Petition seeks to declare Antifa terrorist organization

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Antifa, an anti-fascist group that used the black bloc tactic during the Milo Yiannopoulos protest at UC Berkeley in February, is now the subject of a petition that aims to declare it a terrorist organization.

The online petition, created by Spanish resident Fiona Quintero about one month ago, defines terrorism as “the use of intentionally indiscriminate violence as a means to create terror or fear, in order to achieve a political, religious or ideological aim.” It alleges that Antifa has repeatedly completed acts of terrorism. The petition is addressed to President Donald Trump and has gathered nearly 70,000 supporters.

“People fear you not because they’re secretly Nazis, but because you instill fear and terror in the lives of innocent people who have nothing to do with you and your crusade,” Quintero said in her petition.

The petition’s goal is 75,000 signatures and asks that Trump formally declare Antifa a domestic terror organization.

A UC Berkeley student and Antifa member, who asked to remain anonymous out of fear for their safety, explained that Antifa is a “horizontal movement (that resists) all forces of the right-wing.” The student said the group’s militant actions were necessary in situations where peaceful dialogue couldn’t resolve the issues.

“We need to be able to engage so that fascist forces are not normalized. We want to stop toxic ideologies from being organized,” the student said. “There was a peaceful side to it, but there is also a direct action side to it.”

The student said Antifa doesn’t care about the petition, emphasizing that it would not stop the group members from expressing their views.

“The right wing can do what they want; they can stigmatize us, criminalize us,” the student said. “We’re still going to … disrupt what they’re trying to do. I personally don’t care.”

East Bay Young Republicans President Adam Castle, however, described Antifa’s actions as “wrong” and “un-American” in an email. He added that he was against oppression and fascism but didn’t agree with the violent tactics of Antifa, which he said seek to suppress free discourse.

But Castle also said in his email he didn’t believe the petition would realistically pass.

“I believe the petition raises an interesting question but think it would be premature to designate Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization,” Castle said in his email. “That said, I see the petition more as a symbolic condemnation of intolerance and violence rather than an actual call to action.”

Staff writer Bobby Lee contributed to this report.

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  • BadWhisky

    They do not understand that NAZI’s were the National Socialist party of Germany…

  • Craig_Hubley

    The signatories will be a nice list of fascists all in one place – or dupes who make the same moral equivalence 45 did. Incapable of distinguishing between clearly racist genocidal organizing with known code phrases, and ordinary speech about ideas… Not really people trustworthy in any management position, right? Don’t go to an interview in a #MAGA cap.

    I wouldn’t sign that petition even if I agreed, because if the petition succeeded, then MANY far-right groups would also have to be defined as “terrorist” and all the members of those groups would blame whoever started this trend of defining political groups as “terrorist”. By no means would it end with #Antifa. #KKK certainly would be banned as “terrorist” also and #VanguardAmerica whose followers (James Fields Jr) actually killed someone with a vehicle.

  • Craig_Hubley

    “To them, a libertarian would be indistinguishable from a Nazi.”

    Actually that would be due to a strong political theory. That being, that by supporting a property rights system without limit and being willing to starve or lock out whole races or religions that had not accepted it, and defending that system with organized armies (where the “libertarian” theory always and necessarily falls apart), the so-called “libertarian” always tends to genocide. The US would be a prime example with its founding mission of exterminating natives (in defiance of the 1763 Royal Proclamation on the rights of those native sovereignties) and importing slaves to work that land (in defiance of the 1772 Somerset ruling against slavery in the common law). The American Revolution of 1776 was explicitly – some would say only – intended to sidestep the imposition of these modern legal norms on a colonial racist population. Today’s “libertarian” views – almost entirely confined to the USA and its supporters in English speaking countries & European admirers of the USA – are of the same ilk. They’ll write “all men are created equal” on paper but then cling without limit to institutions that seized whole continents on a quite different set of assumptions and with power alone. They’ll bask in inherited wealth and claim a meritocracy. They are, if they actually carry out their creed, true fascists.

    Even their own treasured literature (Ayn Rand’s Galt’s Gulch from Atlas Shrugged) portrays an army-less Georgian sort of land-taxed paradise… not really what the modern libertarian-labelled fascist wants at all.

    Also, in the United States, there are very few actual “leftists”, one could barely qualify the 16 Senators behind Mr. Sander’s #MedicareForAll bill as democratic (small d) republicans (small r). The USA and its client states are very far right by European or Commonwealth standards, and in domestic policy, by Asian as well, with some exceptions like drug policy & overt protections for women’s rights (both easily eroded with Mike Pence & Jeff Sessions choosing SCOTUS appointees…).

    • BadWhisky

      That is because they do not have a clue what a NAZI is, ANTIFA sounds cool and they get paid to distroy the property of others.

  • Craig_Hubley

    “Fiona Quintero about one month ago, defines terrorism as “the use of intentionally indiscriminate violence as a means to create terror or fear, in order to achieve a political, religious or ideological aim.”

    That’s far too broad a definition and could apply to every police force in the world, also.

