Poems for closed Berkeley businesses

Enrique Lopez/File

Pacific Cookie Company


I dare not travel down Telegraph Ave.

The desperate longing burdens my heart

My body craves that which it cannot have

The birds do not sing since we’ve been apart

When my mind draws back to memories past

My tongue recalls such tender embraces

Pacific Cookie what spell did you cast?

CREAM cannot dare compete with your graces

I ate your cookies as a daily rite

Snickerdoodles oh sinfully divine  

Peanut Butter a coveted delight

Chocolate chip sent shivers down my spine

While your absence is a crushing dismay

My waist is thinner since you’ve been away




There once was a place called Remy’s


Taco Tuesday’s made for jolly good memories


The margaritas would flow


And all the kiddos would go


‘Til caught with fake out-of-state ID’s


American Apparelamerican_apparel_priyanka_karthikeyan_file

American made

Polyester bodysuits

For 60 dollars

Smart Alec’ssmartalecs_priyanka_karthikeyan_file


Oh Smart Alec’s,

organic burgers and sandwiches

vegan grease running down the side.


Oh Smart Alec’s,

your location close to campus kept

vegetarians at bay


overpriced salads.


Oh Smart Alec’s, I never got fries for my A.  

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