Condemning protesters same as condoning hate speech

“So, did you watch the news last night?”

This classmate had never spoken to me before. He addressed me so abruptly that at first, I had no idea what he was referencing. “There was a huge riot last night at Cal,” he continued.

I told him that I didn’t have to watch the news. That night, with my friends, my family and more than 1,500 others, I stood outside of Pauley Ballroom to stop senior Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos from delivering a speech that could have endangered campus students and others over their identities.

“Yeah, I watched it all on TV last night. A bunch of lib-tards set fires and destroyed Downtown Berkeley over a gay, Catholic immigrant having opinions they didn’t agree with.”

He had an awfully smug note in his voice for someone who wasn’t there. When I walked away, he scoffed — I assume because he believed he had burst my liberal bubble. But he’d already decided that he knew the whole truth before he spoke.

His take didn’t surprise me. It’s not even original. For every news segment that explains why Yiannopoulos’ sexual harassment, white supremacist ideals and Nazi sympathies are inexcusable, there are three more devil’s-advocate thinkpieces that lend him deniability and legitimacy.

Most journalists wouldn’t dare call him what he is. But sucking up to the alt-right won’t protect them from censorship and retaliation, and rationalizing his oppressive viewpoints does the alt-right’s work for them.

There was no easy way to shut down the event and keep Yiannopoulos and his fans from inciting violence. The UC administration and Berkeley College Republicans made that clear by refusing to hear the concerns of their community — not just at Cal, but throughout the Bay Area.

Anyone who believes that engaging violent politics in friendly discussion will keep the peace, be my guest, but prepare to get attacked. Remember that Yiannopoulos supporter who shot someone in Seattle?

I put my safety and my freedom on the line because letting Yiannopoulos speak was more terrifying to me than potential injury or arrest.

I would have told my classmate these things if I thought he would listen. I would have told him why being a gay immigrant doesn’t excuse his abuse of women, people of color and other queers. (That’s the whole thing about being pro-queer and pro-immigrant: Those qualities don’t affect my opinion of him one bit.) And I would have told him that the protesters didn’t light the fire, that the generator ignited by itself after it was damaged.

I’ll say it again: The bloc didn’t start the fire. That’s not just a Billy Joel reference, it’s what actually happened. This claim has been repeated so often by sloppy reporters, who refuse to tell stories that don’t fit their comfortable hear-both-sides narrative, that now it’s accepted as fact.

These so-called militants are campus students, Berkeley residents and Bay Area locals; teachers, journalists, musicians, parents and athletes, united by love and concern for their peers. The black bloc is not an organization with an agenda. It’s a strategic approach to protest that, in the case of the entire “Dangerous Faggot” tour, was highly effective. The violence that forms the foundation of Yiannopoulos’ ideology is far worse than any tactic the black bloc uses. You don’t have to like property damage, but understand that without it, Yiannopoulos would have released private and sensitive information about innocent students and encouraged assault against them.

If the fireworks or the damage done to the Amazon store scared you, know that every single person in that crowd was scared too, even (if not especially) those dressed in black.

If you call the left hypocrites for being “intolerant” of Donald Trump’s token gay, you may not know what censorship or homophobia or terrorism or fascism is, but you’re correct. I won’t tolerate queer or undocumented students students being outed and harassed in my home, no matter who’s perpetrating it. Don’t play “Who’s The Real Fascist?” with me because fascists win that game every time.

If you condemn the actions that shut down Yiannopoulos’ literal hate speech, you condone his presence, his actions and his ideas; you care more about broken windows than broken bodies.

I can’t impeach Trump, and I can’t stop the alt-right from recruiting nationwide. I can only fight tooth and nail for the right to exist in my hometown. So it’s time for those waiting in the center to pick a side. Either wake up and stand against nationalistic fear-mongering, or allow it to spread and divide your neighborhood through inaction — just enjoy your ability to be complacent while it lasts.

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Desmond Meagley is a reporter and illustrator for Youth Radio. Contact the opinion desk at [email protected] or follow us on Twitter @dailycalopinion.

