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Are you a former All-Star-turned-seasoned-veteran who has still yet to hold up the illustrious Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy? Does the thought of never being able to call yourself an NBA champion keep you up at night? Willing to take less money and minutes to contribute in limited spurts for games which actually matter? Then come on down to Oakland, California, and step right up to become the newest member of the Golden State Warriors!

What does the Warriors’ organization have to offer you may ask? The more important question is what doesn’t Golden State have to offer? Not only do the defending champions play in the heart of the Bay Area, but they roll out four of the best basketball players on the planet on a nightly basis in Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry.

During their first postseason run in the Durant era, Golden State played basketball at one of the highest levels the league has ever seen, orchestrating a symphony of passes to pour in unparalleled amounts of points on offense while constantly switching and rotating to create a five-man brick wall on defense.

The Warriors proved over a 17-game stretch in the postseason, all of which culminated with a gentleman’s sweep of the Cleveland Cavaliers, that no team as of right now has a legitimate chance of knocking them off their perch in a seven-game series. With all the key components of Golden State’s core set to return in the 2017-18 seasons, the Dubs are the overwhelming favorite to repeat and once again hoist the trophy in June of next year.

The Warriors’ front office has assembled a roster which has become the closest thing to a guaranteed championship. If you want that ring, to be the last team standing when it’s all said and done, to finally add a shiny piece of jewelry to the collection, signing with Golden State is, realistically, your only option.

The beauty of suiting up for the Warriors lies in specialization. If you’re a three-point specialist, stand in the corner, drain one or two bombs from Downtown a game and call it a day; you won’t have to worry about defending at a high level, facilitating the basketball or snagging rebounds. Pick a role, stay in your lane and enjoy losing three times at most a month.

Sure, you could pursue other options. Maybe you’re coming off of a surprisingly good season for someone your age and want to milk your perceived value on the free agent market for all its worth. Maybe you want to join a young team and take on a player-coach role in which you mentor a budding superstar. Maybe you simply don’t want to take the cheap way out and sign with a team of Golden State’s caliber. These are all noble and honorable choices.

We here at Golden State just hope you can live with knowing we’ll roll up into your hometown and smack your team into the next season all without breaking a sweat. Maybe Curry or Thompson will rain down three after three. Maybe Durant goes for 50. Maybe Green records a triple-double without points. With a team this offensively and defensively skilled, it’s not a matter of if they beat you, but how they do it.

And you can be apart of that journey.

In one championship run alone, Golden State helped nine players capture their very first ring. One of those nine men was David West; the veteran sacrificed millions of dollars plus a bigger role to pursue a title and the look on his face when he finally captured the title after 14 years in the league is priceless.

Do you want to be a champion? Call 1-800-GET-GOLD for details (must have played 10 or more seasons to call).

Justice delos Santos is the sports editor. Contact him at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter @jdelossantos510

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