Violence helped ensure safety of students

A national debate on freedom of speech has sparked since the night of Feb. 1, when a Breitbart hatemonger’s speech was cancelled because of radical acts against replaceable property at my school, UC Berkeley.

Most of the arguments across the nation attempt to have a conversation on freedom of speech on college campuses, with President Trump threatening to cut UC Berkeley’s federal funding if it does not allow all opinions to be shared. The irony that the president is threatening the freedom of speech of these protesters is just further proof that he’s inept for his position. Never mind that the campus itself was not bold enough to stand against hate and cancel the speech and is therefore not responsible for its cancellation.

Arguments on campus, on the other hand, revolve around students defying the acts the AntiFas  —  an anarchist and anti-fascist group that uses black bloc techniques to meet its ends  —  took that night. They want to ensure that there is a distinction between the rioters and the students who were there to protest peacefully.

Well, I’m here to thank the radical measures the AntiFas took to ensure my safety. It has been reported by numerous sources that Breitbart’s mascot planned on launching a campaign against undocumented students and sanctuary campuses. More disturbing was the possibility of him outing and targeting specific undocumented students on campus, much like he did to a trans student at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.

As an outspoken undocumented student at UC Berkeley, this frightened me. I walked around campus constantly looking over my shoulder that day, uncertain whether the doxing of my online profile had already placed a target on me. Now, I’ve been the victim of doxing before. The right-wing site Heat St. once erroneously accused me of organizing a blockade that  —  again, wrongfully  — supposedly kept white students from entering campus.

But this was different.

The doxing the Breitbart editor attempted to do was a malicious outing of some of my peers to a physical and online audience of white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and alternative right fascists. Though he has attempted to keep his name away from these gangs of extremists, it’s not difficult to associate him with them given that they utilize his events to recruit and organize the most hateful group of white men they can gather. Given that a radicalized white man had recently committed acts of terrorism against the Muslim community at a Mosque in Quebec, and another shot an anti-Fascist protester at the University of Washington, placing our private information on their hands shook me to my core.

Coming out of the shadows is a way by which many undocumented immigrants take control of the narratives being molded by the mass media. We share our stories and provide insight to the reality of the flawed immigration system. To out us is to remove that agency from us. It allows those with power  —  for example, those with a million followers  —  to twist our stories against us.

To me, the argument should not revolve just around freedom of speech but also around the hate speech that fails to respect the humanity of undocumented people. This speaker has never provided an insightful look at conservatism nor provided intellectual debate to the arena. He has fabricated a tool to sensationalize himself with while providing a platform for white supremacists to come together. He, in fact, wanted to use the power of the state (immigration officers) to deport some of the most outspoken of us, therefore threatening our freedom of speech with the power of the state.

My campus did nothing to stand between my undocumented community and the hateful hands of radicalized white men — the AntiFas did. A peaceful protest was not going to cancel that event, just like numerous letters from faculty, staff, Free Speech Movement veterans and even donors did not cancel the event. Only the destruction of glass and shooting of fireworks did that. The so-called “violence” against private property that the media seems so concerned with stopped white supremacy from organizing itself against my community.

Everything else was an act of passive acceptance to the hate speech that was about to take place on our campus.

Read more opinion coverage on the use of violence in protests here.

Juan Prieto is an undocumented student, organizer and former layout designer at The Daily Californian. Contact the opinion desk at [email protected] or follow us on Twitter @dailycalopinion.

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  • Bruce

    You do not have to out trans students. Women have hips and a female jaw line and a shoulder to head and hip ratio different than a mans. Try asking the art students about this at this place of “learning” (and I use that term loosely). Want to know why? Because XX and XY is not a “social construct” just because some feminists in the 70’s lobbied to change terminology of gender from it’s original definition and supported some whacko’s ideas from the 50’s. Funny that Gloria Steinem who led movements back then admitted to being a CIA asset. Shows just how gullible third wave “intersectional” feminism is and how controlled. Now it is George Soros instead of the CIA. Still completely controlled and using black people as a shield since they were actually oppressed. Get it yet? YOU ARE THE RACISTS. You took over the black movements and protests and legitimate feminism movements and made it about LBGT while exploiting actual races. You sickos actually compare someone not agreeing with pseudo science to people being enslaved, tortured, raped and killed against their will. This is how bat#%#^ crazy the LBGT movement has become. I am just waiting for NAMBLA to be accepted with open arms…

    The illusion that transgender people are viewed as a man or a woman when you are not born one only exists in your mind. Making up non clinical phobias to label anyone who does not agree with pseudo science as mentally ill only works if people believe the charade. Trans people are miserable and have high suicide rates pre and post surgeries and therapy. Enabling destructive behavior is not love or tolerance. It is the opposite. Also trying to make the entire world miserable, because you are miserable trying to fight a battle against nature and biology you will never win, only results in more miserable people. Making them pay for surgeries with tax money is simply extortion while using charged language of mental conditions that do not exist like transphobia.

