Christ turns down chancellor’s mansion

Breaking from her predecessor Nicholas Dirks, Chancellor Carol Christ will not reside at University House, the two-and-one-half acre site and three-story mansion that typically serves as the official residence of the campus chancellor.
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Night safety at UC Berkeley must improve its programs

Crime alert emails are familiar to UC Berkeley students: they pop up every once in a while in your inbox to make sure that campus police keep you informed on crimes such as robbery, sexual assault or homicide. These emails typically arrive a few hours after the crime occurred. This
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New subcommittee on Urban Shield should side against the program

CITY ISSUES: Berkeley City Council’s refusal to side with resident protest has ultimately failed citizens

Four days before Berkeley City Council voted to continue the Urban Shield police training program, the police officer who killed Philando Castile was acquitted by a jury of his peers. Only a week later, BPD faced new allegations of racial profiling from UC Berkeley student Ismael Chamu. In Berkeley and
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