Gender, sexuality and identity are new frontiers

Freedoms of identity and expression are fundamental to human rights. As we evolve as a species, so do our understanding of the world and ourselves. Expanding this understanding always encounters resistance from those made comfortable by the current system, and pioneers have faced great risk in pushing the frontier further outward. Sexual identity is no different, and we see how those seeking to expand frontiers and open new territories and freedoms continue to face harsh dangers from those groups who fear their position will be displaced. It is manifest that our destiny is to fully explore and develop our sexuality. To do so requires that the LGBTQ+ community not to be tolerated but celebrated for its boldness and willingness to push the frontier outward. Groups that stand in the way of the pioneers seeking to expand our understanding and awareness of ourselves will face the same options they always have. They can assimilate and move forward with history, they can be isolated to insignificance to prevent any threat or they can fight against progress and be removed for the safety of advancing society. Society and civilization will march forward, and this inevitable progress includes expanding the boundaries of sexuality.

Grace Heelroye is a member of the Berkeley community.

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  • Man with Axe

    Did anyone notice this rather chilling statement: “…or they can fight against progress and be removed for the safety of advancing society…”

    Does she really mean this?

  • lspanker

    So you’re basically fighting for the right of confused males who want to be females to force the rest of us into going along with their charade. Sorry, but there’s no law anyone will ever be able to pass to force XY chromosomes to become XX, no matter who you choose to browbeat or intimidate.

  • nobody

    Nah, when the hard times will return, and with you and your kind working hard for that it will happen sooner than you think, this behaviour will be recognized as depraved and detrimental to the society and the afflicted ones will be forcefully removed so their abhorrent ideals and behaviour will die with them , reviled and rejected by the rest of us

  • ShadrachSmith

    There are 50-100 California HS boys basketball teams that could declare themselves women and be undefeated champions of the WNBA. Without the exclusion of biological males, Women’s sport evaporates.

  • StanFromSomewhere

    Keep pushing that paradigm, and keep wondering why the Left loses elections even to such mediocre candidates as Trump.

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