    LBGT are the bullies. They bully blacks and USE them. They bully the entire American public. They are trying to label actual science and empiricism like twin studies as hate speech. They control and bully all forms of media. You are not happy with tax breaks for couples and instead want to FORCE churches to marry you and accept this as normal. Despite all the bullying and disgusting tactics and pseudo science coming from one side, you call the rest of the world bullies.Time to just stop supporting anything you put propaganda in. Movies, video games, music.

  • pwrserge

    If you are an “undocumented” student at Berkley, you need to be arrested and deported after a lengthy stay at GITMO to make sure we root out any of your terrorist buddies.

    Freedom of speech is not the freedom to deny others the right to speak. Start another riot and it won’t be unarmed Milo supporters who are going to line up against you. It will be the 1st Marine Division who will have a very low tolerance for domestic terrorists like you.

  • woodrose

    I did not vote for Trump, but I do have a pretty harsh message for Juan.

    You are welcome to consider each and every vote for Trump as your personal invitation to return to your home country. No need to wait for deportation. Take your skills and education provided to you by California and use them to improve your native land.

    You, sir, are not worth riots in American streets.

    A plane ticket to Mexico is not the moral equivalent of a train ride to Auschwitz.

    Demanding enforcement of the immigration and labor laws is a reasonable request for a people to make of their government. It’s not a justification to burn down a university.

    Please, return to your country of birth, and have a good life.

    • RHG

      Notice how these illegals fight tooth and nail to keep from going back to a country they allegedly are so “proud” to be from.

      • helen

        while openly hating America and claiming to be oppressed by their suffering in our most exclusive institutions.

        • lspanker

          Not to mention claiming that they will suffer some form if injustice of some-right wing provocateur does the same thing to them that they do to themselves on a regular basis, which is to flaunt their “undocumented” status as some sort of political equivalent of a “Get out of Jail Free” card…

  • Whose Narrative?

    So, your words and your call to violence make me feel unsafe, according to your logic, as a pre-emptive strike, I can

    a) Find you and stove your head in
    b) be morally right for doing so

    Except of course that would be unethical and illegal

    You sir are only one step above a caveman, in that you can clearly write words, but lack any kind of reason, morality and wit.

    • Mick Price

      “You sir are only one step above a caveman, ”
      There’s a Neanderthal with a club that wants an apology for that remark. Don’t worry he won’t attack you, he’s not an SJW.

      • Whose Narrative?

        LOL :) Thanks for cheering me up!

  • Che Obama Guevara

    Build the wall, give ICE it’s power back, deport, deport, deport!
    If they want back in, they need to follow our immigration laws like everyone else.

  • woodrose

    Wow. Violence to prevent a performance artist from talking about information that is already in the public domain.


    I hope the protesters are studying the term ‘own goal’ in all their classes.

  • realheadline

    Since when are bigoted violent subversive foreign citizens allowed to use state and federal resources to foment revolution in our country? #DefundBerkley

  • millermp1

    Is Juan that Mexican tranny who stabbed the other SJW in UC Berkeley a couple weeks ago? I thought you were in the pen?

  • longshot199

    Juan, don’t you just “hate” those radicalized white men? You’re a hater. shame on you, hater.

  • longshot199

    Juan, why do you think you are entitled to cut in line in front of all the immigrants trying to abide by the immigration laws to live here legally? do you think you’re special and above the law? Are you “privileged”? Maybe you should check your privilege. Is cutting in lines and breaking the immigration laws a cultural Mexican thing? Just curious.

  • Ipsophakto

    You leftist fascist bigots are seriously advocating violence? You want a civil war? You are soiling your own diapers and lack the means of getting those changed. Have “fun” destroying yourselves and rotting in prison.

    We are all Milo. You’re against his right to speak, you’re against our Constitution and the rule of law. You’re participating in and inciting violence meant to suppress free speech rights of others. You’re breaking the law. Time for you to be indicted.

  • A Lion in Zion

    What you won’t see cited in any of these articles is Milo harming people.

  • Horus

    Time to go home and cause trouble in Mexico Juan.

  • Whose Narrative?

    OMG Mommy they used WORDS! I am going to kick their heads in and set fire to the place!! That will teach them to use WORDS…

  • FreedomClubUSA

    No wonder we can’t stand all these Che Guevara’s bringing the utter STUPIDITY of their South American dictatorship politics to the U.S.A. GTFO criminal.

