Berkeley College Republicans in talks to bring Milo Yiannopoulos back to campus


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After Milo Yiannopoulos’ scheduled appearance Feb. 1 incited violent demonstrations that led UCPD to cancel the event, Berkeley College Republicans is communicating with Yiannopoulos to potentially make plans for the controversial Breitbart speaker’s return to campus.

Yiannopoulos announced on his Facebook page Feb. 4 that he intended to speak again at UC Berkeley within the coming months. Since Feb 1., BCR has reached out to members of Yiannopoulos’ team through phone and email, discussing with them potential plans to bring the speaker back to campus, according to BCR communications director Troy Worden.

“The outcome of the Feb. 1 event was not ideal,” Worden said. “If Milo returned, we would take all necessary measures to make sure his returning to campus would (be) a success.”

Although the Office of Student Affairs has been communicating with BCR, the campus is not aware of any invitations that have been extended to Yiannopoulos up until this point, according to campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof.

“If and when they decide to extend an invitation, at that point the university will examine a wide range of options that will allow us to continue to support the First Amendment rights of all of our community members as well as provide for the safety and security of our students and the public at large,” Mogulof said.

Conservative radio show host Alex Jones said on air when he spoke with Yiannopoulos Feb. 6 that he also intends to speak on campus, potentially at the same time as Yiannopoulos. Yiannopoulos added that there would be a yet-to-be-revealed “special guest” present at the event.

UCPD is working with other campus stakeholders to “ensure the campus is prepared if Milo Yiannopoulos is invited to speak on campus again,” said UCPD spokesperson Sabrina Reich. Worden declined to comment on what safety precautions they might enforce in the event that Yiannopoulos comes back to campus.

Damage to the campus was estimated to have cost approximately $100,000, according to a UC Berkeley press release. The money covered the cost to repair windows at the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union building, replace a generator that caught fire and was destroyed, sandblast the paint off the concrete steps of the Student Union and remove graffiti, the release said.

UCPD arrested one suspect at the Wednesday night protests and an additional two suspects in an unrelated incident Thursday morning.

Worden declined to comment on which precautions BCR might take in the event that Yiannopoulos comes back to campus.

BCR will reach out to Yiannopoulos’ team again in the future, according to Worden. On Tuesday, members of BCR will meet with campus administration to discuss “what we have learned from last time” and to address concerns from faculty members who signed a petition requesting the cancellation of the event, according to BCR member Naweed Tahmas.

“Milo said publicly early March seems to be a likely time for his return,” Worden said. “But again, nothing is set in stone.”

Cassandra Vogel is the university news editor. Contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter at @cass_vogxz.

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  • Milo_and_the_Boys

    Let’s invite Hastert too so that Republican ideals are clearly represented.

  • harv555

    The Berkeley Students should have been protesting against the black shirted violent Stalinist types. Then the ideals of the FSM would have been preserved. The Berkeley campus has really sunk low. But perhaps this merely illustrates the poverty of the American left, the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party, and those who supported Hillary Clinton.

  • JW

    Now that he’s an unwanted quantity (book deal cancelled, uninvited by CPAC), maybe the Berkeley Republicans won’t want him either.

  • Melinda Pacificar

    I think there will be an overdose of law enforcement there this time and it is very un-likey to be an exact repeat. The biggest primary fear Berkeley has is the general pubic will hear what Milo has to say. As before this is the primary target Milo’s message. All else is to serve this end like imaginary Nazis in their toothpaste, KKK in their underwear, you get the idea. Berkeley may switch tactics too.

  • dimitri

    I did the same…checked out milo after all the fuss at Berkeley. ….now I can’t wait to catch his latest YouTube. Loved the one about the muslims…… spot on…especially their familial rape groups. And of course, the obvious……there’s no peace movement within any Muslim group. Begs the question, why are the elites formenting war in the middle east and in the same breathe taking in the droves of unvetted male refugees?

  • roccolore

    Democrats are the fascists who hate free speech.

  • roccolore

    You fascist Democrats are the crybabies who hate free speech.

    • Chicken McPhee

      Democrats and facists are polar opposites. Read a book.

      • roccolore

        Not really if you think about it.

