Berkeley College Republicans cancel David Horowitz event, citing estimated low turnout


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Update 04/11/17: This article has been updated to reflect additional information from the campus and BCR Internal Vice President Pieter Sittler.

In a since deleted tweet, Berkeley College Republicans announced that it is canceling its campus event with controversial conservative author David Horowitz because of difficulties with the campus.

A press release from the David Horowitz Freedom Center alleged that campus administration and UCPD are diminishing Horowitz’s audience by instructing BCR not to inform students about event details such as the location. According to Pieter Sittler, internal vice president of BCR, the BCR member who sent out the Tweet citing difficulties with campus was unauthorized to do so.

In a letter to the campus administration, Sittler wrote that the organization chose to cancel the event because of its high cost and expected low turnout.

“We thank the school for being willing to spend money on additional security, especially in times of budgetary constraints at public universities,” Sittler wrote in the email.

In his press release, Horowitz is quoted as saying that campus administration has “taken a page out of Orwell.”

“Administrators have banned Horowitz from speaking on the campus proper and have assigned him a facility half a mile away,” the release alleges. “Administrators insisted Horowitz could speak only at 1PM when afternoon classes are starting and most students would have difficulty attending.”

Campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof denied the allegations, emphasizing that the campus has done nothing to try to keep the timing and location of the event secret. Mogulof said BCR insisted that, in light of the fiery Yiannopoulos protest, the campus take necessary action to provide appropriate security for Horowitz’s appearance — a security assessment that is conducted before every event.

Campus administration made decisions about the event’s location and timing based solely on UCPD’s recommendations of how to mitigate risk and ensure that the event would take place as planned, according to Mogulof.

Mogulof said that after Yiannopoulos’ event was canceled Feb. 1, UCPD conducted a review of the planning and security arrangements for the event, which found that the timing and location of the event play a significant role in ensuring the public’s safety.

“This (time and location of the event) has absolutely nothing to do with the views or perspectives of the speaker. This has absolutely nothing to do with the identity of the student group,” Mogulof said. “This is solely about providing safety and security for those who want to attend, those who want to lawfully protest and for the speaker.”

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A previous version of this article may have implied that UCPD officially chose the time and location of the David Horowitz event. In fact, the campus administration chose the event’s time and location based solely on UCPD’s recommendations, according to UC Berkeley spokesperson Dan Mogulof.

A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that the Berkeley College Republicans distributed a flyer alleging that the campus was stifling their free speech. In fact, David Horowitz’s media team distributed a press release with these allegations.

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  • Julia

    Free speech is Constitutionally protected up to the point when it becomes dangerous or can hurt someone. If the University does its best, but cannot ensure the safety of its students and the speaker, then it is no longer protected speech. I am as liberal as they come, but I hate the Antifa. I think they defeat their own purpose. Instead they create a hunger games atmosphere and distract us all from the fact that we are losing the middle class in this country, while the rich just get richer.

  • SMH


    “Berkeley College Republicans cancel David Horowitz event, citing estimated low turnout”

    * * * HA-HA-HA * * * !!


  • AR-15 for ARII

    ALL federal funds must be cutoff IMMEDIATELY to any institution which suppresses free speech.

    • SMH


      Uh-ohhh…: ” ***AR-15*** for ARII “… — his username included with a **picture** of his assault rifle too!

      Looks like we have ANOTHER BORDERLINE WHITE RIGHT-WING MASS MURDERER lurking in the crowd…

      He’s gonna think he has a right to “open-carry” on the UC Berkeley campus at any College Republican’s white right-wing llloonie speaker’s hate-rant.

      What was Ice Cube’s verses about those kind of white right-wing psychos like this in his rap song “Higher”, from the soundtrack album “Higher Learning”?:

      The beast from white power up in the tower
      With the M-1 gun and a scope — on dope
      Thinkin’ he’s the great white hope!!


  • C Bierbauer78

    Datbus if full of bull

  • yosemiteone

    I’m looking forward to the Trump administration draining the Berkeley Swamp.

  • matt10023

    “This (time and location of the event) has absolutely nothing to do with the views or perspectives of the speaker.” Except that they anticipated violence by protesters because of the “views or perspectives of the speaker” and protesters acting badly.

    Would they have done this, lets say, for a talk by a speaker popular with the same groups that don’t like Horowitz?

    So groups opposed to Horowitz go what they wanted – deplatforming – and they didn’t even have stop looking at Facebook to get their way. Well done Berkeley – making censorship part of your core mission.

  • DatBus

    The fascists who pass themselves off as good guys are violating the basic rights, not only of the non-leftist speakers they censor, but all of us who want to go and hear them speak. Time for some REAL Constitutional lawyers to put these corrupt tyrants at Berkley in check.