  • Ray S.

    Just curious but does Juan Prieto, an undocumented illegal alien and student, get free education at Berkely paid for by my tax dollars?

    • Law Student

      He does. Are we gonna do anything about that?

  • brightlight

    You were accused of blocking access because DID block access.

  • LanceSmith

    Do you have actual examples of Milo’s use of “hate speech”? Not where he disagreed with the tactics of BLM or with primary tenets/mythologies/etc of radical, regressive, authoritarian movement-feminism. But REAL examples of hate speech. Simply disagreeing with a tactic is not hate speech.

    I ask because I’ve actually seen the guy speak on numerous occasions on YouTube and with the granted exception of his belief that transsexualism is more a “sickness” than a real thing, I’ve never heard him utter a word that I would see as hateful towards black people, women, etc. He absolutely disagrees with the tactics and the alternative facts utilized by the movements who say they speak for these people, but this is not by definition hate speech.

    This is why the left continues to loose election after election (and why they don’t seem to see it): simply disagreeing with you, your ideology, and/or your tactics does not by definition constitute sexism/racism/hate-speech or any other loaded term you wish to throw around.

    For the record, I am a true, classical liberal. I voted for Clinton proudly. As a professional scientist, I fully believe in the EQUALITY of all people regardless of race, creed, gender. However, I have a HUGE problem with the intellectually bankrupt and dishonest beliefs and methods of the left. And by rationalizing violence, you are no better than the crazy Christians who historically rationalized burning people at the stake. Disgusting.

    • Law Student

      If you have such a YUGE problem with their hatred for free speech, perhaps you should stop voting for their candidates.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    When Trump gets re-elected, you all can go back to that day, watch the tape, watch innocent people being pepper sprayed in the face or hit with pipes, and save yourselves from having to wonder why it happened again. Fools. You undermine all the legitimate opposition to Trump because you don’t like someone’s words. Grow up.

    • Law Student

      That tape will be played in EVERY red and purple state Senate race in 2018.

  • BigJimSlade

    I’m glad to hear the violent anarchists protected you from letting a homosexual Jewish immigrant from speaking about cultural appropriation. Heck, only a few innocent conservatives, there just to listen to Milo speak, were put in the hospital.

    Stay classy. You’re driving more and more people from having any sympathy for the unhinged and violent left.

  • Steve Jones

    So this op-ed is against free speech and promotes violence. It’s ironic that someone in the press would excuse violence as a means to keep someone from exercising their constitutional rights. Even if it is hate speech, which is debatable, you have no right to violently shut it down and why would you? All you are doing is giving that hate speech a greater platform. Milo was all over the national media last week, the protests gave him exactly what he wanted. So keep making excuses for why violence is justified to help protect your precious feelings and watch as those views you hate get more and more attention and attract more and more people because they can’t stand the whiny snowflakes who think they can they have a right to police speech and language.

  • ShadrachSmith

    My work here is done.

  • Violence is speech. Speech is hate.

    Orwell would be so proud of UC Berkeley.

    • Anax of Rhodes


    • Chief Presiding Judge

      If the end result of an ideology is a world without my people, then it is violent speech.

      Taking a pacifistic approach to fascism is naive.

      • Strawman. Who TF is preaching a world without “your people”?

  • As an American of Hispanic ancestry, I support defending our home from people from cultures where marching and rioting are the option to convincing. Mr. Prieto is an admitted illegal alien. That makes him a criminal, as it is a criminal charge that can have a civil penalty on the first violation. To equate it with a civil matter, like divorce, is disingenuously cynical and morally reprehensible. The reason the criminals are rioting is because immigration law may no longer be treated as dead letter law and most will be repatriated back to countries in which rioting is OK… In America, we vote and put up with the results.


    “shook me to my core”


    You need to be deported using any and all means necessary, and your fellow rioters attacking innocent women need to be stopped using any and all means necessary – including real ammo.

  • gekkobear

    “Well, I’m here to thank the radical measures the AntiFas took to ensure my safety. ”

    Because there were words that cared you”re praising the “Speech” of beating people you don’t like?
    Words are violence, violence is speech.
    And somehow this wasn’t written by George Orwell as fiction.

    That’s beyond parody. Well done.

    • Mick Price

      George didn’t write fiction, he wrote prophecy.

  • MattinLA

    Prieto is not an immigrant, but rather an invader and colonist who wishes to impose alien ideas of censorship and violent thuggery on free Americans. Deport him and his ilk forthwith.

    • Law Student

      I’d be ok with killing him (for supporting terrorism against Americans), but I guess I can settle for deportation.

