The Daily Cal devalued Student Action senate candidates

To the editorial staff of The Daily Californian:

On the behalf of Student Action, we are absolutely appalled by the mistakes published by the Daily Cal. Not only was an article announcing our ASUC Senate slate posted online, printed and distributed an entire day before our candidates were scheduled to announce, but it was also factually inaccurate and revealed highly confidential information.

This was a blatant violation of our trust and a flagrant mishandling of sensitive information on the part of the Daily Cal’s staff and its editors. The article states that we are only running a four-person slate, yet there are 14 candidates running with Student Action: Adnan Hemani, Alexandra Origenese, Alexander Wilfert, Connor Hughes, Divya Vijay, Hung Huynh, Jenica Bautista, Jessica Flores, Josh Wilson, Katya Yamamoto, Lubna Sebastian, Lynn Shiung, Maddie Miller, and Megha Torpunuri. This could clearly be seen in the picture of all 14 candidates published adjacent to the incorrect article. The factual inaccuracies of the storyline have degraded and diminished the strategy of all 14 candidates. This entire mess has damaged the legitimacy of our slate as well as impacted our political position within the ASUC elections race.

These 14 — not four — individuals have been waiting for this moment for months on end to reveal candidacies that are not only personal endeavors but ascertain legitimate hopes, goals and dreams for the school. These candidates are hurting and Student Action as a party is in turn feeling betrayed as a result of this botched story.

Student Action seeks to value every student, every year — the Daily Cal has devalued 14 in a way that cannot be undone.

Allyn Benintendi and Rachel Schuster are party chairs for Student Action.

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  • ShadrachSmith

    You want to be mistreated? Try being a Republican.

  • try running an actual platform of issues that matter to students instead of whining all the time

  • Nunya Beeswax

    So your party’s failure to keep secrets is now the Daily Cal’s problem?

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