    “Intentionally indiscriminate” is worth discussion however. There is a degree to which any self-preserving civilization has to make it uncomfortable & risky to attend events planning illegal action. Which is why there are conspiracy & racketeering (in the US, RICO) laws.

    It’s not actually “indiscriminate” to go only to a place where overtly racist hate groups are planning rallies. Many people join such groups because they feel like part of something. A disruption that targets them unfairly can make it seem suddenly far less safe to be part of that something. If that something is overtly racist and targets a group of people with very similar “intentionally indiscriminate” attack, or intends to or incites that… that means the racists have now felt the same fear they intended to impose on those victims. I can’t feel any sympathy.

    The sole discussion should be about its tactical effectiveness, not its morality. Genocide is the worst crime humans have defined, and overt racism is always a prelude to it. Is it *ONLY* a prelude to it, i.e. does racism have no other purpose? If not, #Antifa is correct to break up racist rallies and make them unsafe to attend. Certainly with known hate chants & symbols. The word “violence” also must be restricted to personal harm or it’s worthless in this debte, doctrinaire racists always intend systematic theft & murder against their targets.

  • Luuk

    They allways give trouble and violence Left wing fascists Stop them

  • JustMeAgain

    “The Nazis played the same games against Jews that today’s left plays against ‘Eurocentrism,’ ‘whiteness,’ and ‘logocentrism.’ When you hear a campus radical denounce ‘white logic’ or ‘male logic,’ she is standing on the shoulders of a Nazi who denounced ‘Jewish logic’ and the ‘Hebrew disease’…The white man is the Jew of liberal fascism.”
    ― Jonah Goldberg, Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning

    • Craig_Hubley

      LOL talk to us when a minority is being targetted and blamed for trying to “replace” a group walking with weapons and willing to use vehicles as such.

    • Craig_Hubley

      Jonah Goldberg is basically wrong. When a modern ‘radical’ talks about ‘white logic’ or ‘male logic’ they are talking about #WhitePrivelege and #MalePrivelege which makes certain assumptions like that the police are on their side, laws are enforced fairly, that inherited wealth does not provide an uneven playing field, that situations involving groups never part of a power structure can be fairly assessed by judges or prosecutors or lawmakers that have been… it’s an explicit, well defined, list of objections to policy debates such as those around the US constitution. If you need a US founder to tell you about it, go read Abigail Adams, she objected plenty to the slave owning class of men writing laws without input from the majority of the people.

      This is nothing like the Nazis’ non-critique of political theory or logic, which was based on wholly wrong historical assertions and never had anything that was well framed to object to ‘logic’ with. Heidegger was tossed around by some who obviously hadn’t read it, as it criticizes “common sense” and the Nazis’ “folk logic” more than anything else. Heidegger would be criticizing #MAGA today not the leftists, who would agree with him on the dangers of a God’s Eye View approach to politics as the religious right has always practiced.

  • Purrelli

    I support Antifa because their organization gives me people to take out my hostilities on, someone to kick and beat when things go wrong. I like hitting Antifa sissys because they embody everything that is wrong in this world, all in one place.

    • Shinku

      Wearing an easy to identify uniform. Ripe for the stomping.

  • Lucilla

    Bring back law and order and arrest these children. they are supposed to be educated college students? Force Trump’s hands to enforce police strong tactics. This group is a terrorist group. they are haters. They are bigots. They will be stopped.

  • BadWhisky

    The problem we have is the propaganda these children have been fed through the federalized school system. ANTIFA isn’t just a UC Berkeley problem, it is a national problem backed and supported by international groups. Soros financed. We have brought this on ourselves, both Alt-right and radical left groups were allowed in as groups with an ax to grind which kept the attention away from the true issues, this is Alynsky tactics financially supported by Soros as he learned them from working with the real NAZI’s, as a teenager, in WW2. We allowed this to happen, trying to get our way, voting our selfish single issue mind set over what was best for our country.

    • Brandon James Maynard

      lol k

      • lspanker

        Shall we assume you had no real rebuttal?

        • Craig_Hubley

          He doesn’t need one. Any paranoid mention of Soros gets the filter.

  • BadWhisky

    The weathermen underground…. When groups start carrying out attacks to stifle discussion they are denying others freedom of speech. When these groups advocate violence and act anonymously while covering their faces they are terrorist. The young woman in the article isn’t afraid for her safety, she is a coward, she is afraid of the rule of law and the consequences it enacts on her for her actions.

    • Craig_Hubley

      Your “reasoning” is a great example of the “white logic” or “male logic” that the radicals talk about. Being afraid of the police and the fascists checking faces online is not at all the same as fearing “rule of law”. Does this woman evade rule of law in other contexts? No. Is she expected to be “not a coward” in other contexts? No

      Yes, the young woman is quite afraid that her right to collective self-defense (which is guaranteed in the US under 2A and definitely includes a right to violent response and pre-emptive attack as those are the roles of militias) will not be respected, while they would be for others. Anonymity was used legitimately as a mask even in property-damaging and sabotaging rallies. Whether to permit it after punches or weapons are used is another question, but it’s almost always police or provocateurs that do that, with intent to declare an event a “riot’ and disperse it. So that one could fairly debate. Compelling fiction like V for Vendetta describes those circumstances (pervasive propaganda, human experimentation on minority victims, politically enforcive police) where anonymized violent response is clearly necessary. As you have defined “terrorist” there is not much reason to oppose it.

