if someone disagrees with what you say. Otherwise why would you say such a thing in this article?

    Of course if you believe being assaulted with a lead pipe is a crime only because your beliefs are somehow superior to those that wanted to hear milo talk, then you have depest sympathy for having such a North Korean attitude as an American.

    At the end of the day you believe your speech is more important than anyone else’s because you have a very childish and limited view of the world that anyone that does not agree with you should be shut down and prevented from talking. You do not deserve to be an american, As you clearly do not respect the rights people died so that you could have the freedoms you do.

    To be clear I am not advocating people go and beat you up, I am highlighting through satire how you are openly saying this is acceptable because it’s people you dislike that had it done to them. I would much rather people openly point and laugh at you, along with mockery for such a backwards belief system.

  • LAPhil

    Way to show your tolerance for the First Amendment, you left-wing Berkeley goons!

  • WhiskeyRocks

    You people are ridiculous, irrational, delusional children who should be forced to read, memorize and be tested on the Bill of Rights. Good luck finding a job with your attitude and ignorance. You’re unemployable and despicable with a lot of growing up to do. For further reading I suggest:

    National Socialist Party of America v. Village of Skokie

    Under which the ACLU defended the rights of reprehensible Nazi’s to free speech.

  • FreedomFan

    Yes, comrade. Allowing an angry masked mob to set fires and beat up innocents, is exactly the same as allowing an invited speaker to speak. Orwell would be proud. Do you still study the timelss classics at Berzerkely? Probably not, so you have no idea what I talking about. Carry on.

    My next door neighbor went to Cal. I’ll ask him if he still donates to this fascist pit.

  • Odysseus

    Reads like the Nazi government version of kristallnacht. Distorted and full of lies.

  • ThirteenthLetter

    “At the end of the night, campus police made only one arrest, and the individual was not associated with our campus.”

    There were virtually no arrests _because the police made no efforts to stop the riot in the first place_! My God, this doublethink is grotesque. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Gerry Mallory

    Berkeley must be devoid of curriculum that teaches logic and reasoning skills. The school and protest groups keep claiming the violence was not the result of any actual students, but from outside black clad “ninja” types. However, they also claim to not know the identity of these shadowy vandals. If that’s so, how can they claim students were not among them? They DON’t KNOW WHO THEY ARE. These people are either unmitigated, bald-face liars or supremely stupid. Furthermore, it stretches credulity to accept the claim that the “protesting” students don’t know the identity of some of the violent vandals. Time for the FBI!

  • sonicmoon

    Wow… keep smoking that weed and deluding yourself in pseudoacademic irrationality. Bet you’re sore from those contortions of gymnastic lunacy. DailyCal is going to defend itself by holding a view and then searching for ideas or elements to support it, rather than taking reality and facts and drawing a conclusion. And THAT’S why they won’t learn from this circumstance or others.

  • “there’s no way Berkeley would let itself be one-upped by UC Davis.”
    See, we HAD to piss all over the rights of everyone who disagrees! We have to maintain the honor of Berkeley by be more irrational and more violent than them, it’s quite simply a matter of (lack) of principal.

  • Roger Shouse

    Your editorial board is filled with Neanderthals. Knuckle dragging Neanderthals.

  • liberals: money isnt free speech. evil capitalists are controlling our country.

    same liberals: political violence to suppress dissent should be protected as free speech! they should be applauded

  • SmokyBlue

    Nah, more like mob rule…opposite of free speech.

  • roccolore

    Democrats = fascists

  • Brian

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but no one takes you seriously anymore UCB.

  • jbwilson24

    “Although harmful outside groups co-opted the media narrative”

    Ah I see, no mention of smashing ATMs, torching $20k generators, damaging public property, throwing objects at police, attacking people, damaging private property (e.g., Starbucks, Bank of America).

    This is like covering the holocaust and mentioning that a few Jews in Germany were unhappy with Hitler’s policies.

    • Jan

      Well put, I saw video of the police late in the game but the violent ninja looking gang came and went without contact with the police. It appeared orchestrated. No arrest except for a 19 year old boy who blocked a walk way??? Nice photo op but not persuasive. Where were the police when the fire was set on campus and the windows were bashed out. Why were they not there to contain the violence swiftly. I think a couple good lawsuits against UC Berekely, the police and the Mayor who was inciting the students on twitter against Milo should get to the bottom of it

  • Jan

    This is disgraceful. As if this is and unbiased view. Just another comrade offering up propaganda. The left is becoming a cult. This is some crazy you know what going on

  • Justaguy

    So, only one arrest was made and that person wasn’t associated with the campus. Soooo, who was he? What are his affiliations, if any? No curiosity on the part of the media? Afraid it might tend to embarrass? Come on, you know you want to root out this kind of thing, don’t you? Or, maybe, just maybe, you kinda liked it.

