Robert Paylor’s paralysis makes athletic injustices more apparent

CAMPUS ISSUES: Risks to student athletes warrant more attention from campus administration

College athletes at UC Berkeley are essentially working a full-time job for the campus, and they’re not being paid for it. Let’s not mince words. A lot of college sports on major university campuses are professional in everything but name and pay. Student athletes train for long, grueling hours on
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Simon, Davis take first at Pac-12 Championships

Move over moms, because your kids are stealing the spotlight. Sunday was dedicated to the celebration of mothers throughout the United States, but for the Cal track and field team, the day was about chasing a top spot on the podium at the Pac-12 Championships. And while the Bears may
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A kick in the lotto balls

All Falls Down

On Dec. 9, 2011, the basketball world forever changed. Chris Paul, star point guard of the New Orleans Hornets, was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. All of a sudden, LA was ready for yet another title push. Paul would team up with Kobe Bryant, with rumors swirling that Dwight
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Cal men’s tennis advances to Round of 16

One of the differentiating factors between championship teams and everyone else is the ability to perform in the postseason. When the playoffs roll around, no one cares about a team’s regular-season record or how many Pac-12 Player of the Week awards its players received, because everyone knows that the postseason
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