Berkeley College Republicans sign destroyed

Daniel Kim/Staff

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An individual — whose name has yet to be released — broke apart a sign belonging to the Berkeley College Republicans on Sproul Plaza on Tuesday.

The student was peacefully engaging in discussion at the BCR booth with members before he grabbed the sign and began to destroy it, according to BCR member Naweed Tahmas. The sign, a hand-painted wood panel which read “Berkeley College Republicans,” was the private property of the organization.

This is not the first time the BCR has addressed incidents of vandalism to its booth on Sproul Plaza. In September, the club’s cardboard cutout of Donald Trump was torn up, according to BCR member Troy Worden. Additionally, the BCR saw heightened instances of violence toward members on campus in the months leading up to and after the election.

“We had members get pepper sprayed, sucker-punched and verbally and physically assaulted for voicing their opinions and beliefs,” said Celine Bookin, head of communications for BCR.

Associate Chancellor Nils Gilman sent a campuswide email Wednesday condemning the recent events.

“Let there be no mistake: The campus administration condemns all acts of vandalism and attempted intimidation,” Gilman said in the statement. “These matters are now under investigation by UCPD, with the aim of identifying the perpetrators and imposing appropriate consequences.”

Harshil Bansal, political director of Cal Democrats, said that this kind of incident should not have occurred, regardless of ideological differences.

Repeated instances of vandalism such as this one have led BCR members in recent months to expect and prepare for the antagonism they face on a daily basis, according to Worden.

“(The) right is not using violence against the left,” he said, referring to these events as “political terrorism.”

Worden and Tahmas both said they feel the administration doesn’t do enough to ensure that BCR members are safe and included in the campus community. Worden cited the series of emails sent by Chancellor Nicholas Dirks before the Milo Yiannopoulos visit, which Worden said members of BCR felt were polarizing and served to distance the campus from the BCR.

Campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof said the BCR is a student organization in good standing and that it receives the same treatment and respect from the administration as other student organizations do.

Still, Tahmas said these events need to be better addressed through better methods of communication on behalf of campus law enforcement.

“Actions speak louder than words,” Tahmas said.

Members of the BCR worked with UCPD to identify the student, and UCPD has assigned a detective to investigate the case, according to Tahmas. Tahmas added that he and other BCR members want to work more closely with UCPD and campus administration to create open discussions about how to better protect members of the club.

UCPD could not be reached for comment as of press time.

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  • OhSoRight

    The Berkeley Brownshirts cannot tolerate any opinions other than their own.

  • dimitri

    College is so overrated. You can learn everything you need to know on TV, no need to pay the big bucks to go to Berkeley. Even print out the diploma on the computer for a small fee.

  • lspanker

    Another example of liberal “tolerance”:

    Middlebury College professor injured by protesters as she escorted controversial speaker

  • Dexter Van Zile

    In-state cost for attending Berkeley is approximately $35,000 a year.
    Out of state? More than $60,000

    • Kevin Dinkelspiel-Chang

      Still relative chump change for most Bay Area residents.

  • BerkPed

    From this video we learn that Tom Johnston of the Berkeley College Republicans does not understand the city’s green waste rules.

    Painted wood is not compostable. Neither is plywood to be composted.

    The painted plywood sign is trash, and not compost.

    • laura

      To be fair neither did the leftist extremist vandal.

    • nobody

      Talking about compost, how is your brain doing these days?

    • lspanker

      “Trash” is generally understood to be property that has been voluntarily discarded by the owner because it is of no value or interest to the owner. Your wish to redefine it to mean something you don’t personally approve of. If so, be my guest, and feel free to let me know the next time you’re involved in some protest @ Cal, so I take a detour into Berkeley and take your signs, banners etc. from you and destroy them as well. And, given that you lefties now are on the record of approving the use of violence against one’s political opponents, I might as well take the liberty of inviting a couple of my weight-lifting, motorcycle-riding, Trump-supporting friends from back east to come up with me, slap a few of your around for laughs, then go down to Drake’s in San Leandro for a few beers afterwards. After all, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right?

      • BigJimSlade

        “I might as well take the liberty of inviting a couple of my weight-lifting, motorcycle-riding, Trump-supporting friends”

        No need. Ex-military and ex-police are starting to get involved. Heck, liberals are getting involved. Playtime is over for these Nazis in Anarchist Clothing. Just grab your popcorn and enjoy the show.

    • Marc Schuhl

      Off topic comment. Please keep comments more narrowly focused.

  • Pathawi

    The BCR snowflakes invited a pedophilia apologist who has outed and shamed transgender students elsewhere to campus. They’ve been playing with fire. I don’t know why any of us should be concerned about what happens to their signage. Or feelings.

    • ZeelandCap

      This is how the Left justifies their behaviour. They convince themselves to believe lies like good little useful-idiots. Taking property is a crime. No matter whose property.
      Milo is not a pedophilia apologist; that is obvious. He is a victim. He is a free-speech advocate; don’t like it, don’t attend. He doesn’t hurt anyone any more than speakers on the Left “hurt” those THEY criticize.
      There are no greater irrational, close-minded, hateful ‘fascists’ in the USA today than the modern liberal/democrat.

      • Pathawi

        Yes, it’s a crime. I don’t care.

        Four mosques have been burned down since Trump took office. Two Jewish cemeteries have been vandalised. At least five transgender women have been murdered. I doubt any member of the BCR had knowledge in advance of any of this, but through their association with the alt-right, they’ve contributed to and are celebrating the climate in which this is happening. I don’t give a damn about their signs or tears.

        Besides, they love it. Privileged victim is kind of their schtick: What media would they get if others didn’t knock over their signs from time to time?

        I’m out, Pepe. Do what you want with the rest of the thread.

        • lspanker

          Four mosques have been burned down since Trump took office. Two Jewish cemeteries have been vandalised. At least five transgender women have been murdered.

          Please provide us to links describing these incidents, and your proof that Republicans were involved in any of them. Otherwise, you’re spouting hysterical nonsense.

          I don’t give a damn about their signs or tears.

          Of course not, nor do you care about facts. It’s just another excuse for those on the left to break things and deprive others of their rights.

        • nobody

          Then you don’t care what happens with you when the long arm of the law grabs you, is this what you’re saying?
          And you’re wondering why you sjw’s are viewed as criminals a pox on this country.

        • OhSoRight

          “Four mosques have been burned down since Trump took office. ”

          By Muslims.

          “Two Jewish cemeteries have been vandalised.”

          By the anti-Trump BDS crowd.

    • Wes Thierry

      The Berkeley students that engage in this kind of thing need to learn a big lesson, and its sounding like the school will do just that when they find him, and that is going to be hilarious!

      • OhSoRight

        They’ll probably give him an A in Agitprop 101.

    • roccolore

      Fascist Democrats like you would be demanding “hate crime charges” if the College Democrats sign was destroyed. Plus, Democrats like you defend Muslim rapists

    • nobody

      Because otherwise you would end up with more than hurt feelings, and i doubt that your liberal body is actually capable of dealing with this without soiling itself.

    • Marc Schuhl

      Their feelings are their own business but their signage is their property, and as a fellow American and fellow Californian, I must stick up for basic norms of property rights for all, even when I don’t support their particular cause. That is hardly a partisan or ideological issue – just a fundamental tenet of a lawful society.

  • Jack Scallywag

    Business as usual for Berkeley fascists.