  • Jan

    If you were educated by UC Berkely, you should ask for a refund. You are ignorant of the constitution. Hundreds of vids tell the truth of what happened. FREE SPEACH WAS DENIED THE CONSERVATIVE STUDENTS violence was used to shut down free speech. Not just on the student level but someone in authority like administration or the mayor told the police to stand down. The conservative students were deprived of protection from bodily harm. No Police, no fire dept no ambulance. That protest was allowed to progress to extreme and violent levels. 150 violent protestors and NOT ONE ARREST. A 19 year old boy arrested for blocking a side walk. That was a photo op to show the police dragging a student away. Sorry, we saw right through that. Obviously the truth will not be found here. This is disgraceful. This writer is a joke. I think your future writing fairytales for children has great promise. If you want to talk about free speech, educate yourself about our constitution. Rhetoric is cheap and easy

    • StanFromSomewhere

      Jan, good point but please check your spelling (should be “SPEECH”). I’ll delete this comment once you make the correction – thanks.

  • StanFromSomewhere

    “At the end of the day, Yiannopoulos and his repulsive demeanor never belonged here. He isn’t a productive member of society, and he certainly doesn’t reflect the type of respectful and educated discourse UC Berkeley promotes.”

    You consider rioting, looting, and assaulting people “respectful and educated discourse”? I suspect you have rather bizarre definitions for “racism” and “hatred” as well, one reason why many of us don’t trust you one bit to impose yourself as the arbiter of who gets to speak at Cal, and who does not.

    • Jan

      That statement regarding Yiannopoulos is the perfect example of the minds of the progressives and why they lost the election. They are so far gone that they cant even adjust their rhetoric in order to win the next election. You know what they say, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” They think they determine who and what is acceptable and deemed productive in society. Discourse is not one sided or determined by the standards of one group. Discourse is, according to our constitution, protected by law and is an expression of our own thoughts and opinions. This is the state of our country. It is a wakeup call to America and all it stands for. If they dont get a clue, Trump will be in for 8 years instead of 4. They are delusional and self destructive.

  • roccolore

    Berkeley Democrats who write this paper are fascists who hate free speech.

  • CasualMeyhem

    I guess ignorance IS bliss at Berkeley. What exactly are the students paying for?

    • FreedomFan

      Students pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to become….stupider.

  • Kdo

    Not a single comment in favor of the editorial board’s position.

    • lspanker

      Most of these demanding to silence the free speech rights of others do it because they are incapable of defending their own ideas in print.

    • I noticed, other than the TP infant.

  • Paul Kersey

    If Milo is ever invited to speak there again, I propose a “Free Speech Protection Team” armed with bats, clubs, pepper spray and other implements of free speech protection. In the spirit of the Editorial Board’s insanity printed above, they should protect Milo’s right to free speech by applying the bats and clubs to the anarchists’ arms, legs and heads. Case closed.

    • StanFromSomewhere

      Shotguns with dye cannisters to identify the perps, and police checkpoints to make sure none of them escape the area undetected.

      • Jan

        I could see that the perps were well aware that the police were not on their way

    • Jan

      The powers that be must be dealt with and exposed. The mayor and the administration surely did not provide police, fire dept or ambulance. Who has the power to do that. The suspect list should be very short

  • matt10023

    Physical violence and intimidation is the same as speaking? That’s like saying a proposition is the same as rape….. Oh wait… that’s exactly what some people say.

  • carolmickle

    Doublespeak at its finest.

  • jose abrigado

    The editorial board should be arrested and held in detention facilities until trial for inciting a riot. Words have consequences. Victims of the riot should file lawsuits against all individuals of the Daily Cal who fanned the flames of the anarchists.

  • Teri Brown

    Sadly colleges today praise students who violently shut down free speech. Does the author prefer that Milo go into the crowd & risk getting beaten like other Trump supporters were? THIS is why Trump won!!

  • ThothMRM

    UC Berkeley needs to be defunded. This article shows that it is a bastion of hate and has become a breeding ground of anti-American values: those of actual free speech, which violence and terrorism is not.

  • Anna Aaron Nguyen

    There was nothing nice about this protest. No free speech at UC Berkeley, sad. I don’t care for the speaker but burning things, breaking window, throwing fire bombs at uc police, NOT GOOD. If UC cannot protect property at UC, then I cannot see how anyone would donate money to the UC system. Who wants to see their money spent on play time for violent protesters. UC Berkeley is an embarrassment.