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  • Jim Ardis

    Desmond, let’s see how this works for you. You know, the guy who is willing to put his safety on the line. I agree with your logic. So here goes your logic into action. You have clearly stated you are in support of violent politics. As such, I have no responsibility to engage in friendly discussion, but rather you should prepare to be attacked. Please correct where this application of your logic to you is out of line. I like it. Trying to reason with someone who is so violent and all is pointless. “Prepare to be attacked.” Black isn’t only for the bloc, anyone can wear it. Their strategic (Really it’s a tactic, but can we expect a Cal student to understand such nuance?) approach to (violent) protest is highly effective. Given the fact you have declared your status as a combatant, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Can you guess which side this member of the center has picked? Careful young man, your willingness to engage in violence may seem like a fun night out- watching generators spontaneously combust- but declarations such as yours have real world consequences. Respect for the rights of all others is what makes a free society. To paraphrase Voltaire, “I may disagree with what you say, but will defend to my death, your right to say it.” The logic to which you subscribe is right at home in Russia, North Korea, or Yemen, but not in our Constituional Republic. Understand this Desmond or peril from the philosophy you see as having moral authority.

  • “So it’s time for those waiting in the center to pick a side.”

    Destroy their stuff, and assault their persons. That will certainly get the center on your side, beta.

    “letting Yiannopoulos speak was more terrifying to me than potential injury or arrest.”

    I bet you’re left quivering and in tears pretty often because of speech, beta. Have you thought about living in a country where your speech is controlled, as you aren’t man enough to live in a free country, beta.

  • cheneygun

    There is no such thing as hate speech. Just what you choose to label as such. There is only free speech.

    • nobody

      Every speech that propagates hate is hate speech, you doofus. And you’re free to take your speech elsewhere – you don’t have the right to spew your hatred everywhere , especially not on other people’s private property.

  • DarkTechObserver

    This is *literally* a Brownshirt action – the use of violence to intimidate and silence opponents because what they are saying is unacceptable.

    Remember the following: the people you are accusing of being horrible nogoodniks own most of America’s civilian weapons and make up your police and military. Push hard enough to force a reaction, and you will be steamrolled so fast you won’t even have time to realize you’re overmatched.

    • nobody

      Actually no, most of the weapons held by civilians in US are held by a truly tiny minority – according to the FBI more than 80% of them is owned by less than 10% of the population, with an average of 15 weapons by owner. Luckily for us most of those 10% are old and decrepit, just like you and your arsenal.

  • Robert LVN

    “The Fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists” – Winston Churchill

  • Robert Thethird Reich

    Berkeley and faculty should be deeply ashamed.

  • Grahovac Janko

    Leftism is a mental disorder. This article is just another small piece of evidence on a huge pile of evidence.

    The most humane thing that can (and indeed should) be offered to an AntiFa is euthanasia. Out of compassion, for sure.

  • Canuck Sailor

    This idiot has had his 15 minutes of fame. Now, Berkeley police, do your job, go out and arrest him for rioting. Let him think of himself as a martyr, he’ll get off on it, and we’ll be pleased to know he’s not on the streets. Everyone will be happy.

  • matt10023

    I can’t believe I have to write this. Speech is protected by law. Violence and intimidation are against the law. Society notes the difference.

    I doubt you’d say domestic violence is justified because someone said horrible, even hateful things. And yet, you’re just like the wife-beater who says “she had it coming.”

    • nobody

      No such thing as totally free speech, you conservative, only against the government and only on public space. This was a private property and against private persons.

      • matt10023

        So what you’re saying is that so long as the victims are not the government, and the government stands by and lets it happen, free speech is not impinged

        So by extension, we shouldn’t expect the university to react, at all if a student beats someone nearly to death in the street because the right to safety is not absolute?

        I’m trying to see where you’d go with this.

        • nobody

          Exactly – you don’t have a right of free speech on private property . And no, you don’t have any right to safety anywhere – besides, not even the government is mandated to keep you secure.
          Don’t like that? You’re free to go elsewhere.

          • Mick Price

            “Exactly – you don’t have a right of free speech on private property .”
            You do as long as those that legitimately invited you say you do.

            “And no, you don’t have any right to safety anywhere”
            You have the right not to get beaten up everywhere.

          • nobody

            No, not even then – the owner can still tell you to shut up whenever he wants.
            No, you don’t have this right – it’s just that there are laws that make this illegal sometimes/someplaces so it’s only a matter of law enforcement, not right.

          • Mick Price

            “do as long as those that legitimately invited you say you do.”
            Learn to read.

            “No, you don’t have this right [not to get beaten up”
            Yes you do, it’s about the most fundamental right you can find.

          • nobody

            Even then you fool, because they can still by surprised by the amount of conservatorism in your speech, and then tell you to shut up and get out off their property.
            No, there is nothing like that anywhere, just some laws that apply to very specific situations. Stop pulling things out of your own rear exit.