      Certainly it’s being tolerated online and mostly by the far right. There is in 2017 an astonishing amount of anonymous & pseudonymous advocacy of violence, and views that lead directly to justifying that such as overt racism and claims that whole races ARE conspiracies. Breitbart – treated as an actual news source by some – puts “globes” around Jewish names to mark them out. They really mean Stars of David in the Nazi style, intended to mark the speaker as worthy of contempt.

      #Hatespeech should never have been protected as free speech in the US to begin with, but now that it has, the 1A has only the 2A to check it, and that requires some degree of demonstration of armed containment capacity “on the left” vs. the fascists that most usually cite the 2A and push the 1A into genocidal organizing.

      • BadWhisky

        My comment was correct, yours was rambling and racist.

  • Aiden Lautt
  • Arminds’ copy of Swank

    “necessary in situations where peaceful dialogue couldn’t resolve the issues”

    Oh really? Then why is it you resort to violence first and never debate the issues? In fact these cowards don’t even listen to the points of the people they attack, they prevent them from on speaking by calling tor hosts to cancel their events or rally’s and even before the decision is reached they start riots.

    Don’t hide behind this ‘we try to be peaceful’ crap because you don’t. Your cowards who would sooner attack someone than let them speak because you fear their logic and reason

    • BadWhisky

      Good comment…

    • Craig_Hubley

      The reason to “never debate the issues” of whether one race is inherently superior or conspiratorial (inevitably leading to targeting minorities) is that every second of airtime given to this crap gives it credence and helps it attract supporters. It deserves silence. When that fails it deserves derision. When that fails it deserves subversion at the organizing level. When that fails it deserves sabotage & media frameups that do not involve violence (not police frameups, that’s a tactic only of the right). When all that fails a specific effective leader may need to be distracted at the rally from leading his hate chants, and random supporters in strategic physical locations may need to be pushed out of position to join it and give it critical mass. It’s entirely tactical.

      And no, no one fears their “logic and reason” only the well proven human ability to follow idiot leaders into genocide. If those leaders are allowed to look powerful and effective, all of civilized society – and certainly its vulnerable minorities – are in danger.

      There is no “logic and reason” in chants like “blood and soil” or “Jews will not replace us” (primary two chants at #Charlottesville). It’s hate sloganeering and deserves no hearing out. First hand accounts of those events are coming out, and we will be able to see for ourselves who was actually provoking what and where – and maybe why the police stood back. Hint: FBI says KKK have infiltrated many police forces in the USA, and provocateurs are usually employed at such rallies to frame up groups that are critical of police, and usually do the most violent actions.

      • BadWhisky

        Craig, you are the only racist is this comment, he didn’t bring anything to do with race up, RACIST….

  • Marko Johnson

    You can jail the revolutionary , but not the revolution

    • BadWhisky

      This isn’t a revolution you moron, it’s terrorism.

    • lspanker

      If you even had a clue as to the real revolution in this country, you would know that you’re on the wrong side of it.

  • Jack Spat

    Antifa has already overplayed their hand, and now everywhere there is a right wing rally the participants will show up armed, and armored, and ready to fight.

  • Solomon Goldstein

    OY VEY! Antifa are heroes just like the Bolsheviks who liberated Russia from the goyim savages!

    • BadWhisky

      The Bolsheviks simply became far more ruthless masters over the serfs the Czars had enslaved.

    • Craig_Hubley

      Use of “goyim savages”, “OY VEY!” and a fake Jewish name… nice #hatespeech.

  • TaiFood

    The Daily Cal should check their archives.

    These are not CONTEMPORARY domestic terrorists, warnings about BAMN were in the pages of the Daily Cal in the early 2000’s

    April 20, 2001 via East Bay Express

    (Even documents that Yvette Felarca was apparently practicing terrorizism on Oakland Union members back then)

    “…on, letters were pouring into the Daily Californian, complaining about BAMN’s confrontational approach. Campus fliers issued by progressive student groups began to contain the caveat “not affiliated with BAMN” at the bottom of the page. In October 1997, disgusted Daily Cal columnist Joe Eskenazi penned a piece titled “BAMN Be Gone.”

    “It’s time for BAMN to call it a foamy-mouthed, race-baiting day,” wrote Eskenazi. “Whether or not they know it, they are nothing more than the tools of the right wing they supposedly so deplore. Through their actions they have completely delegitimized the fight for affirmative action on this campus. Now, no one on the campus can say ‘I’m for affirmative action’ without being lumped in with these idiots.” The day Eskenazi’s column ran, thousands of papers were stolen from the racks.

    “The first time I ever got in touch with BAMN was in the fall of ’96,” says Paul Hogarth, a former student activist who is now a member of the Berkeley Rent Board …”

  • lspanker

    Add BAMN to the list and you have a deal.