  • Hank Chapot

    Horowitz’ organization distributed hate materials on campus a few months ago. Can you claim he is the victim? And why are the campus republicans looking for the most divisive and ignorant speakers to campus? Looking for news hits?

    • lspanker

      Horowitz’ organization distributed hate materials on campus a few months ago.

      Oh, really? What “hate material”? Can you be specific? Or is this the type of ludicrous smear made when you’re not interested in discussing a particular issue?

      • Hank Chapot

        Horowitz Freedom Center produced and distributed stickers with names of students and a mug shot of Angela Davis calling them allies of Palestinian terrorists involved in a Hamas-inspired genocidal campaign to destroy Israel and perpetuate Jew-hatred… Did it at other UC campuses too. Those named felt singled out and endangered.

        I don’t care who the campus republicans but their recent choices have been pretty crappy.

        • lspanker

          Horowitz Freedom Center produced and distributed stickers with names of students and a mug shot of Angela Davis calling them allies of Palestinian terrorists involved in a Hamas-inspired genocidal campaign to destroy Israel and perpetuate Jew-hatred… Did it at other UC campuses too. Those named felt singled out and endangered.

          Well, how do you think the Israeli Jews who are targeted by Hamas feel? And sorry, being “named and shamed” doesn’t even come close to being subjected to rocket attacks and suicide bombers, as far as I’m concerned…

        • Jorge Carolinos

          Angela Davis is a human rights disaster, she is a East German and Soviet apologist.

          Attempting to portray her as a civil rights bastion is repulsive and a progressive disaster of idiotic proportion.

    • ESPM360

      So can you list which speakers that campus republicans should invite?

  • Iron Mike Houston

    The leftists snowflakes think they are doing the students a favor by denying his right to speak. I would have thought the leftists snowflakes would want him to talk to find out why he turned from being a leftist. He was raised by communist parents.

    I guess that was too big of a temptation since he arguments might have turned a few of them from being a leftist.

    • Nunya Beeswax

      Which “leftists snowflakes” are you referring to? That’s not a very descriptive phrase when it comes to campus administration.

      • Iron Mike Houston

        Are you saying the administration isn’t leftist and/or snowflakes?

        • Nunya Beeswax

          This may be difficult for you to wrap your head around, but most college administrations aren’t conscientiously dedicated to a political program. Their students seem to care about SJW causes, and the administration wants to retain them–so the administration supports SJW causes, to a point. Just like any board of directors of a for-profit company, university administrators are all about the bottom line. In fact, many of them come from the private sector.

          Please note that the administration of a university is distinct (in most cases) from its faculty and staff, which do tend to be on the left as regards most issues. But faculty and staff have only a limited ability to affect campus policy.

          • MetairieORF

            Have you ever worked for a college or university? The administration, as well as the faculty has a very distinct political agenda. The administration is as left as the faculty. The staff (i.e. non-management employees) are more diverse, but from 20 years on various campuses, I can tell you that the administration is seriously dedicated to a political program.

          • Nunya Beeswax

            I have worked for several in the past 30 years. University administrations take the path of least resistance; if the greatest pressure is coming from the left, they’ll skew that way, and if it’s coming from the right, they’ll skew toward the right.

            Let’s bear in mind, of course, that what “right” and “left” mean is heavily dependent on the speaker. Nixon and Reagan would be vilified in today’s GOP as “RINOs,” and if Hillary Clinton could travel in time she would have easily won the Republican nomination for 1976, being slightly to the right of Gerald Ford.

    • Pietro Gambadilegno

      The rightist raindrops are worse than the leftist snowflakes.

    • SMH


      We don’t give a F*CK *WHAT* Horowitz has to say.

      Like I pointed out in the other Daily Cal article about Horowitz’s prior appearance by the College Republicans, Horowitz has already been soundly discredited (in fact, he ultimately helped to discredit *himself*!).


      • Iron Mike Houston

        LOL, WHAT?

        You leftists snowflakes must care about what David Horowitz says because you don’t want him to speak. The snowflakes are doing everything to prevent him from speaking.

        What are you afraid of?

        In Texas we like free speech. In fact if you don’t like free speech in Texas, you must get shot! The conservative Texans aren’t afraid of what snow flakes talk about. We just laugh at them!

        • SMH

          As with the *other* white ultra-right-wing comment poster ” ***AR-15*** for ARII “…:

          Looks like we also have “Iron Mike Houston”…!!:


          It just won’t be safe for the *rest* of us to let those College Repuglicans keep inviting ultra-right-wing hate speakers to campus…:

          It amps up the LETHALLY DANGEROUS WHITE ULTRA-RIGHT-WING *LOONIES* simmering & lurking with their *guns* in the crowd.


  • the tolerant left strikes again. all this talk about “non platforming” is just doublespeak for leftist censorship

  • Mitchell

    What a bunch of snowflakes