  • LateTo TheParty

    So, let me get this straight. Milo denies that he was outing-doxing anyone, but the idea made you fearful as an undocumented student. However, you feel totally comfortable outing yourself in this op-ed knowing that many of those same people you call white nationalists-fascists-Nazis might read it? Sounds like bullshit to me. You’re not the least bit worried that people might find out you’re undocumented, or you wouldn’t be writing about it publicly. You’re not even particularly sincere in your own persecution complex.

    • youlldiescreaming .

      oh finally, some one can still think straight!

    • Lucius

      “You’re not the least bit worried that people might find out you’re undocumented, or you wouldn’t be writing about it publicly. You’re not even particularly sincere in your own persecution complex.”
      He is more than not worried. He actually wants people to know he is undocumented. Liberal America has made the full transition to a “victim” culture. In that culture, victim status gives you both a platform and socio-political influence. In other words, in the author’s social and political circles, he has every incentive to declare his status as an “oppressed” class. But this creates a strange logical incoherence in his article, as you point out, where, on the one hand, he argues that publically identifying illegal aliens is tantamount to targeting them for physical violence (by Nazis no less), but, on the other hand, seems totally comfortable publically declaring that he is an illegal alien and doing so in such a way that does not suggest any real fear on his part that he will be “targeted” as a result. It’s all very disingenuous as you suggest.

      • Chief Presiding Judge

        Nothing you’re saying is even remotely true. Someone’s been reading too much Brietbart and Fox News.

        • Lucius

          Just saying that’s not true is insufficient. Elaborate.

          • Knight7

            When you are a leftist, you don’t have to elaborate. You just smear your opponent with words. Chief Presiding Judge will not answer your claim because he simply can’t.

          • FriedSquirrelBrains

            It’s the best she can do.

        • Robert Thethird Reich

          It’s much worse than that, ask Robert The Third Reich. Berkeley is fast becoming a worldwide joke and national embarrassment.

  • geez just deport these nutcases already.

  • Spasmolytic

    I see, speech you don’t like is somehow a form of hate.

    • JP1988

      And since it is a form of hate, combatting the “hate” with violence is not only tolerated but encourage turns out Jonah Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism” is coming more and more true.

      • Chief Presiding Judge

        “Liberal Fascism” is an oxymoron, and anything with the way the modern right is acting, and with the election of Donald Trump, the only thing coming more and more true is plain old fascism.

        • JP1988

          Read Jonah Goldberg’s book, “Liberal Fascism” and get back to me. Mussolini was a communist before a fascist. Hitler was a communist before a fascist. They used violence, nationalism (and an appetite for war), and in Hitler’s case, identity politics, to seize authoritarian control of Italy and Germany; then implementing their plans to nationalize the economy.

          What happened at Berkeley is liberal fascism. Fascism has elements of left and right. To not realize that is pure ignorance.

    • Chief Presiding Judge

      Right-wing strawman. Even if he loved it, hate speech is still hate speech. If the end result of an ideology is a world without my people, then it is violent speech.

      Taking a pacifistic approach to fascism is naive.

      • Rubuti Nadael

        What exactly is hate speech? And how is your rhetoric not hate speech? Or when it comes to yourself, you are free to hate who ever you want? And who are your people? And what do you mean when you say a world without them? And no…violence does not mean what you want it to mean. It has a pretty clear definition. Stop creating your own.

      • lspanker

        If the end result of an ideology is a world without my people

        You mean a world free from idiots? We can only hope.

      • Anax of Rhodes

        Hate speech is free speech.

      • Mick Price

        “If the end result of an ideology is a world without my people,”
        Are you going to provide ANY evidence that that is even possible, let alone likely? Start by defining “your people” in a way that doesn’t make it OK for white nationalists to claim that race mixing is destroying their people.

        ” then it is violent speech.”
        There is no such thing as “violent speech” with the possible exception of direct incitement to violence.

        “Taking a pacifistic approach to fascism is naive.”
        Actually trying to defeat it by beating up it’s supporters is naïve. That was tried, it didn’t work so well.

  • Seth Richardson

    Here’s all that needs to be said about these idiotic arguments: 18 U.S. Code § 241 – Conspiracy against rights
    If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or
    If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured—
    They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

  • indocon

    Send this guy back to Mexico, and make Mexico pay for it.

  • lspanker

    As an outspoken undocumented student at UC Berkeley, this frightened me. I walked around campus constantly looking over my shoulder that day, uncertain whether the doxing of my online profile had already placed a target on me.

    We can only hope that if ICE/DHS has a list of people to round up, that you’re near the top of it. If ANY illegal alien college student deserved to be deported, it’s an ignorant, immature ingrate like you.

