National right-wing instigators should leave Berkeley alone

CAMPUS ISSUES: Frivolous lawsuit wastes everybody’s time

Willow Yang/Senior Staff

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It’s June in Berkeley. The weather is amazing and all we want to do is lay around outside and get a tan.

But instead, our news cycle is filled with yet another far-right agitator trying to ruin the summer sun.

Kiara Robles, a Trump supporter and an Oakland resident, filed a lawsuit last Monday against a whole slew of officials and institutions — the UC Board of Regents, Nicholas Dirks, Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguín, UCPD, BPD, Monica Lozano, By Any Means Necessary, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and even billionaire investor George Soros, among others.

George Soros? He doesn’t even go here.

The sheer scope of this group of defendants is laughable. She’s represented by an attorney from right-wing watchdog group Freedom Watch. They’re attention seekers; they peddle petty conspiracy theories.

She’s alleging that campus and university officials violated federal law and campus policies during the handling of the Feb. 1 Milo Yiannopoulos campus protest, where Robles was attacked with pepper spray and bear mace by masked assailants.

Black Lives Matters protesters are tear gassed and beaten up plenty and they don’t get a penny. In fact, people often even tell them it’s their own fault for protesting.

Robles and her lawyers want to make Berkeley a spectacle of liberal hypocrisy, but the suit is just wasting what little energy students and faculty have after another insurmountable school year. The UC is already broke as it is, and these litigation fees are probably a bit taxing on students’ rights to their educations. Robles isn’t even a UC student, what gall does she have to tell us what to do on our campus?

Robles and her lawyer, Larry Klayman, claim she was discriminated against because of her sexual orientation. They seem to be trying to make fun of liberals, using a politicization of Robles’ identity and playing liberals at their own game, so to speak. But plenty of marginalized groups face actual systemic discrimination and prejudice (happy Pride month, by the way, to those still marginalized within the queer community by people such as Yiannopoulos and Robles).

The video of Robles being pepper-sprayed speaks volumes to her character and to the nature of this entire situation. Tensely, with her Make Bitcoin Great Again hat perched atop her head, she spews generic right-wing nonsense at the interviewer until she’s pepper-sprayed.

Students are honestly exhausted from all these national conservative organizations coming in and trying to turn our home and our lives into some inaccurate national spectacle. We’re not even doing anything newsworthy anymore. Just let us be. Sheesh!

And while we’re at it, move out of Oakland, too, Ms. Robles. Trump supporters definitely don’t fit in in this historically progressive city.

Editorials represent the majority opinion of the Editorial Board as written by the opinion editor.  

A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Kiara Robles’ hat said “Make America Bitcoin Again.” In fact, the hat says “Make Bitcoin Great Again.”

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  • George Cucaracha-Maher

    jewish commies should have their skulls collapsed.

  • SecludedCompoundTTYS

    Saying things are laughable like this “The sheer scope of this group of defendants is laughable” does not make you smart. Just because you find something you don’t understand laughable is meaningless, just fyi lil indocrinated youngin’.

  • Juan Alojo

    This essay exemplifies why over 50% of Berkeley grads can’t find a job upon graduation

  • Juan Alojo

    If this essay was for a freshman high school English class it would get a C+

    • SecludedCompoundTTYS

      most Berkeley grads, I’ve noticed working with them, still think they are in college for years after college when working. They literally can’t get away from the school mentality since they have been obsessed with it since they were 10. Most of them were ‘not popular’ in high school and now have a voice, its pretty obvious.

  • JimRossi

    This op-ed truly sets a new standard for idiocy. I just graduated with my Master’s, voted for Obama twice, and even volunteered hundreds of hours on his presidential campaign. But by the editors’ standards, I am a “national right-wing instigator” for supporting free speech and the right to assemble to hear it without myself or others – whether I agree with them or not – being violently attacked. What a load of crap.

    • SecludedCompoundTTYS

      I forget that colleges let you in based on Math and Science only and the biggest nerds, whom are out of reality studying their whole high school life away, are the ones at Berkeley who know feel cool and finally out of their ‘loner’ bubble and are angry at those who may have hurt them in a past and they are indoctrinated. I’m not trying to be mean but honest.

  • sundaze

    You might consider building a wall.

  • Gadfly156

    By the way, given that the entire UC system has devolved into a series of nothing but overpriced neo-bolshevik indoctrination camps, I hope Robles’ suit does indeed make your worst fears come true, bankrupt this pathetic farce of a system out of existence and force prospective students to choose a real school if any still exist out there that have not been infected and poisoned with the vile agenda of antifa BAMN BLM NBPP and the rest of the twisted #whitegenocide cheerleader squad.

  • Gadfly156

    You should fire the piece of incompetent garbage who polluted the internet with this worthless stream of delusional spin masquerading as yellow journalism and wrapped in a crunchy leaf of dripping hostile invective. What a complete waste of your budget. The useless pretender couldn’t be bothered to insert a single fact in the entire screed, relying only upon vacant virtue-signaling which in turn is based upon a self-absorbed slant only an ostrich with noise-cancelling headphones could imagine, and that only if he’d been smoking crack before he buried his head in bay area mud. This ridiculous diatribe could spin concrete into gossamer threads of gold for anyone lacking the requisite whopping two brain cells to rub together to see right through it.

