Auto burglary, strong-arm robbery occur Friday in West Berkeley

Dapree Doyle/File

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An auto burglary and strong-arm robbery occurred on Idaho Street on Friday morning, according to Berkeley Police Department watch commander Lt. Andrew Rateaver.

According to Rateaver, the two incidents are related. The victim observed two suspects breaking into his car about 10:43 a.m. in the 3200 block of Idaho Street, which is a residential area in West Berkeley.

β€œ(The victim) confronted the two suspects, and attempted to regain his property. A struggle ensued,” Rateaver said in an email. β€œThe breaking into the locked auto is an auto burglary. The asportation of the property is the robbery.”

Rateaver said in his email that the victim sustained minor injuries during the strong-arm robbery and was not transported to a hospital.

Shortly afterward, BPD conducted area checks and witness interviews, according to Rateaver. The suspects, however, were not located or arrested.

The suspects were described as two Black males riding bicycles, Rateaver said in his email.

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