Young America’s Foundation pulls support from Ann Coulter event

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Update 4/26/17: This article has been updated to reflect additional information from campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof.

The Young America’s Foundation has pulled its involvement from conservative author Ann Coulter’s upcoming speech on campus, citing a “lack of assurances for protections from foreseeable violence,” according to a statement released by YAF on Tuesday.

YAF’s withdrawal of its involvement from the event comes two days before Coulter plans to speak on campus despite security concerns raised by UCPD. Coulter may still speak Thursday, but YAF stated in the release that it would not risk the safety of its staff or students for the event.

“Anything that (Coulter) does on Thursday at UC Berkeley she’s paying for,” said Pranav Jandhyala, founder and co-president of BridgeUSA.

YAF also alleged that UCPD has a “stand-down” policy for any situation that develops on campus that does not involve an imminent loss of life, which could put people attending the event at risk, according to the statement.

Campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof wrote in an email this allegation was “categorically false” and that UCPD has never been had a “blanket policy” for responding to incidents.

“(I) categorically deny and reject that there is some sort of policy that in a blanket way precludes UC officers from enforcing the law,” Mogulof said. “Those that believe that show a deep disregard for the truth, and an ignorance for what campus policing is all about.”

Despite pulling support, YAF is continuing to pursue the lawsuit it filed Monday with Berkeley College Republicans against several University of California and UC Berkeley administrators. YAF alleges that campus administrators did not meet its demands after negotiating event logistics and desired safety precautions with them for six weeks, according to the statement.

Last week, the campus proposed rescheduling the Coulter event because of safety concerns and ultimately moved back its invitation of Coulter from April 27 to May 2. Chancellor Nicholas Dirks previously said in a press conference about the event that he fully supports the right of students to host the speakers of their choice.

“When Young America’s Foundation confirmed Ann Coulter would speak at UC-Berkeley … we assumed UC Berkeley would take all steps necessary to ensure the safety of students attending the educational event,” YAF said in its statement. “Berkeley should be ashamed for creating this hostile atmosphere.”

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  • C Bierbauer78

    YAF feared the blowback from their support of vile hate speech from the bleached blonde bimbo. They are laughable, as are the Berk Repubs scrambling for cover at the first sign of different opinions.

  • Harry450

    “we assumed UC Berkeley would take all steps necessary to ensure the safety of students attending the educational event” – well we all know what ASSUME stands for. This is a tempest in a teapot.

  • Killer Marmot

    The Antifa are disappointed. They were polishing their brass knuckles and checking their pepper spray in readiness for another peace demonstration.

  • Greg K

    (Your web page/site needs a margin on both sides.) We need to stop using the word Fascist cause it officially has too many meanings. Seems everyone can call anyone a fascist and find a definition to fit.

    • Greg K

      Nice Margins :)

  • vincent

    I hope that the progressives here are not short sighted enough to think that this is a good result or that it is some kind of victory for the police to refuse to arrest agitators and take other necessary steps to secure the safety of conservative speakers and audiences. Next time it could just as easily be a conservative mayor issuing a “stand down” order to police with respect to preventing pro-life protestors from using violence to shut down a planned parenthood. Refusing to enforce the law because you disagree with the political views of the people such enforcement would benefit is a slippery slope to anarchy, but then again, I guess that is what some of you are really after.

  • skeptical1776

    They should change their name to IAF – Impotent Americans Foundation.

    Being passive, willing who**res servicing the girly Antifa Lefty Fascist felons…. shame on you. You call that being responsible? You are not Americans. Today you’ve surrendered without a fight. I shudder to think what you’d do if your mom or sister were ever in danger. Run for your worthless lives.

    • C Bierbauer78

      YIMF, Young Impotent ‘Merikans Foundation.

  • Leonidas

    All of these fascist beta-male snowflakes are thugs & cowards. They always run confronted.

    • Sue Simmons

      Foreign troll? Your English is not very good and you speak in BS generalizations.

  • Kurt VanderKoi

    Where is Ronald Reagan when we need him?

    “He would have put a stop to it all right quick. Reagan had made campus unrest at Berkeley one of his major campaign issues when he announced his candidacy for California governor in 1964”

    • Leonidas

      Reagan always had the courage to do the right thing…

      • C Bierbauer78

        Like giving away the USA Nuke deterrent at the SALT talks in Iceland?

    • C Bierbauer78

      Sainted Ronald made speeches about the “Off Campus Agitators” on college campuses. Well, Ann Coulter certainly qualifies! Reagan finally got one right (well except the amnesty for 8 Million Illegal immigrants he put on the path for citizenship).

  • FreedomFan

    So a 90 pound woman has more guts than all involved. Even her pals at YAF are turning tail to run.

    • Leonidas

      You got that right…

    • Pietro Gambadilegno

      That snowflake Ann Coulter now says she will cancel her talk. The coward has failed at being an alpha-male.

      • Leonidas

        Actually, Ann Coulter is a female. She is not a Male.
        It would be appropriate to give her the moniker of “Alpha female”

        • skeptical1776

          San Pietro was thinking of Michael “Michelle” Soetero, the real pants-wearer in the Kenyan half-piglet’s dubious “family”.

      • Robert Dackes

        If you were invited to give a speech and were going to be paid, have the venue paid for and the additional security paid for then all of a sudden your funding was removed… the question is, would you pay to do something for which you were originally be paid to do? I highly doubt that you or any rational-minded individual would.

        I guess you didn’t read the article, where it said that Coulter would have to pay for everything.

        • SMH



          WHO’DA GUESSED!!…


          THEN IT’S **NO** GO, HUH?…


          • SMH





    • C Bierbauer78

      And Ann is running away too!

  • LordAjax

    Good to see that the real Fascists are alive and well at Berkeley. Mario Savio is spinning in his grave. I guess it’s true after all what has been said about Liberals. They consider anything a Conservative says that they find an issue with hate speech.