  • John Davies

    The substance of this piece is so silly that I assume it’s satire. My comment is on the style – you are a REALLY bad writer. You are at like a 6th or 7th grade level, not even joking. How the heck did you get into Berkeley?

    • lspanker

      He got in the same way thousands of dimwits have, thanks to “diversity” and the refusal of the idiot liberals in this country to enforce our immigration laws.

    • millermp1

      Something called “affirmative action.”

    • Anthony Brent

      This is the “future”.

  • S4T

    I just reported you and this article to the FBI.

    You need to be deported, you are a danger to this nation and its people.

  • Emily

    I don’t know you, but I’m sorry you’re getting such hateful words directed towards you. I don’t 100% agree with what you have to say, but you are a vital part of a community that encourages respectful debate. And I’m grateful that I got to read your perspective. You do you, sir.

    • S4T

      How about he does him in his country of citizenship? Why should people who endorse violence against peaceful Americans be in this country illegally?

      • Emily

        Because while he’s advocating it, he’s not actually doing it, and therefore deserves the ability to get his education, and to have his voice heard. Perhaps, you could look at some of his other points, and respectfully debate his more radical ideas? He’s saying this is a reaction to the real fear he has while on campus. Perhaps your own actions are adding to his fear, and this is a vicious cycle?

        • lspanker

          He’s an ILLEGAL ALIEN who advocates the use of violence to deny citizens and legal immigrants their First Amendment rights. He deserves NOTHING but to be forcibly deported and banned future entry into our country as an undesirable.

          • Emily

            That’s a sad way to look at a fellow human.

          • lspanker

            Let me ask you this much, woman: if you actively promote denying others their rights, what moral or intellectual grounds to you have to demand any rights yourself?

          • Punxsy

            I predict six more weeks of stupid from this one.

          • Sir Reginald

            Sic burnz spanky.

          • ogunsiron

            illegal aliens are indeed humans. So what ? I’m a human being. Can I show up where you live and sleep in your bed ? Would you be denying my humanity by saying that I could not on my own decide to sleep in your bed ? A country without a border is not a country. A people without membership criteria is not a people. Illegal aliens are people,but there are places where they don’t legitimately belong. Simple.

          • Imma Boss

            Whoa! Random people are showing up and sleeping in your bed? I can see why you’re so angry. Too bad they aren’t just moving into your country to make a better life for themselves and not directly affecting your way of life. Make sure they clean the sheets when they’re done.

          • cameronm

            Wow, mr. “boss” there is no reason to be so sarcastic, we are having a serious discussion here.

          • Imma Boss

            There was zero sarcasm in what I said. They really should wash the sheets when they’re done sleeping in that persons bed. Aren’t all illegal immigrants filthy?

          • helen

            This guy is advocating politically motivated violence, That affects more than our way of life.

          • ogunsiron

            There are many ways that a random stranger could move into my house and live there “without affecting my way of life”. They could sleep in my bed only during the day and give me priority to my own bed. They could always stay in another room and vacate the room whenever i come in the room they’re in right then. A random strager could theoretically live in my house without affecting me and yet that’s not the point, at all. The random strtanger has no “right” to occupy space in my house, because it’s my house and therefore i can keep random strangers out for any reason i wish. There is no legitimate reason for a random stranger to come live in my house if i don’t want them to come live in my house.

            The analogy is country A is a collective home for people A. Human beings of type B don’t have any “right” to live in country A. Country A may authorize human B to live in country A. that’s of course always possible, but it’s optional. Very simple.

          • brightlight

            He is human but he is not a citizen of this country and should not considering the way he came here. What you’re saying is that all those that follow the rules, wait patiently in line are a bunch of chumps and idiots.

          • Law Student

            He’s no human. The spider on my wall deserves more respect than an illegal, violent invader. He deserves the most vicious, torturous beating imaginable so no other invaders get the same ideas.

          • Punxsy

            That spider deserves respect for putting up with such a crappy roommate.

            🔥 🔥 🔥🔥 🔥 🔥🔥 🔥 🔥

          • cameronm

            Miss, I may not know you but I do have to say. How dare you!

          • assyrianisis

            No person is illegal. Borders are relatively recent historical inventions, and immigration is part of human history. Are you 100% Native American? Why don’t you go back to your “country of origin”

          • lspanker

            No person is illegal. Borders are relatively recent historical inventions

            Your ignorance is astounding. Where did you learn that garbage?

          • brightlight

            College. Facts are whatever you want them to be today.