  • Guido88

    No, rioting isn’t free speech. And shutting down speech you don’t like is the opposite of free speech.

    It’s easy to say to say you are for free speech when you agree with the speaker. The real test is whether unpopular speech you don’t like is permitted. If it’s shouted down or not permitted, there is not free speech.

    You don’t have to listen to it.

  • 1776

    Great example of Double Think here.

    • matt10023

      It’s doubleplusgood too.

  • garyfouse

    Wow! If you think setting fires, destroying property, smashing windows and beating people up is an exercise of free speech, you have a long way to go in your education. There may have been a lot of outside agitators there, but there were also certainly students participating. UCB was embarrassed. The embarrassment continued last night when Prof. Robert Reich tried to imply that it was right-wing agitators who did the rioting.

    In addition, the Daily Cal was running an op-ed urging students to come out and kick Yiannopoulos off campus. There was not one word of “peaceful” protest. Now you come up with the embarrassing editorial.

    • StanFromSomewhere

      My experience both as an undergrad at Cal, and as a sideline observer through the lens of the Daily Californian, has convinced me that the campus as a whole (students, faculty, administration) has taken total leave of its senses, and that the voices and views expressed by those same individuals should be taken no more seriously than any random transient pushing a shopping cart in the middle of the street at 3 in the morning and shouting at the top of his lungs.

      • garyfouse

        Very well stated. My own experience having recently concluded an 18 year career as a part time teacher at UC Irvine has convinced me that Janet Napolitano and all of her chancellors need to go. Her campuses are infested with left wing radical professors who indoctrinate rather than teach. Anti-semitism is rampant.

        That such a riot could result in one arrest is a joke.

        • jose abrigado

          I hear the ONE arrest was a Milo supporter attempting to defend himself.

          • Jan

            I hope that isn’t true, that is awful

        • Jan

          I sense the same thing. I also see many contradictions now. The Jewish community is generally liberal but the party seems to be becoming anti-Semitic, Honestly, I cant even tell what they stand for these days. I am so confused. I think the liberal party is going to split.

      • Jan


    • Jan


  • lspanker

    Too bad the Soviet Union collapsed over a quarter of a century ago, these children would have had a promising career writing for Pravda…

  • SkorpioG

    Unfortunately this editorial misses a major point. Protests that result in squashing someone else’s free speech in favor of the mob really isn’t free speech: it’s the heckler’s veto. That is, s/he who shouts loudest wins.

    The irony here, which is utterly lost on this author, is that they have set up a system to enjoy their own speech while (gleefully) condemning other people’s. If they lost their chance, oh well. Crocodile tears will be wiped and everyone will move on.

    The entire point of free speech, if you actually believe it, is to allow the tiny voice to speak. The voice that is not the majority opinion. The voice that says things no one wants to hear. The voice that will offend. The voice that will make you uncomfortable. The voice that will question you and say things you will not like. The voice that is racist, homophobic, antisemetic, antireligious, anticaptialism, pro-Communist, pro-gay, pro-environmentalist…the list goes on indefinitely. Squashing someone else’s right in favor of yours is not freedom. It’s fascism.

    • Guido88

      Yes! The test of free speech is whether speech you strongly disagree with is allowed, not whether speech you agree with is allowed.

      • carolmickle

        They’re more enlightened than those quaint old-fashioned notions! Lol.

        • Jan

          I rest my case. The constitution if an old fashioned notion.

          • carolmickle

            I was being sarcastic. It isn’t an old-fashioned notion. It’s a valuable one. And as to what you said below, I don’t think students are taught anything about the Constitution beyond *perhaps* the preamble in 8th grade, altho I wonder about even that nowadays. And as we can see by the ones who committed these crimes in Berkeley, they don’t believe in free speech. They are fascists.

          • Jan

            I apologize, I misunderstood your point. I am grateful for the real meaning. What I thought you meant was discouraging. Thanks for setting me straight.

      • Jan

        This is not what students are taught. That is the constitutional truth but not what they have been taught to believe.

    • Jan

      THE MOTTO OF THE LEFT the end justifies the mean. Liberty and justice for all is a joke to them. Take over by force, violence, lies, bribes, false accusations. It doesn’t matter how you get there, just get their.

  • TNT

    Why does the editorial board attempt to twist the facts? A violent protest that stops somebody from exercising their free speech is not an exemplar for free speech. The protestors had every right to express their displeasure over the speaker’s views but they had no right to prevent him from speaking nor from preventing people from hearing his speech.