        • Chicken McPhee

          Thinking isn’t your strong suit…

          • roccolore

            Liberals like you are anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, pro-abortion, pro-Islam, anti-military, anti-police, and you riot to prevent people from speaking.

  • Douglas Bonham

    When it happens, expect considerable police forces on the campus. They will not be under the command of Chief Bennett. The lawsuit that the University of California campus police union is filing against the University will see to that.
    Next time, we’re likely to see the California Highway Patrol, under their own command. We will also see the Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs, aka the Blue Meanies as we knew them in the Sixties. These were the designated riot squad for Alameda County in those times. All were about 6’3′ and 250 lbs., with black helmets, blue jumpsuits generally without badges, black jackboots, and really long heavy black nightsticks. I’ve been gone a long time, so even they might be feminized by this time. We’ll see.

    It’s also likely that UC Berkeley will see once again armed loosely organized biker gangs, who will engage the Black Bloc, and yes, rioting or merely protesting students. This won’t happen if the cops keep order. The very worst thing they could do is to let a riot, especially involving students, occur once more.
    The bikers, in my day mostly the Hell’s Angels, will move into this kind of melee, and there will be blood.

    The Antifas or Black Bloc, the same group that was allowed to riot on Berkeley campus, also engaged the Ku Klux Klan in Anaheim, and the Traditional Workers Party in Sacramento, last year. In both instances, the Black Bloc assaulted the Klan and the Trad Workers when they were trying to begin permitted rallies. The Klan and Trad Workers fought back with combat knives, severely wounding multiple Black Bloc. The cops stood around. The Klan and Trad Workers were not charged. Self Defense.

    The same will happen on a massive scale, on the next big protest and demo at Berkeley, if the police are held back from doing their job. It will be out of Chief Bennett’s and the university administration’s hands by then, I predict.

  • Balázs Szabó

    Antifa members were attacking innocent people during the riots.

    • Nunya Beeswax

      I don’t disagree that the Antifa people were acting up, but the The_Donald subreddit isn’t exactly an unbiased source.

  • lspanker

    They arrested a few of your alt-right buddies running around in ski-masks

    Sources and cites, please.

  • Chicken McPhee

    Hope police will be ready to catch all the ‘mysteriously organized people wearing ninja costumes performing military-like tactics’…i mean the alt-right trolls.

    • mike oxhard

      cute conspiracy theory you got there

  • jim hoch

    “The outcome of the Feb. 1 event was not ideal,” I presume that means some paper somewhere did not cover it?

  • the devil

    That’s who to blame the controversy on. These republicans know what is repugnant and will be rejected, but they persist in inciting foul situations. Somebody tell them, If you squat down like a toilet you will get crapped on. They can go follow their little hitler around all they want, but the rest of the town rejects him.

    • lspanker

      So you’re telling us you get violent when you don’t get your way?

    • nobody

      And you’re wondering why your ideals got rejected in these elections….

    • roccolore

      You Democrats are the fascists.

  • Arafat

    Do leftists or Stalin hate free speech more? I can’t say.

    • Marc

      Stalin was a leftist.

  • Arafat

    Did you hear the one about Milo and free speech? Neither did I thanks to the First Amendment hating leftists.

  • Arafat

    I’m sure the Chancellor will sleep well tonight knowing Milo is coming back for a little soiree.

  • Arafat

    I wonder if Home Depot will increase their lighter fluid supply in planning for this event?

  • Arafat

    It’s good to see Berkeley’s tax dollars go towards baby-sitting anarchists.

  • Arafat

    I wonder if I can get VC money from Palo Alto to start a plate glass company in Berkeley?

  • Arafat

    I’m going to set up a Marshmallow concession near where all the fires were set. Hoping to make good money selling them to leftist trust fund babies.

  • Arafat

    Let Bank of America know not to replace their plate glass windows until after his appearance. You know how those leftists love breaking glass in response to Milo.

  • Arafat

    You mean there are republicans at UC Berkeley? How did they get past the admissions process? I thought only liberal democrats were allowed to apply.

    • jim hoch

      Republican applicants were instructed to refer to themselves as “They” and slipped right through admissions.

  • Brad Daniels

    start by bringing in the National Guard. Go from there.