  • carolina mama

    Young people, please invest more time studying human character development (no, I’m not talking about characters in a play). Your behavior does not draw people to you…it pushes them away.

  • Paladin SF

    When can we start attacking anti-gay Imam’s? After all a lot of their speech is hate speech.

  • Joseph Max Camus
  • pwrserge

    Ok… Let me simple it up for you… Leftists attack people, leftists get shot. Sit down, shut your mouths and you’ll be able to keep breathing and eating solid food. The country has had quite enough of your cretinism. The next time clowns like you show up to shut down a speaker you don’t like the people opposing you won’t be unarmed conservatives who want to hear a gay man talk. They will be United States Marines in full battle rattle and orders to stop you by any means necessary.

  • Neil

    So, just to be clear, as a Progressive I’m assuming you’re against preemptive foreign wars with religious fascists spewing repulsive ideology that are actually promoting and engaging in horrific physical violence and death, and yet you’re FOR preemptive domestic wars with people you also think are fascists (religious or otherwise) spewing repulsive ideology, because they “might” SAY some things that people will be hurt by emotionally, or “could” encourage a random someone to commit an act violence.

    To this observer, your Berkeley education is, hitherto, a waste of your parents’, or the taxpayers’ money.

  • woodrose

    “It’s a strategic approach to protest that, in the case of Milo’s entire tour, was highly effective.”

    So it was your goal to drive Milo’s book to the number one seller on Amazon? Cause that’s what you accomplished.

    So it was your goal to discourage people from coming to Anti-Trump rallies, because they fear the Black Bloc will show up and riot? Cause that’s what you accomplished.

    So it was your goal to build support for Trump and his calls for law and order? Cause that’s what you accomplished.

    Fools and idiots, bringing Trump Martial Law down on our heads.

  • Barzini

    It was about time Berkelely students stood up against gay Jewish people

    Obviously, homosexual Jews have no place on campus and must be threatened with violence if necessary

    • helen

      Some Muslims on campus likely agree.

  • teflonron

    Rioters ≠ protestors. You fools.

  • ArchCel

    “Either wake up and stand against
    nationalistic fear-mongering, or allow it to spread and divide your
    neighborhood through inaction.” Aren’t you just fear mongering against nationalism, and for this case the dangers of words? Last i checked the human body could withstand being talked to or about, he has every opportunity to communicate with his following, so by stopping him from having an event it seems you only managed to prove that you have an anger issue, and the ability to justify it to yourself to boot.

  • jim

    Offensive speech is the only speech that is protected under the concept of “free speech”, because speech that does not offend requires no protection. Rejecting this simple tenet indicates that coercion is the real goal of the activist.

  • garyfouse

    You, the Daily Californian, and others like Robert Reich are compounding the embarrassment of UC Berkeley You sound like Hitler defending the violence of his brown shirts ca 1931. Articles like this illustrate just what is wrong in academia today. On the day before the riot, the DC published an op-ed by a student urging students to show up and “kick Yiannopoulos off campus.'” Then the DC publishes a cartoon showing students doing just that-after the riot. The night after the riot, Reich goes on CNN and says he “heard” right-wingers were doing the rioting.

    Does anyone at UCB realize how embarrassing this is to what is supposed to be a top university?

  • longshot199

    Desmond, what type of illegal drugs were you on when you wrote this. If someone comes up to you and refrains from beating the ever loving **** out of you, does that mean they agree with you? If someone comes up and does in fact beat the ever-loving **** out of you, and then I criticize that person for doing so, does that mean I agree with you? Can you really be that stupid? Surprisingly, the answer appears to be yes.

  • Ipsophakto

    Another violent leftist fascist bigot advocating to abridge the free speech of others. Lock him up.

  • Phil J Malloy

    whoever wrote this is the real fascist, and the real threat to america

  • Horus

    The author Desmond Meagley (doesn’t the name just evoke a whiny annoying and weak leftist?) is here justifying political violence against the Right. Here ( is demanding people give up their guns. Notice a pattern?

    • Aerensiniac

      I say he should have his way. Guns are too painless and efficient for people like him.

  • TimeTraveler

    Several times I’ve been harassed by people of colour because of the colour of my skin. I told someone about this episode of racism and he said it couldn’t be racism. Something about power structures and oppression dynamics. I said, what if it had happened outside the USA? He said still no. I asked why and he couldn’t explain but just knew that it was still ‘no’.