          • lspanker

            I’m glad I spent 6 years in the US Air Force before setting foot on the Cal campus as an undergrad. Traveling to places in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, and seeing how the majority of people in the world really live was truly a sobering experience. I have NO interest in seeing this country turn into another Ciudad Juarez or Gaza Strip, where the only “rule of law” is that of violent thugs who will murder you for daring to express a dissenting viewpoint.

          • BigJimSlade

            No person is illegal? LOL.
            CLEARLY you’ve never traveled outside of your zip code.

            Enter another country without a passport. You’ll illegally be in their county and could be arrested and deported for breaking their laws.

            Grow the heck up and join the rest of us in the real world.

          • brightlight

            “Native Americans” can go back to Siberian and Asia because THAT is where they came from. No human is ‘native’ to the western hemisphere. Borders also also not recent. They go back thousands of years.

          • Law Student

            “Borders are relatively recent historical inventions”
            So are toilets and computers. now get out of my country before you’re removed against your will.

          • Sir Reginald

            Hear hear! Undesirable lists have a long and illustrious history of ending well.

        • lspanker

          What do you have personally invested in defending this loser?

        • Law Student

          “Because while he’s advocating it, he’s not actually doing it”
          Are you freaking kidding me?

          • Emily


        • Punxsy

          WOW…you could not be more wrong about literally everything. I am like super-duper embarrassed to be from the same school as you. I bet you even drink chocolate milk.

          • cameronm

            Worse, probably strawberry milk.

        • Sir Reginald

          Crazy talk, Em. Craaaaaazy.

        • helen

          How much of that could you say about Milo as well?
          Those who fear Juan and his violent views are just as entitled to preemptive self defense as he is.

  • Tripper

    The left now explicitly supports violence to shut down peaceful dissenting speech. At least they are honest about it. But remember this Juan – violence goes both ways, and we have guns.

    My advice to you is to get the heck out of my country while you still can.

  • mrwild

    I wish we had Mexico’s stringent immigration laws:

    Foreigners are admitted into Mexico “according to their possibilities of contributing to national progress.” (Article 32)
    Immigration officials must “ensure” that “immigrants will be useful elements for the country and that they have the necessary funds for their sustenance” and for their dependents. (Article 34)

    Foreigners may be barred from the country if their presence upsets “the equilibrium of the national demographics,” when foreigners are deemed detrimental to “economic or national interests,” when they do not behave like good citizens in their own country, when they have broken Mexican laws, and when “they are not found to be physically or mentally healthy.” (Article 37)

    The Secretary of Governance may “suspend or prohibit the admission of foreigners when he determines it to be in the national interest.” (Article 38)

    • ogunsiron

      almost all countries on earth have sensible immigration policies. As a child, I lived in a country where foreigners could only acquire citizenship by a presidential decree! It’s only in western countries where “smart educated” people think of their country as some kind of “opportunity space” for anyone in the world.

      • lspanker

        How true… but then again, the Democrats don’t push for uncontrolled mass immigration out of compassion. This isn’t about some poor hard-working tomato picker or dishwasher sending a few dollars back to his family, keeping a low profile because he doesn’t want any trouble. It’s about growing the Che Guevara wing of their party with violent, unhinged loonies like this Jose Pendejo guy…

        • Chief Presiding Judge

          The only violent unhinged loonie is you.

          I think you’ve made that quite clear because every time you leave a comment it’s obvious to everyone how much right-wing propaganda has rotted your brain. Your comments don’t even remotely square with reality.

          • TRENDYFOOL

            Who’s paying your salary? You came to an article several days old and methodically went through EVERY SINGLE COMMENT and made a response to each comment that didn’t fit into your (bogus) narrative — according to the timestamps you did this over the span of several hours. Although several other people have already made you look like the fool that you are already, I had to inquire as to who’s paying your $9.50/hour fee to post this crap?

          • StanFromSomewhere

            Have proof he’s violent? Didn’t think so.

        • ogunsiron

          or like that pedro they gonzalez of berkeley

        • ogunsiron

          yes. I’m a POC and one of the many reasons I despise global communists/trotskyists is I know that they view me not as a fellow human being but as POISON to be used against other whites/europeans. I don’t find that very flattering but I guess i’m weird. Communists get really angry and pissed off when they come across a black person who doesn’t want to join in their war against european civilization.

    • brightlight

      Mexico also has great election laws too. They are very serious at preventing voting fraud and tainted ballets. All the kinds of stuff that the libs in the US scream is inhuman.

      • Chief Presiding Judge

        The kind of stuff in the US that helped Trump considering the only voter fraud that occurred was on his side.

        • StanFromSomewhere

          You’re either a complete ignoramus or a paid shill. By any chance did you used to post under the handles “Funkenstein” or “Quilviov”?

