10 social skills every UC Berkeley student should have

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Every UC Berkeley student should know and possess a few basic social skills because, well, we’re college students and should have a certain level of maturity. Because, however, we at the Clog know some college students still don’t have such skills (to our genuine dismay), we present to you the top-10 most important ones:

  1. Try not to assume people’s majors and the fact that they’ll know everything about a particular topic because of their major.
  2. Make sure to respond politely to your peers if they’re talking to you, whether it be at Crossroads or in office hours.
  3. Remember to say “thank you” if someone does something kind for you.
  4. Please, please, please don’t step on the UC Berkeley seals — make sure to respect the school traditions.
  5. Don’t fish for other people’s grades on an exam you aced.
  6. Avoid flyering people on Sproul Plaza if they have their headphones in. Their heads are down and they’re clearly, and consciously, avoiding eye contact.
  7. Make sure to laugh at people’s jokes, because everyone deserves a laugh, but at the same time, don’t end every text message with “haha.”
  8. Respond to the “hell yeah” guy — he deserves your unrequited love.
  9. Please don’t wear that-school-across-the-bay’s apparel on campus.
  10. Never, ever, ever forget that all of us run on Berkeley time — if you say meet at 5 p.m. sharp, we’ll all arrive at 5:10 p.m. because Berkeley time is a given.

There you have it — some basic social cues every Bear should know and learn by heart before it’s too late. Master these social skills and you’ll be a social butterfly in no time!

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  • FreedomFan

    Rule #1: Never talk to strangers on campus, unless you want to get accused of a “micro-aggression” and face expulsion.