    • StanFromSomewhere

      Why does the editorial board attempt to twist the facts? Simply because that’s the type of education/indoctrination that so-called “journalism” students receive in the universities these days.

      • Jan

        They live in an alternate universe. The students are ignorant of the constitution. They are not twisting the truth, this is how they have been educated to think. They have been educated by professor who know the constitution but do not teach it because it contradicts their political agenda. These old dudes, former activists themselves are raising up a new generation of radicals. It is well funded, intentional and organized. The liberal elites are in their late 70’s to 80′. New comrades/voters need to be manufactured. The liberals keep the black community down and dependent on government to get their votes. Of course their rage over immigrants, again this is about votes. The progressives have to breed and manufacture their voters. With the house and senate now dominated by the Republicans, there efforts will get more and more desperate. The worst is yet to come. The riots and violence is orchestrated by the liberal powers behind the scenes. They are fighting for their very existence and they are more than willing to fight dirty.

        • Ken Clark

          “The progressives have to breed and manufacture their voters.”

          Any political party or ideology must do that in order to survive from one generation to the next. It’s no big deal, normally. But in the case of today’s liberals, they’ve been spouting population control for decades and aborting their babies by the millions all along. Now they find themselves literally outnumbered and the only way they can regain a popular majority is by buying voters through massive immigration of outcasts who are funneled into the welfare state that the liberals have always touted; by paying people to vote multiple times; by “registering” dead people to vote; by allowing as many as 10 million illegal aliens to vote.

          I agree with your points, especially those that things will likely get much worse. But don’t look for the left to “breed” anything but evil, immorality and lawlessness – and ESPECIALLY NOT children!

          • Jan

            That really gave me clarity. I have been so confused by their desperate behavior. Could not figure out the source of it. They are frantic, grasping at any accusation they can conjure up. Thank you for posting your comment. I had not looked at those factors. You are right. I knew illegal immigrants and refugees were a big source of votes but I did not know why they needed to procure votes. Now I get it.

    • Jan

      This is the delusional thinking imparted by their leftist professors. The end justifies the means. The constitution, truth, honesty, human decency, none of these things matter. Only the end matters. How you get their is irrelevant. They stopped Milo, for now but I can tell you Milo will not be stopped. Milo should sue the university, the mayor and the police department for not doing its job to protect his right to speak. The conservative students, though their number is small, do have support, especially from our new President. New Sheriff in town.

      • flashsteve

        I think this kind of thinking starts way earlier than University. It is probably more a function of a lack of the teaching of critical thinking in high school. I know the high schools already feel like they have too many mandates, but I suggest a course on critical thinking, where every student is required to defend opposing views in a debate format. It would, at least, force them, to see things from another perspective. I don’t get angry at such lack of critical thinking, but sad, because there is nothing more liberating than ‘thinking for yourself’.

  • Jeremy Stanhope

    Seriously? The Editorial Board that helped inflame the situation and enable suppression of Free Speech on campus has the audacity to declare free speech alive? In what parallel universe? The EB, those that agree with the editorial, should publish their names and face the same level of bullying they foist upon MY. Who knows what the speaker was going to say, we didn’t get to hear it in no small part due to the editorial policy of the DC that published several inflammatory pieces.


    • Jan

      This writer is the result of a liberal education. Editorials like this are for damage control after their efforts get negative attention and press. Propaganda

    • Jan

      It did not help that the Mayor of Berkely tweeted incendiary comment about Milo.

    • Jan

      That is the most outrageous spin I have ever read.

  • Alex

    Daily Cal quickly becoming an international embarrassment.

    • Jan

      AS well, the world is seeing that our universities are discriminating against the minority on campus which is not the conservative students. They were slapped with a last min a $6300 fee for security. It was a deliberate effort to stop them. They did this believing they could not come up with it. It is disgraceful. Then they made a grand gesture for the press of returning the fee which is not required of the liberal students. Where is the ACLU for these students?

  • RobMyers

    “What they fail to realize, however, is that freedom of speech is not a pick-and-choose endeavor. The protest was a grand display of the same freedom of speech Yiannopoulos uses to justify his incendiary, useless harassment.”
    Sure, protest to your hearts content. It’s the state sport of California, after all. However, your rights stop where they interrupt another’s rights. By trashing the place, and making it unsafe for the speech to go off as planned, protesters violated the rights of Milo and those who gathered to hear him speak.
    “Rights for me, but not for thee” according the Editorial board of the Daily Cal, it appears. As onerous as one wishes to portray Milo’s song & dance, his doing so fails to violate anyone else’s rights. He doesn’t call for violence (quite the opposite) and seeks to speak to those that wish to hear him. If you think you’ll be triggered, just don’t attend.
    By failing to understand this important distinction, one can only conclude that the Editorial board is either willfully deceptive in their conclusions, or ideologically blinded to the truth – either of which make them unfit for their roles at the Daily. What a terrible place to be for budding young journalists.