    • StriderYoko

      I can tell you never been to Mexico.

  • mogden

    Let me see if I have this straight. An illegal immigrant, who is being educated courtesy of the taxpayers of the State of California, has the nerve to advocate violence in contravention of one of America’s most sacred values: freedom of speech.

    Is that correct? Just wanted to double check, because it is so unbelievable on its face.

    • Law Student

      And…he’s getting away with it. Trump winning was just a beginning. This must be an ongoing campaign to destroy and eliminate the toxic forces in this country, and it will take years. I think too many conservatives think one election will change everything. This must be an ongoing movement.

      • Chief Presiding Judge

        The beginning of nothing. Trump lost the election but “won” the process. He’s not a legitimate president and no amount of conservative tears will change that he lost the popular vote by 3 million.

        When Democrats take office in 2020 try not to hurt yourself. Not everyone who disagrees with you is “toxic”.

        • StanFromSomewhere

          “The beginning of nothing. Trump lost the election but “won” the process. He’s not a legitimate president” – Keep believing that and doing the same thing you have been doing. It will only guarantee that you will lose again in 2020.

        • Mick Price

          No he won the election. That’s what it means when you get the most electoral college votes. If Hillary had won the EC and lost the popular vote you’d be fine with that. What you want is for Trump to win not only the contest he’s in but another one neither candidate thought was even going on. It’s an absurd and disingenuous standard.

        • 2PoorForAdobeCloud

          Ummm…. lots of documented voter fraud on the Democrat side.

          • Attila Iskander – A Déplorable

            Trump: Check mate.
            Hillary: Now Donald. I know you have a check mate, and I know the rules of Chess have been well defined for hundreds of years, but come on, I have more pieces on the Chessboard, and that, in this instance, should count for more.

    • Andy from Beaverton

      The left have been projecting in mass lately. It’s laughable to see their anti-fascist signs on campuses while they shout down, protest and assault those that have an opposite opinion than their own. Free speech and thought has died in colleges, while leftist groupthink flourishes.

      • Chief Presiding Judge

        The only thing laughable is that the right just done electing an actual fascist. Look in the mirror.

        • Attila Iskander – A Deplorable

          You might want to start by educating yourself on what actually IS a fascist.
          But then ignorati are more taken by the label, than the meaning of the label.

          • Chief Presiding Judge

            I’ve educated myself plenty. Trump shows every trait of authoritarian, and his extreme political views and executive action overreach align with one as well:

            Considering right-wingers are for cutting education, you might want to start educating yourself before it’s gone.

          • Anax of Rhodes

            Cutting the only-40-year-old Department of Education is not the same as cutting education. Besides private schooling, learning will move online and to homeschools.

          • StanFromSomewhere

            “Extreme political views” to a lefty like you is anything to the right of Karl Marx.

          • StanFromSomewhere

            “Considering right-wingers are for cutting education” – If you’re referring to the Department of Education, then your naivete and gullibility is clear for all to see. The Dept of Education doesn’t educate a single student in this country. It’s a bureaucracy that more than duplicates similar organizations at the state and local level that are actually charged with the responsibility of providing education. Classic example on how lefties confuse the bureaucracy with those doing the actual work.

          • Mick Price

            Did he jail whistleblowers? How about start several wars for not good reason? Or perhaps he deported more people than any other President?

          • FriedSquirrelBrains

            REddit is your source?

            No wonder you don’t know that the fascists were socialists. Go melt Snowflake.

          • FriedSquirrelBrains

            Do you ever get the feeling you might be stupid? Do you ever wonder why nobody has ever told you you’re smart?

        • Andy from Beaverton

          Has Trump prevented any speech like the leftist fascist have done all across the nation this past year?
          Did Trump illegally get phone records of 20 AP reporters like fascist Obama did?

        • FriedSquirrelBrains

          Strong post, Snowflake. Now get back to your JuCo sociology studies.

          • Attila Iskander – Turul Fia

            The idiot doesn’t even know what a fascist actually is.

      • FriedSquirrelBrains

        People thought the Nazis were laughable for about ten years.

    • millermp1

      That’s why they build such vibrant societies, the kind everyone wants to migrate to.

    • FiniusFigglebottom

      Someone should report the illegal immigrant who is promoting political violence to the appropriate authorities.

      • Chief Presiding Judge

        Trump has promoted plenty of political violence. Probably learned it from him.

        • StanFromSomewhere

          Yet you can provide no examples.