    • Fail Bot

      You could point out that it’s racist to diminish the power structure of people of different races and nations. By claiming that they can’t be racist in their country, it’s effectively declaring that everyone of every race and nation on Earth are inferior to white people in the United States.

  • inthebellyofthebeast

    Morons. All you’ve done rather than “silence hate speech” is give it a roaring bull horn and a bully pulpit from which to broadcast.

  • Amazed_476

    “There was no easy way to shut down the event and keep Yiannopoulos and his fans from inciting violence.”

    So your group took it upon themselves to attack people and damage property? Where is the logic in that? We stop potential violence by using violence? This is delusional thinking. You don’t have a right to attack people because you don’t like what they are saying. The fact that you don’t know that tells the rest of us that you are too immature to be going to college.

    • Exactly. And I’m sure this author was against the US’s preemptive wars in the Middle East under Bush. Yet this is exactly what he’s condoning.

      • Fail Bot

        The author was likely in diapers when those wars began.

  • Deplorable Rican ☨ʳᵉᵈᵉᵉᵐᵉᵈ

    Wow… this the kind of mindless pablum public education is turning out today….people who can’t tell the difference between words and violence?

    Free speech is for everyone even when that speech is offensive. No one has the right not to be offended!

    • I always want to ask these people, why is it up to YOU to determine what is and isn’t hate speech? Something you say promoting abortion, say, could be considered hate speech by many. We should NOT leave that moralizing in the hands of out of touch college idiots, let alone the US government.

      • Deplorable Rican ☨ʳᵉᵈᵉᵉᵐᵉᵈ

        There is no such thing as “hate speech” only speech that some people find offensive. That you don’t like some speech is YOUR problem not mine. In a FREE society all speech should tolerated except speech that calls imminent lawless action. I suggest you grow up. You don’t get to tell me what is hateful. I find totalitarian busybodies who want to micromanage what I can and cannot hear hateful.

  • TimeTraveler

    “I won’t tolerate queer or undocumented students students being outed and harassed in my home”.

    Your home is your domicile. The campus grounds and speaking auditoriums are not yours specifically.

    • PhaseV

      Apparently he’s not concerned with the doxxing of Milo’s organizer @ UW. Also, there are no “undocumented students” only illegal aliens who should be reported to ICE. Taxpayers are not paying for your free education.

  • gene washington

    Brown shirts rule Berkeley. Jews in Germany did not own guns. People in the US have the Constitutional right to do so.

  • Logan Darklighter

    “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”

    You have become the thing that you say you hate. I pity you and others like you.

    • Aerensiniac

      Becoming something is one thing.
      Being unhinged to the point where you are unable to recognize this however is another.

      When you honestly think that you have prevented violence by assaulting people on the streets, you went past any and everything that mild quotes portray by saying “you became what you fought against”. You have become a full blown unhinged psychopath that poses a danger to the entirety of society and you should be locked away.

      • Logan Darklighter

        Well I was taking some “poetic license” there because the Nietzsche quote seemed apropos. But I agree with your comment. These people are obviously quite insane.

  • Estil Rumage

    The fact that we now have a REAL President and in the past several years the liberal D’s have lost over a thousand gov’t seats overall (House/Senate/state legislatures/governerships)…it is quite clear that REAL America has no use whatsoever for those who cloak themselves in diversity/tolerance/”love Trumps hate” will not only resort to violence and rioting, but now with much of academia (students/faculty both) endorsing such actions. The message is quite clear…that in their book violence and censorship is perfectly alright so long as its towards people with different viewpoints than your own.

    For those of you who are students in universities (I was myself not that long ago), don’t feel discouraged. The mainstream media and academia are nowhere near what REAL America is about and believes in.

  • LanceSmith

    Do you have actual examples of Milo’s use of “hate speech”? Not where he disagreed with the tactics of BLM or with primary tenets/mythologies/etc of radical, regressive, authoritarian movement-feminism. But REAL examples of hate speech. Simply disagreeing with an ideology is not hate speech.

    I ask because I’ve actually seen the guy speak on numerous occasions on YouTube and with the granted exception of his belief that transsexualism is more a “sickness” than a real thing, I’ve never heard him utter a word that I would see as hateful towards black people, women, etc. He absolutely disagrees with the tactics and the alternative facts utilized by the movements who say they speak for these people, but this is not by definition hate speech.