    • Jan

      My outrage is over the lack of police response, no fire dept responding to a fire and no ambulance for the injured student. Someone has to get to the bottom of the lack of emergency responders. The mayor who had been tweeting about Milo and inciting the students during the day, or the administration or both must have been involved. The violent perpetrators acted methodically without urgency. It was as if they knew the police were not on their way. It was very odd. During the DC riots there were arrests but then a liberal judge released them without bail. They were back on the streets within hours. This lawlessness will continue unless the universities that allow discrimination are defunded. They have crossed from left leaning to denying civil rights to the conservative students. It is a disgrace that the world is seeing the loss of liberty on our campuses.

      • jbwilson24

        Yes, the photos of the police huddling inside the building doing nothing were shocking.

        • Douglas Bonham

          It was not the cops fault. They wanted to go out and do their thing on the Antifas, but they were placed deep in the building, and during the riot were fed false information by the university administrators.. It is Chancellor Dirks, and by legal extension, Napolitano and the Regents who bear the responsibility for this. As I understand it, most of the cops were not University cops, but came from other municipalities, and of course the Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs (Blue Meanies) who are the designated riot squad for Alameda County and Cal. The University invokes mutual assistance pacts to bring them in. In the future, with such criminally negligent behavior, and misconduct by the UC Administration, Cal cannot count on outside assistance, and it may be when they really need it. This will happen, unless the Regents get ahead of the game, and fire and discipline Chancellor Dirks and his crew, and make amends. Dirks as I understand it was on his way out anyway. They cannot just crouch down and hope it will all go away; that will only make matters worse, and cause the public to want to discipline and punish them personally, the Regents.

          • Jan

            the injured student should sue, the only way to get to the bottom of it because the liberal courts and liberal political powers will not be honest

        • Jan

          This was the account that Milo gave on TV. He said they watched as students were beaten. But why?

        • Jan

          The Police Chief stands behind the decision to stand down.

      • To watched the live feed expecting to hear the talk. After things started getting smashed I kept expecting cops. The NOPD mounted could handle that much. Does Berkeley has cops inferior to New Orleans?

    • Jan

      WHAT PARTY IF THIS? Fires, violence, pepper spray in a girls face and beating a man with a pipe. I observe a sense of entitlement in the students. They feel entitled to snuff out an opposing belief or thought. But they were indoctrinated with demands for equality and tolerance. Tolerance for who??? For themselves but not others. My mind is blown when I try to even figure out what they believe. It is definitely an alternate state of mind that is exclusive and the opposite of what the party was demanding before. I am so confused. They want to obliterate anyone that is not like them. How did this happen?. It is very much like a cult. The exclusionism and the belief that they alone hold the truth. These radical liberals are willing to hurt people that disagree with them. Sometimes it seems like we are in a science fiction movie. Before Trump won, these people were pretending they were normal and just wanted inclusion, love and tolerance. They have morphed into monsters. Have they transformed or were they just dormant all along because they were untested. How did they go from champions for women and LGBT to champions for Muslims who oppress and kill women and gay men. I am so confused. I think this is what has infuriated Milo. The betrayal of the LGBT community. They will eventually have to break away because of the contradictions that are outrageous. As well I cant see how the Jewish students can continue to affiliate themselves with liberals. I think the liberal party will begin to fracture into different groups. it just doesn’t make sense anymore.

      • Padpaw22 .

        It’s fascism exposed

  • Chayal Boded

    HAHAHAHAHA! So the editorial board is comprised of silly little butthurt lemmings without a pair or a clue. Got it. The tide has turned lems, the REAL people of the United States of America are sick of the leftards crap and calling y’all out on the bullshit. S’matter lems? Scared? HAHAHAHAHAHAA!


    sad–only your version of free speech—i hope cali-exit–problem solved–

  • Edward Devotion

    Orwellian editorial.

    • Nunya Beeswax

      Dude, didn’t you get the memo? Vandalism isn’t violence, but calling people names is.

  • jim hoch

    “It could have scheduled the event for earlier in the day, for instance, when anarchists could not shroud themselves in darkness.” The only reasonable statement in the article. The rest is just blather.

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