        • ogunsiron

          yet the only ones getting kicked in the head while unconscious are trump supporters. The only ones getting chased by huge mobs in san diego were trump supporters. The only ones getting knocked unconscious at airports are trump supporters. Trump supposters are actually amazingly restrained, given the abuse they are subjected to. I suppose, though, that they have no choice. The minute a trump supporter will strike back at the communusts, that trump supporter will become be crucified by the media in the usa and elsewhere. If a trump supporter fights back, expect statements from the swedish government.

          • Attila Iskander – A Deplorable

            Expect that to change in the near future..
            People are getting tired of the abuse and violence.
            And there’s a point where the gloves will come off.

            You can also expect that those who respond will be wearing some form of body camera to make sure that there will be a true narrative leading up to the violence

          • ogunsiron

            +1000 for the body cameras

          • chris n

            trump supporters are scum

    • Max Fendt

      It is classic black shirt tactics. Perhaps it was just a crowd of hipsters trying to be ironic?

    • nv

      He’s a resident of the State of California. You don’t have to be a citizen to attend a university.

      • Chief Presiding Judge

        Considering California very recently passed the country of France as the 6th largest economy in the world, it seems to be working pretty well. Perhaps the backwards red states that take in money and contribute nothing to the US should try it out.

        And I think people should have to work hard for citizenship, but if an undocumented person wants to get an education that’s a GOOD thing. One less person on the streets.

  • Douglas Levene

    OK, we get it, war is peace and peace is war. Violence is non-violence and non-violence is violence. Something tells me that the author of this column might not like it so much if street violence becomes accepted as just another way to do politics in this country. What makes him think that leftists will be the only ones in the streets beating up people?

  • So does war, but I doubt the Daily Cal would endorse that.

  • TNT

    Why don’t you act like an honorable man and deport yourself Juan? Why not do something meaningful for yourself in your country of origin? Finally, the violent protestors who oppose free speech are typical fascists and for you to state otherwise speaks poorly about your understanding of the matter.

  • roccolore

    Juan Prieto is a Mexican supremacist bigot. Fascist Democrats hate free speech.

  • I hope you are deported. you break our laws, then you not only mock law abiding citizens who wish to speak freely but you advocate political violence as a means to suppress their speech and thoughts

  • Arafat

    It’s delightful to see leftists inflamed (no pun intended).

    It’s delightful to see how the leftists respond when experiencing the demise of their inanity. To see them as the close-minded fascists that they are.

    And what might be most delightful to see is leftists resorting to tactics which will ensure their ilk are more and more isolated.

    Time for them to move to Cuba where they’ll fit right in.

  • Cletus Van Damme

    Stop calling illegal aliens undocumented. Nothing you say will change the fact that you and your ilk are in this country illegally and should be deported.

  • AverageRandomJoe

    So if you think there is something being said that may threaten you in the future, violence isn’t only acceptable but lauded? Someone should have told the Tea Party 8 years ago. Just wait until your logic is used against you and the whining begins.

    • brightlight

      The tea party never used violence.

  • Samuel Schoenberg

    How does it feel to be the reason why Trump supporters can still legitimately claim the high ground?

    • assyrianisis

      they would claim to have it regardless.

      • unadorned

        That’s because it’s true, and truth wins in the long run.

  • Aaron Wasserman

    Maybe you fail to see the hypocrisy of calling yourselves “Antifascists” yet use the same tactics fascist would use to suppress opposing views. If Milos’ ideas are so bad, people will realize it for themselves, or you and your friends can debate the ideas in a civilized manner.

    Feel free to read my article and see if you can understand my point of view please.

    • Tripper

      The left hasn’t been tolerant of opposing views in decades. They want to destroy and even kill those that disagree. It’s up to us to eliminate them first.

      • S4T

        These domestic terrorists need to be in Guantanamo with their buddies.

        • Law Student

          They need to be in the hospital emergency room.

  • Nunya Beeswax

    Uh, no, pal. You fight speech with speech. The other side is just as capable of escalating as you are, and they have more resources than you do.

    • Tripper

      It’s about time we fight back for real.

    • brightlight

      They call conservatives ‘brown shirts’ when they are the ones acting like the brown shirts and communists in pre-WW2 Germany. Both sides used terror and riots to prevent the other from speaking. So far things have been one sided but keep it up and it WILL change.

      • Law Student

        It must change NOW. What happened in Berkeley must never happen again. Their intimidation IS working to some extent. Next time, we bring guns, knives, bats etc. and teach the leftist fascists a final lesson. A couple holes in their domes might give them some newfound respect for our traditions.

        • brightlight

          Didn’t obama say you’re suppose to ‘Hit back twice as hard’ to enforce you’re opinion?

          I wonder how these Black Bloc creeps would act if someone pulled a baseball bat when they threaten them. Probably leave a puddle on the ground.

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