Appointment of Carol Christ good for campus

UC Berkeley has narrowly avoided an apocalypse. With the appointment of Carol Christ to the position of chancellor, the campus has positioned itself to overcome the fiscal and administrative challenges that have afflicted public perception for years now. She is the most qualified person entering this job in recent memory.
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Just a few burning questions

Contrary to what it may seem, I am no relationship expert. If anything, I’m the exact opposite. I know that this is an earth-shattering revelation since all signs point to me being Cupid’s protégé … but alas, I wouldn’t know the first thing to do if one of those “relationship” things fell into my lap.
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Cooking spoon love

Staying in Omelas

The 8 a.m. bell hadn’t even rung yet and sweat was already trickling down my back. The late summer sun simmered the humid air, foretelling triple-digit temperatures during lunch time. I was already cursing the long jeans my legs were sweltering in. The pink printed tank top and shorts I
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