UC Berkeley students charged with vandalism arraigned in court Monday afternoon

Daniel Kim/File

Ismael Chamu and Peter Estrada, two UC Berkeley students arrested last week on charges of vandalism, were arraigned at the Wiley M. Manuel Courthouse Monday afternoon on charges of alleged felony vandalism more than $400 and misdemeanor possession of tools to commit vandalism.

Alameda County Superior Court Judge Thomas Nixon, who oversaw both arraignment hearings, reduced both Chamu and Estrada’s bail from $85,000 to $15,000 during the hearings and referred Chamu’s case to the Alameda County Public Defender’s Office. Estrada has retained a private attorney.

Berkeley Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Andrew Frankel said Chamu and Estrada were arrested after BPD investigated reports of more than 30 cases of vandalism, including slashed tires and spray-painted messages that had appeared on the south side of campus.

In June, Chamu alleged BPD officers racially profiled and unlawfully detained him during their investigation of a local burglary.

Both Chamu and Estrada’s plea hearings are scheduled for 9 a.m. Tuesday morning at the René C. Davidson Courthouse.

Bobby Lee is an assistant news editor. Contact Bobby Lee at [email protected] and follow him on Twitter at @bobbylee_dc.

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  • Richard_Plantagenet

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  • AR-15 for ARII

    They sprayed anti-white graffitti. Why are they not being charged with hate crimes? Double standards?

    • the devil

      If you cared so much you could have showed up at the arraignment and voiced that concern.

      • laura

        Another idiot. Judges don’t take public comment at arraignments.

        • the devil

          It depends on the judge. I’ve seen them do it. Courts are not secret and closed, just for that reason, IDIOT. This is America. You still have the opportunity to attend the trial, if they have one.