How to celebrate all of June in Berkeley

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Happy June, Golden Bears. Now that June is upon us, step two is figuring out how to turn up this month. So without further ado, we at the Clog have compiled a list of all of our favorite June holidays to bring you the best June yet.

June 2 is National Doughnut Day: Best doughnuts are at Dream Fluff Donuts on Ashby Avenue. We recommend the jelly doughnuts.

June 3 is National Trails Day: Get your summer bod ready with a hike on the Berkeley Fire Trails.

June 6 is Applesauce Cake Day: This holiday seems wildly unnecessary, but if you’re so inclined to celebrate, check out this recipe.

June 7 is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day: Indulge today at Cream with the Chocoholic ice cream.

June 8 is Best Friends Day: Call your best friend, or tag them in a meme.

June 10 is Iced Tea Day: Get tea today at Asha Tea House!

June 11 is National Corn on the Cob Day: Go to Comal and get the best corn of your life – street style!

June 12  is Red Rose Day: Get a bouquet from Campus Flowers! Or as you probably know it, the flower place next to La Burrita.

June 13 is Sewing Machine Day: Hit up Stich Sewing Lab. They have adult sewing classes that will allow you to be that creative, arty person you thought you would become when you came to Berkeley.

June 17 is Eat Your Vegetables Day: This day falls on a Saturday, so go visit the Saturday Downtown Berkeley Farmers’ Market.

June 18 is Father’s Day: Spend time with your father or whoever else you call “Daddy.” No judgment here!

June 19 is National Kissing Day: ;) In the UK! Whatever, love conquers all!

June 20 is Ice Cream Soda Day: You can get an ice cream float made out of root beer, ginger ale or black cherry soda at Tara’s Organic Ice Cream!

June 21 is International Yoga Day: Be a yogi for the day at Yoga to the People.

June 23 is National Columnists Day: Check out your favorite Daily Cal columnists here.

June 24 is Swim a Lap Day: Go to the Clark Kerr pool and swim a single lap. Getting your summer bod is easier than you thought, huh? No harm in working on your tan while you’re at it.

June 25 is National Catfish Day: Go to The Fat Fish! Their fish and chips are dank!

June 26 is Forgiveness Day: Today is the day to forgive your GSI for being totally lame and giving you a B+ when they totally could’ve given you an A-, but decided to be horrible instead.

June 27 is Sunglasses Day: Spend this day throwing “shade” at those who’ve wronged you, or buy a pair of sunglasses. Same difference.

June 28 is Insurance Awareness Day: Sign up for SHIP — the last day to sign up is July 15 to avoid a late fee of $75.

June 29 is Waffle Iron Day: Highly recommend hitting up Little Gem Waffles on this day and getting yourself a “Pearlicious.”

June 30 is Meteor Watch Day: Check out the July Pegasids meteor

You’ve got the happenings for this month, so get on out there and do some celebrating.

Peace, Love, Clog, June.

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