Ismael Chamu, campus student, arrested on charges of vandalism by BPD

Daniel Kim/File

Berkeley Police Department arrested Ismael Chamu on Thursday evening in connection with vandalism that recently appeared on the south side of campus. Chamu is a campus student who alleged BPD officers racially profiled and unlawfully detained him this June.

Chamu was arrested Thursday about 9 p.m. at his residence in San Francisco on charges of alleged felony vandalism, misdemeanor hate crimes, hate crime enhancement and conspiracy, according to BPD spokesperson Sgt. Andrew Frankel.

Chamu was booked at 1:50 a.m. Friday morning at Berkeley Jail, and is being held on an $85,000 bail.

Thirty cases of vandalism — including slashed vehicle tires and spray-painted messages — were reported to BPD on the south side of campus June 28, according to a Nixle message issued by BPD on July 3.

Chamu will be arraigned at the Wiley M. Manuel Courthouse on Monday at 9 a.m., according to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.

Check back for updates.

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  • Dang

    Now he will probably learn the true meaning of the phrase, “butt hurt.”

  • roccolore

    And the fascist left will defend the lying Mexican coward.

  • pjanak

    His name is an insult to Chamu the whale

  • Penguin

    He’s facing hate crime charges because he’s a racist bigoted lefty. Why did you leave this out?

  • Janet Sharpley

    Always looking – whose kid is this I wonder with his dwarfy hands on it. Thee white people were looking at him funny when he went out, because he was brown. Here is his pizza activity

  • streetfighter

    I see this pencil neck geek, then a wood chipper…..

  • Left Unsaid

    Mug shot not available?

  • patrick

    Never in my life thought I would say the following…..”It is time t follow New Jersey’s example….” and name ANTIFA a terrorist organization.It is time to hack their communications find out who the members are, round them up and place into detention centers, keeping these domestic terrorists away from the rest of society.

    Obama passed NDAA Section 1021 several years ago, it is time to put it int use

  • sylvie

    I thought people went to college to learn critical thinking.

    • lspanker

      Critical Thinking isn’t a requirement for the Snowflake Studies degree program.

  • DarkStarCrashes

    Haha we all knew it!

    Anyone who believed his story looks like a dumbass now!

  • Mike K

    he is an angry dwarf

    • lspanker

      Physically AND mentally…

  • lspanker

    Chamu wanted attention… I guess he finally got it.

    • BigDaddyKevin78

      on the wrong end.

  • Oakland

    Any comment from the 19 incoming student Senators that defended this vandal and his hate crimes with a harshly worded letter?

    • lspanker

      They will do their usual, ignore it and move on.