Proof Berkeley is Los Angeles in disguise

Andrea Chau/Staff

We all know this to be true: Whenever you ask someone at UC Berkeley where they’re from, the answer is almost always SoCal. And, more times than not, that means Los Angeles. Because the entirety of our NorCal campus is flooded with the youth of LA, we at the Clog decided to list out all of the ways Berkeley is like Los Angeles.

Whether you want to be bougie and go the CorePower route, or bother your roommate with your sun salutation at 6 a.m., people in Berkeley practice yoga, just like in LA. But don’t worry, people from both spots will be equally as annoying about it.

Both LA and Berkeley are prime places to explore organic, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, probiotic, artisanal, local, all-natural superfoods and confuse your parents about your diet. Raw diet, anyone?

Try finding a reasonable parking spot in LA or Berkeley. Spoiler alert – you won’t.

While people in Berkeley might be dying tell you about their internship at a startup, people in LA are busting at the seams to tell you about their new workout regime. Both conversations are likely to be boring and drawn from a place of insecurity. But, not to worry, you’ll feel inadequate regardless!

Don’t wear a MAGA hat in Berkeley or LA because people from both places hate Donald Trump. People from Berkeley might be a little more well-versed on their viewpoints, but people from both places are not above going to a protest solely for getting a good Insta and seeming woke.

The people are from LA
Finally, the most obvious reason Berkeley is LA is that everyone is actually from LA.

There you have it — our grungy campus is actually more basic then meets the eye.

Peace, love, Clog, LA.

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