Power ranking: best and worst libraries on campus

Lianne Frick/Staff
Lianne Frick/File
Lianne Frick/Staff

The libraries — everyone’s favorite (and sometimes least favorite) places to study. From Moffitt to Morrison, we all crave the feeling of studying in a clean, quiet space of our liking. We at the Clog base our library ranking on three distinct criteria: the most enjoyable library experience, hidden gem status and closeness.

Top 3

Howison Philosophy Library

Enjoyable Experience: 10/10. A complete treasure. Small, but with natural lighting and an old-school feel.

Hidden Gem Status: 9/10. Like we said before, this secret spot is a beauty and everyone always finds a seat.

Closeness: 8/10. This study space is located in Moses Hall, so it’s not too much of a trek. Five-minute walk tops from Golden Bear Cafe.

Total: 27/30

Morrison Library

Enjoyable Experience: 10/10. One of the nicest libraries there is. Don’t argue with us on this one. It looks super nice and has a sort of quiet intimacy about it. In other words, it’s the opposite of Moffitt.

Hidden Gem Status: 6/10. Surprisingly, Morrison isn’t constantly packed. It is, however, too popular to be considered a campus secret. Perhaps the laptop-free policy drives the tech-obsessed away.

Closeness: 9/10. This old-school pad is located right as you walk into Doe Library. Literally in the middle of campus.

Total: 25/30

East Asian Library

Enjoyable Experience: 10/10. Natural lighting and a third floor with a view of nature. Also, the inside and outside architecture is so nice it makes us want to weep.     

Hidden Gem Status: 7/10. Rumor has it that finding a seat here can be a struggle. But we studious Cloggers have never had such troubles, hence our score.

Closeness: 7/10. Not overly far, but far enough to make you second guess your decision to not purchase a bike.

Total: 24/30

Bottom 3

Moffitt Library

Enjoyable Experience: 2/10. Dirty and not aesthetically appealing. People only come here because it’s open so late. The newly renovated fourth and fifth floors aren’t enough to save this one.    

Hidden Gem Status: 1/10. Can never find a seat. Probably the most popular library on campus.

Closeness: 7/10. High marks for being pretty much in the center of campus. At least Moffitt’s doing one thing right.

Total: 9/30

Engineering Library

Enjoyable Experience: 3/10.  The loudest library anyone has ever experienced. Nice conference rooms though, props for that.

Hidden Gem Status: 5/10. Relatively popular, but not overly so. Probably because it’s so goddamn loud.

Closeness: 5/10. Uphill walk. Farther from Sather Gate than most other library options. Enough said.

Total: 13/30

Mathematics Statistics Library

Enjoyable Experience: 5/10. Why anyone would go to a mathematics/statistics library for an enjoyable library experience is beyond us.

Hidden Gem Status: 6/10. Popular for class gaps in Evans Hall. Not super crowded though.

Closeness:  6/10. Evans is an uphill walk and is positioned farther from Sather Gate than many other libraries. Still, at least it isn’t Jacobs Hall.

Total: 17/30

Well, there you have it folks! We’ve given you all of the factors to choose your library wisely. If you have to struggle through a problem set, might as well look at a cool ceiling whilst at it.

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