BPD seeks help identifying allegedly violent protesters at ‘March 4 Trump’ rally

Berkeley Police Department/Courtesy

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Berkeley Police Department is calling upon community members to help them identify  protesters and counter protesters who were allegedly involved in fights at a “March 4 Trump” rally at Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park on Saturday.

A BPD advisory issued Wednesday included photo attachments of six individuals who were allegedly perpetrators of violence at the rally. It stated that many people at the protest repeatedly entered violent confrontations with those who had opposing views and were armed with weapons, including sticks, bats, shields and smoke canisters.

BPD officers arrested 10 individuals at the rally and also videorecorded confrontations from outside of the crowd.

“Berkeley Police worked during the event to identify those committing violence, even when suspects’ actions amidst the cover of a crowd did not allow immediate apprehension,” the alert stated. “When conditions best favored the safety of all involved, targeted arrests were made.”

The alert added that no property was damaged during the rally and no uninvolved bystanders were harmed. It stated that BPD is working to bring all perpetrators of violence at the rally into custody and is collaborating with the District Attorney’s Office as investigations continue.

BPD is encouraging victims of violence to file a police report. Community members with more information about the incidents can contact BPD at 510-981-5900 or can upload photos and videos from the incident at http://bit.ly/berkvideo.




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  • ShadrachSmith

    A bit late to start seeking. The BPD just stood and watched them do it.

  • lspanker

    Anyone initiating physical violence at these demonstrations, REGARDLESS of what side they are on, should be arrested and prosecuted accordingly.

    • Dave Doleshal

      Yes, I would agree completely. For anyone to initiate violence at such an event (or any other event) is a crime, and those who did so should be sought out, arrested, and prosecuted. Which “side” they were on has no bearing on the issue. As far as I am concerned, the crime is exactly the same regardless of whether the perpetrator adheres to a political philosophy that is close to my own or a political philosophy that is the completely the opposite of my own. Political ideology is no justification or excuse for bullying or violent behavior, and the punishment should be the same in all cases. All people – regardless of their political ideas – have to right to attend and participate in public events without fear being physically attacked. Protection for freedom of speech should be provided to everyone.