    This is why the left continues to loose election after election (and why they don’t seem to see it): simply disagreeing with you, your ideology, and/or your tactics does not by definition constitute sexism/racism/hate-speech or any other loaded term you wish to throw around.

    For the record, I am a true, classical liberal. I voted for Clinton proudly. As a professional scientist, I fully believe in the EQUALITY of all people regardless of race, creed, gender. However, I have a HUGE problem with the intellectually bankrupt and dishonest beliefs and methods of the left. And by rationalizing violence, you are no better than the crazy Christians who historically rationalized burning people at the stake. Disgusting.

  • ShadrachSmith

    Cal’s newspaper, The Daily Californian, is also on the disqus system. You can post on their paper with just a click or two, and you should. Felony riot + fire as extra credit in American Studies classes is a thing now. You kids are smart…communicate.

  • johnnydafa

    “And I would have told him that the protesters didn’t light the fire, that the generator ignited by itself after it was damaged.” LOL

    I just had a great idea. Columnist, will you stand with your undocumented brothers once the deportations begin? Send a message to Trump: Deport one of us, you deport all of us. Please commit to self-deporting if even a single illegal is kicked out. What a stunning statement of solidarity you will make!

  • thinking_outlouds

    The following quote is the most inane argument yet –>

    “You don’t have to like property damage,
    but understand that without it, Yiannopoulos would have released private
    and sensitive information about innocent students and encouraged
    assault against them.”

    Yiannopoulos has a much bigger pulpit than a small gathering at Berkeley. Assuming, arguendo, that he was going to release any information at his cancelled talk, he should be even further incentivized to do so after all the protests. So, according to the author’s ‘logic’ these protests actually put his/her innocent students at even MORE risk?

    (note however, that despite the availability of a novel technology called the ‘internet’ that allows people to troll others from afar, Yiannopoulos has yet to out anyone)

    • Tehy

      Note: the claim that he was going to release information is based on a single tweet by a random professor who claims to have “reliable sources”, and in the same tweet loudly proclaimed that, with this new information, “Debate over!”. Yeah, totally believable right? And of course the speaker totally denied it, but uncritically repeating random accusations from a social media site is totally good journalism, am I right?

      • Deplorable Rican ☨ʳᵉᵈᵉᵉᵐᵉᵈ

        Goebbels school of propaganda repeat the same lie over and over.


    “divide your neighborhood ”

    Division is good when it puts awful people like you on one side, and sane people on the other.

    We do not *want* unity with your sort. We want you and your fellow rioters crushed.

  • 112358

    For the author: You want to make a difference, to keep yourself and others that disagree with Milo & ideals associated with him safe. You want other people to see that they shouldn’t support his ideals or some subset of them. You are willing to engage in property destruction & perhaps worse to accomplish this. However, when a classmate approaches you, giving you the ideal opportunity to bridge a gap on this topic, you assume you know what he really thinks, based on a few words, and that he’s ethically irredeemable because he doesn’t immediately share your views, and you walk away. Maybe you should ask yourself what you really want: a more tolerant & fair world or more divide, more fighting against those who are irredeemably wrong in your tribe’s view.

  • gekkobear

    Condemning gay murderers is the same as condemning homosexuality.

    What? You’re stating I can’t condemn illegal actions of a person in a group without condemn the entire group; so clearly a gay person can rob a bank., and only a homophobe would dare to prosecute such a person.

    That or perhaps your argument isn’t locally sound.

    But good job stating that speech is bad and violence is good.
    You’re not just foolishly wrong; you’re beyond irrational in trying that argument.
    Perhaps if I were as bad at making a rational logical argument as you; I might also prefer violence to speech.

  • Spasmolytic

    These far-left op-ed’s about Milo Yiannopoulos shows just how intolerant today’s college students have become in regards to speech they don’t agree with. Eventually, you’ll leave your college bubble and enter the real world. You see, in the real world you’ll have to deal with opinions you don’t like. You cant throw a hissy fit every time your offended.

    • ShadrachSmith

      Dallas exposed blm as evil, so they changed the name to black bloc.

      • nobody

        Wrong blacks, you conservative.

        • ShadrachSmith

          Same Soros.

        • laughing tyger

          You’re right, black bloc is mostly honkeys….

    • Chief Presiding Judge

      These far-right comments protecting some deplorable bigot when the voice of the campus said he wasn’t wanted there just shows how intolerant the modern right is becoming when neo-nazis are your supposed “heros”.