    Go home Daily Cal ed board — you’re drunk.

  • lspanker

    So where’s the Daily Cal outrage over the left-wing kook shooting up a baseball game because he doesn’t like Republicans? Crickets chirping…

  • Usb Cable

    I hope those little jew brats of “antifa” are violently attacked and killed. I’m really sick of these little jew brats from very wealthy families who try to act poor, and try to act like their billionaire jew family is a representative of “the people”. These commie scum need to be burned alive.

    • lspanker

      Take you anti-semitic trash elsewhere – we don’t need trolls like you.

  • Usb Cable

    I hope ALex Soros the pedophile gets a big heavy bike lock right across his jew pig pedo snout – pronto.

    • lspanker

      True conservatives don’t endorse anti-semitic scum like you.

  • Usb Cable

    Big fat jewish bulldykes should leave Berkeley alone, and they should also leave the planet entirely, because they’re big, fat, ugly, disgusting she-hogs with herpes and chlamydia.

    • lspanker

      Usb Cable = left-wing troll masquerading as a conservative.

      • California Defender

        Yep, you got it.

        Probably a Berkeleyite sitting in their daddy-paid luxury dorm room that smells of weed and moldy socks with the window covered by an anarchist flag and a never used Hillary for President yard sign as they hunch over their laptop like Gollum’s slower cousin in a sweat-soaked Antifa black hoodie while eating Funyuns and drinking Redbull mixed with Hypnotiq.

  • Ronald Paulus

    Kiara is good people and she should stay. Why don’t you and your whole editorial board move out of my country and off my planet you victim blaming, nativist, xenophobic scum.

  • California Defender

    I have called-out many times the zealously anti-intellectual “editorial board” for their unvarnished leftist propaganda. But this article is different.

    Three kernels of truth poke their way through this pile of mindless unjournalistic rubbish:

    1. “The UC is already broke as it is…”

    Yep, and this article proves the money has been wasted and taxpayer investment is no longer warranted.

    2. “… playing liberals at their own game, so to speak.”

    So you admit what you are doing is just a game? We all knew it, but it’s refreshing to hear you admit it.

    3. “We’re not even doing anything newsworthy anymore.”

    You never were. But thanks to MSM, you have inadvertently exposed your discriminatory and hateful rhetoric to America. If you were a private university, nobody would care. But you are not and so it is time to…


  • Anax of Rhodes

    How in the world do you miss the only obvious conclusion here: that Robles was pepper sprayed, that she was attacked, and that she should not have been? Daily Cal’s doublethink continues to astound.

  • Anax of Rhodes

    “Robles and her lawyers want to make Berkeley a spectacle of liberal hypocrisy.” Uh, Berkeley’s done a fine job of that all on their own.

  • Common Ground

    .Bill Maher has a blog and YOU TUBE documentary (Religulous!), that claims Jesus Christ NEVER existed!…bad astronomy and comedy, but a comment on that blog said that the election of Trump, will lead to more corruption and racism, in America!……………….coming true?

    • sundaze

      Trump had little to do with it. “Our” biased corporate/government media/entertainment industry has had a lot to do with the polarization we see now.He was elected on a populist/nationalistic (as opposed to neocon/neoliberal corporatism of HIllary) basis to focus on the well-being of all citizens here, less interventionism you name it. If not Trump, someone else with a similar platform would have been elected. If Trump fails, the same issues remain.

  • roccolore

    Maybe left-wingers from Berkeley should stop making excuses for riots.

  • Killer Marmot

    The Editorial Board is trying to use Trump to distract from the problems on campus.

    But I have news for you; not just conservatives are concerned for the state of free speech at Berkeley. There are a ton of progressives who see the university becoming violently illiberal. It is shameful that the EB should choose to shut its ears to this development.

  • Charlie Chan

    The left-wing is the violent mob in the street!

  • TNT

    I would be overcome with awe over the poignant ideas expressed in this editorial’s prose if it was satire. Instead I am shaken by the blind idiocy of an editorial board plagued by mental midgets.

  • Killer Marmot

    The Editorial Board throws those Berkeley students who do not prescribe to far-left politics to the wolves.

  • Killer Marmot

    Shorter article — Even though Berkeley is a state university that is highly subsidized by the people of California, outsiders should let far-left groups get on with suppressing speech, sometimes violently, without criticism or interference.

    • sundaze

      That sounds similar to a “safe space”. Don’t interfere with our bubble.

  • Man with Axe

    The assertion is made that Robles “spews generic right-wing nonsense at the interviewer until she’s pepper-sprayed.” This is false. Nothing she said in the videos I could find included any nonsense, right wing or otherwise. She was asked what she expected to hear at the rally, and her answer was that she wanted to make a statement just by being there, and props to the protesters (her enemies) who were protesting non-violently. At this point she gets sprayed. So, editors, what the heck are you talking about?

