BUSD teacher Yvette Felarca arraigned for assault, causing a riot

Daniel Kim/Senior Staff

BUSD teacher Yvette Felarca was formally arraigned Thursday on one count of assault, one count of participating in an illegal riot and one count of causing a riot, according to the Sacramento District Attorney’s office.

Felarca, a counter-protester in a white nationalist protest confrontation, was arrested after a video surfaced of her attacking a member of the white nationalist group, the Traditionalist Worker’s Party. 

Felarca claimed self-defense in court. Felarca’s attorney Shanta Driver maintains that police should have stepped in earlier, according to KTVU.

Supporters of Felarca rallied outside the courtroom demanding that her charges be dropped.

Felarca and Driver are members of By Any Means Necessary, or BAMN, a left-wing political organization dedicated to affirmative action, integration and other civil rights issues.

Further proceedings for the arraignment will continue October 4 at 1:30 p.m.

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  • ProudlyUnaffiliated

    See what happens when a woman doesn’t get laid… She needs a man.

  • MJLS1104

    Was she convicted on any charge?

  • agnosic1

    Petition to fire Yvette Felarca has reached over 10,000 ‘signatures’ on Change.org.

  • Bob DeMaria

    She is a worthless pig.

  • Bill Ralens

    Tip of the day, stay away from any group that wants you to march down the street chanting mindless slogans–you’re getting into cult territory.

  • frtw4

    Throw her radical idiotic rear in jail – she and Hillary will make great cellmates.

    She is so vulgar and hate-filled! Where does it all come from? Was she dropped as an infant?
    Did a family member repeatedly molest her? Was she jilted by her boyfriend/girlfriend?
    Or does she take a lot of drugs and this is how she undergoes withdrawal?

  • Repsol900rr

    This woman is a nearly worthless piece of trash. The only value her life has is as a perfect example of modern “liberalism”. Has no interest in any sort of conversation. If you disagree with her in any way her answer is violence. She is the definition of a bigoted fascist. All these groups fighting an imagined enemy.. I would love to see someone drop her off somewhere to face some actual KKK types instead of the peaceful Trump supporters she likes to attack. I think I’d pay money to see that go down.

  • Red Peony

    We know who is behind the Antifa mask- Islamo Supremacists. We can still recognise their violent strategy even if the puppets don’t know who is pulling their strings. Same old terrorists!

    Equivalent danger to Nazis? No, Islamo Supremacists are far more dangerous, because there are more of them and they have more cover, support and funding.

    Felarca pretends to be against Genocides. So which Genocides is she concerned about? Clearly not the ones promoted in Islamic scriptures and teaching. She has no problem with these Genocides. No problem with the Genocides against Hindus, Greeks, Assyrians, Armenians, Yazidis … I could go on, and on, and on…

    • Jgorish

      Since she’s a communist (BAMN is related to the RPC), you could just stick to Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot for genocides without conflating Islamicists, who are definitely not communist but a separate threat.

  • General Patton

    Throw her racist azz in jail and take the key and flush it down the toilet. I hope that the next time she punches someone they respond by driving her jawbone into her peanut brain!

  • Anthony Todd

    Toss her in jail for a VERY LONG TIME, lose the key; problem solved.

    • Higlac

      NO – why should we feed or take care of such an ultra-Communist???

      I’d simply DUMP her by parachute into North Korea or Vietnam, TOTALLY destitute of all papers, money or any other possessions, with absolutely nothing but the most generic of minimal clothing on her back so she can’t prove her identity and thus try to come back. There they’ll treat her as a spy and torture her just the way she deserves…

  • rubberdildo

    Throw this commie (she is) out of a helicopter.

  • still rockin’

    Piece of trash has no business anywhere near a classroom. She’s a delusional lowlife anarchist! Any parent who would let this loser near their kids should have social services investigate them!

  • dmac

    Call the school and ask for her removal. Leave a message if need be. The only way to stop this is to rise up and make our voices known. Do you want someone like this teaching your children. Clog the message board and maybe something will be done.The number is below.

    (510) 664-6280

    • still rockin’

      Its Berkeley so your dealing with moronic delusional idiots!

      • dmac


  • joedog

    I invite you to take a moment and think about what is included in the phrase “By any means necessary”, and then think about what that says about the way that you are planning to achieve your ideological goals.

    It includes using violence – up to and including mass murder, or rounding up those whose politics religion, or ethnicity are “offensive” to the group, placing them in camps, and committing genocide.