      Also, I love how you conservatives suggest it’s intellectually inconsistent not to tolerate intolerance. In fact, it would be logically inconsistent to tolerate intolerance. Nice try though.

      • laughing tyger

        Using violence to suppress words is tyrannical and it’s not just conservatives who are disgusted by the fascistic behavior … Independents (such as myself) and Democrats disgusted too.

        Keep in mind: The violence is one reason why the Democrats got their a$$es handed them this last election. They got: the majority of State Legislatures, a majority in both the House and The Senate, 37 Governorship are Republican compared to the mere 13 held by Democrats, they got the Presidency and flipped blue states to red.

        Come on, if you guys don’t stop the violence, delusion and deception 2018 will give Republicans A TOTAL lock. A mono party government is no good we need opposition. Unfortunately, the left is forfeiting.

        If you guys want ANY say in how the Supreme Court gets shaped for years to come, you guys need to stop the bullSh!t.

      • strumstrum

        Can you please find me some evidence of Milo Yiannopolous endorsing white supremacy or any “Nazi” ideologies? He’s spoken out a number of times about ANY kind of racial pride, and white-pride/white supremacy in particular. I guess it’s easier to just assume someone’s stance without actually listening to his message, though.

      • Mick Price

        “These far-right comments”
        Saying that you shouldn’t use violence to prevent speech isn’t “far right” it’s not even “right”.

        ” protecting some deplorable bigot ”
        Citation needed.

        “the voice of the campus said he wasn’t wanted ”
        And who is “the voice of the campus”? I understood that campuses each had many voices. As usual the left is for diversity, as long as everyone is the same ideologically. But let’s assume you can talk about “the voice of the campus”, why should it be listened to? Why should a community be allowed to define who comes to a place and talks? Do you really not see how dangerous such an idea would be when applied universally?

        “modern right is becoming when neo-nazis are your supposed “heros”.”
        Milo is not a neo-nazi you’re confusing him with Hillary’s Ukrainian allies. If he was a neo-Nazi people would be quoting neo-Nazi things that he said.

      • android927

        “Everyone I disagree with is a neo-nazi conservative!”

    • Aerensiniac

      Replace “intolerant” with “insane” and you are right.
      These people have abandoned all form of rational thought and sanity, to the point where they think that they have prevented violence by attacking people on the streets.

      Its one thing to be spoiled to the point you think that you are entitled to safe spaces in public. Its one thing to be so sheltered that you think you have the right to be no offended.
      But there comes a point where you just need to be removed from society because your actions and ideas can no longer be perceived as sane.

      You have now introduced open violence.
      This combined with the fact that you actively try to reinvent concepts such as racism, and turn it into twisted copies of them self to justify your violence, is something that should scare everyone to death, because this is how things like Hitler’s cleansing of society has started.

      Suddenly racism is privilege + power and its impossible to be racist against whites.
      It was exactly the same with the Jews back in the day. They are over-privileged to the point the state had to intervene. Ofc all in the name of equality, peace and love.
      I have no illusions whatsoever at this point that if you are kept unchecked, you will eventually end up with ideas and justifications for cleansing society of those who do not meet your standards.

      You are a danger to everyone’s rights and lives.

    • NoeValleyJim

      How many other pedophiles are you supporting??

      • Spasmolytic

        He’s a pedophile???

  • Praelium

    “I can only fight tooth and nail for the right to exist in my hometown.” Perhaps a more optimal life would be the option of existing in the future without a constant fight.

  • NoeValleyJim

    My grandfather killed a bunch fascists in WWII to protect freedom too.

    • Douglas Levene

      Once you’ve legitimized the idea of street violence as a form of politics, don’t be surprised to see violence become much more prevalent and on both sides. Instead of worrying about the nasty things Milo says, you’ll have to worry about being beaten by the right wing version of the leftist shock troops who attacked the Berkeley campus. That spiral into violence is what happened in the Weimar Republic. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

      • NoeValleyJim

        Conservatives have been using violence to silence the voices they don’t like for decades. How have you not noticed this?

        • Douglas Levene

          No, I haven’t. Can you please give an example?

          • NoeValleyJim
          • Douglas Levene

            Let me rephrase that. Can you please give me an example that occurred within, say, the past 10 years? Yes, the Klan was truly awful, and it’s a pity the Democrats created it, but really, that’s like telling kids to be afraid of the boogie man under the bed. If you can point to a recent report of conservatives using violence to prevent leftists from giving speeches or handing out pamphlets or anything like that, that would be helpful. I’m not saying it’s never happened, but I’m not aware of any recent incidents.

