The art of the library flirt

Emily Filkin/Staff

Here at UC Berkeley, students think that they have to put their studies before their social lives. We at the Clog disagree. It’s definitely possible to meet both the love of your life (or your next hookup) and cram for a midterm — just head on over to any library on campus and use our tried-and-true tips to pick up a date at the library. Romance isn’t dead — it’s just in the 800 section.

Offer to share your contraband snack

Nothing says forbidden romance like sharing a snack in Main Stacks. Sparks are sure to fly as you two bond over sneaking M&M’s across the desk without the monitor noticing. You’ll know it’s real if your partner offers you the best-tasting component of the snack – chocolate chips in trail mix, extra-cheesy chips, or the perfect grape. Bonus points to for tipping off the monitor to your crush’s snacks first, so you can swoop in later and provide both food and an excuse to strike up a rapport.

Think of a library-themed pickup line

This is the best way to show off your sense of humor and your quick wit to your library crush. Classics include: “You must be a library book, because I’m checking you out,” or, “You’re not the Wurst(er).” If you’re feeling bold, try this one — “I’m like the fourth floor of Moffitt: I’ll keep you up all night, and it’ll definitely get loud.”

AirDrop them a meme

When all you know about the object of your affection is their preference for Apple products, utilize an iPhone or MacBook to AirDrop them the perfect, conversation-starting meme. Not only is it a fun surprise, if they don’t accept the photo (or send something back), then you’ll remain perfectly anonymous.

Get dramatic

How on earth will your paramour notice you if you don’t do something big to catch their attention? If they’re sitting across from you, try aggressive eye contact or a flirtatious eyebrow raise. If they’re some distance away, you may need more extreme tactics. When you leave your seat, make sure to stand up with flair and saunter to the bathroom (or any other destination). Your crush will be captivated by your grace and panache. This last tip is a little risky, but it’s guaranteed to put all eyes on you. Sneeze loudly, cough for a while, or “accidentally” unplug your headphones. While this may result in you getting removed from the library, your boo will be sure to look your way.

You never know when love will strike, Bears. Keep our tips in mind during your next cram session with a cutie, and you’ll be sure to score.

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