    The concluding remark, that she should move out of Berkeley because “Trump supporters definitely don’t fit in in this historically progressive city,” shows the closed-mindedness of today’s progressives. So certain they are good and right that they don’t even want anyone who thinks otherwise to live near them.

    No wonder they (progressives) are willing to countenance violence committed by their side, but cry like little babies when a speaker comes to challenge their world-view. The progressive mindset in a few words: “Your speech is violence, and my violence is free speech.” God help us if they ever take control. The whole world will be as chaotic as Berkeley (or maybe Evergreen State).

  • Jason Andrew

    When people say that the rioters and thugs don’t represent all of Berkeley, I simply direct them to the Daily Cal opinion page. Thank you for showing your true face and being too dense to realize that most of America is fed up with people like you.

  • Tom_in_SFCA

    This editorial is so preposterously irrational and yet self-regarding that it reads like something a conservative troll made up to discredit leftists. Did you really call Kiara Robles a “far-right agitator” without offering one word of substantiation for this characterization? And how, specifically, does video of Ms. Robles stating her opinion “speak volumes to her character?” Did you simply forget to explain that? And the “majority opinion of the Editorial Board” is that you all are entitled to dictate where everyone lives according to how you view their opinions? Am I being pranked here?

    • lspanker

      The children who penned this op-ed piece are clearly suffering from a mental disorder.

  • Lorem Ipsum

    “And while we’re at it, move out of Oakland, too, Ms. Robles. Trump supporters definitely don’t fit in in this historically progressive city.”

    How xenophobic and nativist. Maybe you should build a wall around Berkeley as well so you can strictly control who is allowed to enter?

    • SecludedCompoundTTYS

      She’s probably lived in Berkeley for like 2 years but since she moved away from mommy and daddy those two years are a really long time. LIke 2 years of highschool!

  • LetFreedomRing

    No mention that N

  • TaiFood

    Can you post the unpopular Civil Rights liberals will violently deprive?

  • Fay

    are you suggesting that Ms. Robles move out of the Bay Area? How progressive is that. Editors, Berkeley is NOT a liberal city,or progressive. It is more like the conservative rigid place that the true liberals, like me,fought against in the 80’s. Please take the blinds off. The city who fought for freedom of speech is fighting, in full force, against it. Berkeley and your magazine are NOT progressive.In fact you became the ideas that you fought against.

    • TaiFood


      Communists do the things Berkeley does.

      Liberal? Silencing with violence is liberalism.

      Liberty and justice for all is not liberal enough? 🇺🇸

  • Sounds like victim blaming

    • Anax of Rhodes

      Seriously. No mention of how wrong it was to pepper spray Robles in the first place. They even blame her for the clothes she wore (her “Make Bitcoin Great Again” hat). “It’s her fault for being there!” No, it’s the rioter’s fault for assaulting her.

  • lspanker

    But plenty of marginalized groups face actual systemic discrimination and prejudice

    Such as the prejudice you advocate and condone as long as it’s directed against conservatives, Republicans, Trump voters, and other people you don’t like, correct?

  • lspanker

    Funny how the citizens of the same Bezerkeley that feels entitled to its own foreign policy, who spend a disproportionate amount of time and effort involving themselves in the affairs of places such as Ferguson, Myanmar, Palestine and Tibet, are oh-so-outraged that their constant attention-seeking has caused them to become the center of attention of people in OTHER places. Can you say “cognitive dissonance”?

    • Jorge Carolinos

      When I worked at an seiu operation they were always bragging about how they were bay areaing some other place with money and bussed in shouting idiots. Bay area true believers pride themselves in going other places and hectoring the “ignorant” locals.

  • justiceplease

    The best approach is to fill all the large public spaces with continuous Berkeley-celebrating activities, so the good noise drowns out the bad. :D

    • lspanker

      Yes, don’t ever criticize Berkeley – it will make the snowflakes melt.

  • ESPM360

    You poor people bring the national attention and exhaustion on yourselves. Try allowing Milo or Ann to speak next time they come to campus without any counter protest. Have the guts to tell Antifa and BAMN to stay home. You may find life is much easier allowing them to speak to the people who wish to listen. No more exhausted students as you claim.

  • Nunya Beeswax

    This latest in a string of editorial opinions sets the bar in terms of oblivious blindness, pig-ignorance, and sheer stupidity. Do any of you have any idea what civil liberties are?

  • Duo Maxwell

    “The video of Robles being pepper-sprayed speaks volumes to her character and to the nature of this entire situation. Tensely, with her Make America Bitcoin Again hat perched atop her head, she spews generic right-wing nonsense at the interviewer until she’s pepper-sprayed.”

    Free-speech Berkeley. Unless you disagree with us. Then it’s mace time. Although +1 for mentioning liberal hypocrisy in there somewhere.

    • Killer Marmot

      The Editorial Board is apparently fine with violence against women if those women have the wrong politics.

      • SecludedCompoundTTYS

        They are literally retarded, I think…and think we are retarded. They are full on Dunning Kruger aka too dumb to know they are dumb. These are the same people who think people with social studies PHDs are something special, lol…