Assault occurs near Channing Circle on Sunday

Daniel Kim/File

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Berkeley Police Department received a report of assault Sunday, according to a UCPD Nixle alert released Wednesday.

The alert said that two male victims — one student and one with an unknown affiliation to the campus — were walking near the Channing Circle, located by Channing Way and Piedmont Avenue, when they were confronted by a group of 8-10 males about midnight.

Three or four of the suspects allegedly began punching the two victims “without provocation,” according to the alert. The victims were able to flee the scene, but a little while later, they encountered the suspects again. The alert alleged that this time, one of the suspects “brandished a handgun.”

The alert stated that the two victims ran away and called BPD to report the incident. One victim was transported to a local urgent care facility to be treated for minor injuries.

The suspects were described as 8-10 Black males, according to the alert.

According to the alert, a campus security authority notified UCPD of the assault.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call BPD at 510-981-5900.

Check back for updates.

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  • millermp1

    I like how this was buried.

    So as not to fluster the UCB boosters?

  • elrod

    How do you end up running into the same group of people who beat you up after you flee the scene on a Sunday night? Were the victims running in circles on Channing Circle? Something doesn’t add up here. Please do us a favor and call the cops when a group of people beat you up so that they don’t end up beating up other people, or beat you up a second time.

    • anposter

      Maybe the mob caught up to them? More like one incident, two locations? One of the victims went to the ER.

    • millermp1

      Cops waited until Wednesday to put it in the blotter?

  • anposter

    I’ve been attacked exactly like this, in Berkeley and elsewhere. In ’74, my cousin and I were attacked while riding our bikes (which were stolen in the process) near Willard. And in ’93, my girlfriend was attacked like this in broad daylight a couple blocks from BHS. She was beaten over the head with an iron pipe and left for dead in a pool of her own blood (she survived after regaining consciousness in the back of an ambulance). The last thing she remembers is telling herself to not cross the street when seeing the group coming the opposite direction on the sidewalk. She didn’t want to offend. Within a couple hours, the thief’s grandmother was using my GF’s bank cards. I’m getting up there now. I worry next time, I may die. I don’t get out much now. Never alone after dark.


    • millermp1

      Relax. It’s a small price to pay for Diversity and virtue signaling. Barf.