          • NoeValleyJim
          • Douglas Levene

            Thanks for the link but while it shows hate crimes, it doesn’t report any violence to silence voices that conservatives don’t like, which is what I thought you were claiming was happening. Beating up someone because of their race or religion is bad, but it’s not the same thing as beating up someone to keep them from speaking.

          • NoeValleyJim

            Trump encouraged the mob to beat up protesters at his rallies. How soon we forget.

          • NoeValleyJim
          • Douglas Levene

            I read Milo’s defense (did you?) and it appears (a) that he was victimized when he was a young teenager and (b) he said quite clearly elsewhere in the same video that he thought the current laws on age of consent were appropriate. So I guess my conclusion is that he was railroaded by a typical SJW shaming crowd. Congratulations, I assume that was your goal.

          • NoeValleyJim

            Yeah, I don’t mind admitting that. I think particularly in the gay world and outside the Catholic church, if that’s where some of you want to go with this, I think in the gay world, some of the most important, enriching and incredibly life affirming, important shaping relationships very often between younger boys and older men, they can be hugely positive experiences for those young boys they can even save those young boys, from desolation, from suicide (people talk over each other)… providing they’re consensual.”

            And he makes it clear that by younger boys he means boys older than 13 and younger than 18.


          • Douglas Levene

            From the same video: “The law is probably about right, that’s probably roughly the right age.”

          • S H

            plus the use of the term conservative is Orwellian at best. The Klan and republicans? The Klan and “Neo”liberals? It is a ridiculous connection. Conservative is the progressive catch all for non progressive. It doesn’t mean there is a connection between the groups that are not progressive… plus there is the problem of actual progressive links to southern racism…

          • Horus

            Give me a break. Did you seriously just quote SPLC as a reference. F-ck you people live in an illusion. The SPLC has ZERO credibility and is a partisan organization. It was dropped by the FBI as a source of statistics for that reason. They ignore rampant leftist, anti-white and anti-Trump political violence yet obsess about badly drawn swastikas on bathroom stalls. Seriously, a swastika on a toilet is a hate crime and a white mans head being pushed into the toilet and forced to drink toilet water while being racially abused is not.

          • Deplorable Rican ☨ʳᵉᵈᵉᵉᵐᵉᵈ

            Most of those so called hate crimes is simply name calling.

      • mal35m

        Right there is what scares me the most. What happens when Regular working Joes of America get sick and tired of having no voice and being the punching bag for every left wing group with the MSM egging them on. I hope that Trump deals with these left wing cos play fascists morons, like the idiot who wrote this article, legally and quickly because I do not want to see the rise of a real right wing fascist party. I don’t want history to repeat.

    • gekkobear

      So your plan is to beat any who dissent from your view and refuse to do as they’re told to “oppose” Fascism?

      I’d like to help, but I’m not sure which word you’re using that you don’t understand.
      Or do you think that fascism run by your side is the good fascism required to stop fascism from the dreaded “other” and therefore entirely justified?

      • NoeValleyJim

        One: you don’t understand what the word fascism means. It is definite in any good dictionary, please use one.

        Two: I never said I was going to beat anyone. It is clear word comprehension is not your strong point, but please point out where I encouraged or condoned violence. I said that protesting Milo is a good idea and one that I intend to engage in if he comes back. You are opposed to protest now?

    • Tehy

      I’m so happy to hear that!

      But understand this: that’s because those fascists not only controlled the government, but had declared war on other countries.

      You’re not a defender of freedom and neither are the people you champion. The people who died in WWII died so their descendants could continue enjoying American freedoms, not so they’d have to watch their tongue to avoid being beaten up by black-masked thugs. Don’t give me that nonsense.

  • TNT

    Ok, now I get it. If you don’t agree with somebody’s opinion then you just label it “hate speech.” And you will forcibly stop people from expressing their opinions by breaking laws. Freedom of speech, liberty and the democratic rule of law means nothing to you fascist leftists.

    • Tehy

      I don’t like your comment. So I’m just going to say that, clearly, as a person with white supremacist ideals who sexually harasses, you shouldn’t be able to make it.

      …Oh, were you expecting me to back up that accusation? No, this is 2017 and I’m on the left wing, so I don’t actually have to. Beautiful New World…

  • roccolore

    Democrats = fascists

    • NoeValleyJim

      Conservatives = pedophiles.

