New administration’s policies could threaten Berkeley Lab

In the midst of an avalanche of political disruptions since President Donald Trump took office, one issue has received insufficient attention at Berkeley: the new Secretary of Energy Rick Perry. The former governor of Texas and Republican laughing stock now wields immense power over the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory — a crown jewel of federal science research and a key institution at our university.
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Federally funded research critical to solve problems

The budget proposed by President Trump contains significant cuts to critical agencies that fund basic research, including the National Institutes of Health, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and clean energy programs within the Department of Energy. Not only do these funds support the research efforts of individual students, they also serve to help us fulfill the broader missions of the university.
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Ann Coulter event will stir meaningful debate

It’s not easy to be a nonpartisan political organization at UC Berkeley. The university’s campus should be a dynamic marketplace of ideas where students can be exposed to different beliefs. The city of Berkeley presents us with a market in which different ideas can be difficult to rigorously discuss in the absence of alternate ideologies.
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