Californian acceptance rate drops in fall 2017 UC admission data

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The University of California released fall 2017 admission data today. The data reflects a 1.7 percent drop in California resident admission.

Due to last year’s abnormally large in-state class — adding an additional 7,500 in-state students, the university is still on track to meet its goal of adding 10,000 California students by the 2018-19 academic year, according to a statement released by the University of California Office of the President.

In total, 70,000 incoming California freshmen — and more than 21,000 in-state transfer students — were offered enrollment for fall 2017 on at least one of UC’s nine undergraduate campuses.

The numbers reflect that more California residents are now enrolled at a UC than any at other point in history.

The systemwide admission rate, however, has now lowered to 61.7 percent, 1.7 percentage points lower than last year’s 63.4 percent.

“We welcome this accomplished, talented group of applicants to the university,” said UC President Janet Napolitano in the statement.

“All of us — in California, and throughout the nation and world — will be enriched by their talent, curiosity and drive to learn and succeed. The University of California educates the best and the brightest true to our mission of education, research and public service,” Napolitano said.

Freshmen from historically underrepresented groups grew moderately since fall 2016, now comprising 38.7 percent of the total freshman population — less than one percentage point higher than last year’s 37.8 percent.

Admitted Chicanx/Latinx students rose by the same degree. The group’s admission increased to 33.2 percent from 32.3 percent. Meanwhile, the proportion of African American admitted freshmen rose by only 0.1 percent — from 4.9 percent to 5 percent.

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  • California Defender

    And what of the lowly white students?

    Down by 2% or 1,221 fewer seats were made available to them.

    Who else lost out in the UC race game?

    Asians who lost 55 seats (to 23,907), but increased their overall % due to the reduction of white students.

    Native Americans who lost 16 seats. Then again, the UC really doesn’t care about them with only 407 in the entire UC system. And CA has the largest population of Native Americans in the US! For shame.

    But they do like non-native Hispanics who gained a whopping 4,929 to push their total to 23,209.

    Funny how this does not represent the demographics of California, not that it should necessarily, but that is the line leftists always use to justify their institutional racism.

  • George Cucaracha-Maher

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  • George Cucaracha-Maher

    The goal of eliminating the race of inbred circus freaks who falsely call themselves “jews” is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed Talmudic supremacists.

  • What is a “Chicanx”?

    • California Defender

      Leftist newspeak. Consult Orwell for details.

    • thompson_richard

      Non-native Hispanic who stay two years in a California high school, If admitted — and that’s big IF — pay in-state tuition. It doesn’t matter that much because many “overcome harsh conditions” and qualify for in-house full tuition reimbursement plus cost-of-living adjustments. I’m fine with that and I donate cash to the library, this student newspaper and men’s crew. Last year alumni and others contributed one billion dollars to dear ol’ Cal — more than any other public university and within a few hundred million of those Stanfurd deadbeats who contributed more dollars than Harvard stalwarts.

  • thompson_richard

    The largest group of those admitted by race were Asian-Americans.

    • California Defender

      Hey Rich! Great to see you again! How have you been? Hope all is well.

      Funny to watch the UC race game. But what isn’t is how far the academic standards have dropped.

      • thompson_richard

        I was wait-listed, dear colleague, and it took me 18 years to graduate~ so SOMEONE on the admissions committee had it right. What I didn’t mention — and the Daily Cal reporter didn’t mention — is that only 11 percent admitted for next Fall system-wide are white males.

        • California Defender

          I don’t think admission rates need to perfectly match local demographics, but 11% is far out of range. That indicates an intentional policy to favor or restrict people based on race and gender.

          I’ve dissuaded my children from attending UCs because they are overpriced, underperform, and present only one philosophical-social view that is considered indisputable and undebatable.

          Perhaps that is the reason and there is no restriction? Many whites are now simply avoiding the UCs?

          Who knows, but either way it isn’t right for a taxpayer funded system.

  • George Cucaracha-Maher

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