  • Aaron Wasserman

    You and your Black Bloc friends are nothing more than modern day Crusaders/Jihadists. You have deluded yourselves into thinking that your actions are morally right and everything must be done to stop those who oppose you, no different than the fascist way of thought. The mental gymnastics performed by Antifa and BAMN is truly astounding. You debate ideas with ideas, not violence. I thought Liberals were supposed to be tolerant of others?
    If you’d like to read my take on the issue, please read my article, I could never get published in the Daily Cal because I don’t have the same hive-minded opinion as the editors.

    • laughing tyger

      No, not Crusaders. Jihadis is closer. Check out this video – students give a guy waving an ISIS flag thumbs up and get incredibly angry when he waves the flag of Israel. Israel the only democracy in the region, the only place the in region where women have equal rights and gays aren’t jailed or executed … The indoctrination and hypocrisy is astounding.

    • NoeValleyJim
      • Mick Price

        No evidence Milo is either.

  • ianna o.

    thanks for writing this.

  • Alex

    Why does Daily Cal keep publishing the diatribes of apologists for domestic terrorism?

    • lspanker

      It’s clear that the Daily California has given up any pretense of objective journalism, and has embraced the role of agit-prop rag.

      • helen

        Great! The rock has been lifted and this stinking rot is exposed to the sun!!! It’s especially good for classical liberals in denial about this fundamentalist, abusive, reactionary, anti-science, anti-logic, racist, violent wave that has swept over higher education.

        The effect it has had on liberal arts (and thus on crucial fields like media and education) is analogous to the effect that creationists would have if allowed to take over STEM.

    • Fail Bot

      They published an editorial supported by the majority of them basically defending this. They are pro violence.

  • Nunya Beeswax

    Are you really so naive as to think that you can stop people from holding opinions you don’t like simply by beating them up? If so, some gentlemen named Nero, Decius and Diocletian would like a word with you.

    Leaving the moral problems of your stance aside, there is simply no practical way to keep objectionable ideas from spreading in the age of electronic communication. Organizing on the Internet? They can play that game too. Groups swathed in black and spreading violence? They can play that game too.

    Toleration for the Black Bloc’s tactics will only last so long. If there’s one thing we can learn from history, it’s that the forces of reaction and repression tend to outgun the self-appointed revolutionaries, and that although reprisals might be delayed, they will eventually come. All who take up the sword will die by the sword.

    • ShadrachSmith

      The Dallas assassinations revealed blm as evil, hence, the new name: black bloc.

      • Mick Price

        Black Bloc and BLM have nothing to do with one another. In fact black bloc is a tactic not an organisation, Antifa is the organisation and it has a diversity problem.

        • ShadrachSmith

          Same…same. Hate whitey, hate your local police, + give me $ and power or I’ll burn the place down. You don’t see that?

    • NoeValleyJim
      • Nunya Beeswax

        I’m not sure what gives you the impression that I was in love with him. Perhaps you think that if I’m not calling for him to be lynched, I must support him. That would say more about your rigidly binary, us vs them, false-dichotomy-riddled thinking than it says about me.

        For the record, I neither like nor approve of him. But he’s not breaking any laws, and gaffes like the one you link to above are the best reason we should just let him speak (and hang himself with his own words). Of course that would require patience and forbearance, something that self-righteous 20-somethings generally lack.

        But hey, pedophilia and fascism–two moral panics for the price of one!

  • Marc

    “I put my safety and my freedom on the line…”

    You are a very, very sheltered individual.

    • Horus

      He is a privileged white little kid who thinks he is a homosexual and is playing with lipstick and leftist politics. Seriously, google is his name

      • “My rage, sadness, and apprehension blurred together into an emotional tidal wave. I wanted to cry, but instead, I reached for a tube of liquid eyeliner.”

        The boy has some issues, no doubt about it.

    • Mick Price

      The question is, did he? I mean there was a LOT of criminal activity, real criminal activity not a black guy with a broken tail light. Yet there was no arrests. It would have been simple to just wade in and start arresting people. It would have been easier to wade in and start cracking heads. Yet the police did nothing, clearly because they were ordered to. So did he know the fix was in? Did he know there was no risk of him being arrested because he was doing what the political elite wanted him to? If so he’s no anarchist.

  • Dencal26

    Violence is worse than hate speech

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