    It includes using lies, theft, vandalism, arson, threats, unprofessional behavior, propaganda/indoctrination of the young.

    It includes anything your nightmares can imagine.

    It is the ultimate in terrorist threats.

    And this is what the group chooses to call itself – the banner that they go into battle under?

    Sounds like a bunch of psychopathic extremists.

    Next to this, a name like “Murder Incorporated” sounds tame.

  • Fay

    Felarca should be taken out of the school system BAMN

  • Christopher Woodhouse

    Politics doesn’t belong in the classroom, regardless of which side of the aisle,

  • David Power

    The biggest story of our time, the story that future historians will be writing about, isn’t Russian collusion, isn’t Islamic terrorism, isn’t climate change or even Donald Trump’s tax returns.

    The biggest story of our age, is a story that is taboo for us to even discuss. A story which is being cloaked in a conspiracy of silence by our political class, both left and right. A story that dares not even speak its name.

    That’s right, by far the biggest story of our time, is the deliberate demographic transformation of some of the oldest and most successful societies on earth.

    A demographic transformation, which is seeing every European and North American nation systematically changed, from being populated by white Europeans, to being predominantly populated by non-whites imported from the third world.

    A demographic transformation which dwarfs other historical events such as the expansion of the Roman Empire or the Norman conquest. A demographic transformation that, were it happening to any nation’s other than white nations, would be called ethnic cleansing and be the subject of endless UN resolutions aimed at ending it.

    In fact, never before in the course of human history, has an entire culture, race and civilisation, so thoroughly and willingly turned against it’s own indigenous peoples and decided to hand over it’s lands, social capital, cultural heritage and national identity to competing alien cultures – without a fight.

    And yet this colossal story is being wilfully, wantonly and very purposefully, ignored by a highly politically motivated corporate media. A Media which is now effectively acting as a self appointed Diversity Commissar. A Commissar who believes its primary role today, is to decide what it is you don’t need to know.

  • DancerTiffy

    The white race of people is being threatened everyday with extermination. The enemies of white people want us exterminated. They fully intend to drive us into extinction. The left is very vocal and very loud in proclaiming White people need to be gotten rid of.
    The white race is being threatened, marginalized, vilified, and marked for death by its enemies.
    The white race is fighting for its very existence. If it loses this one then the White people will driven into extinction.
    At this point the White people need to use everything they can, including violence—-lots of violence.
    The whites are done playing nice with people who want them exterminated.
    What is needed is mass quantities of WHITE POWER.

  • DancerTiffy

    This girl is a hate-filled thug, and she should not be around children poisoning their minds with her corrupt ideology. Yet, the school where she teaches refuses to fire her. Anybody else would be fired immediately.

    • You would prefer teachers who, like you, advise that “The enemies of white people want us exterminated. They fully intend to drive us into extinction”?

      • Jason Allen

        Those are the only two options huh Tom? Little thugs who go around punching people or Nazis? BTW when the media is touting and fawning over people like Lena Dunham who make racist comments about “straight white men” (such as myself) where is your outrage? How about racism is bad period? How about having teachers who don’t force their political beliefs on their students?

        And if you seriously believe that a woman who is involved in a group called “BAMN” (by any means necessary), violence and riots like Yevette is should be teaching young children you’re insane. It’s that simple. Young children shouldn’t be taught by extremists and Yevette is absolutely a violent extremist.

        She’s just lucky the guy she attacked in that video didn’t fight back.

        • Robert Rutherford

          He should have stomped a mudhole in her.

      • Patrick

        Why would a teacher be advising her students in either direction?

        Teachers are not supposed to recruit for political ideologies. Their job is to teach their subject matter.

        • > Their job is to teach their subject matter.

          Which is what Felarca actually does no matter how much you dolts lie about her.

          • California Defender

            So you’re admitting that her subject matter is political activism and societal change through violence. That is the very definition of extremism (and terrorism). You may call it a lie, but any reasonable person would come to that conclusion after watching the video and examining the groups she belongs to.

          • > “So you’re admitting that her subject matter is political activism and societal change through violence.”

            See, that’s the point where you pretend to be really, really stupid in order to blather. To take you seriously, I would have to think you conclude that’s what I said and meant. Imagine how dumb you would have to be to think that!

            I do agree that you’re pretty dumb but I don’t think you are that dumb – just dishonest in this discussion. So why should I give you any further uptake?

          • California Defender

            Ok, if you don’t think her subject matter is political activism and societal change through violence, give me your take on it. What are her students learning from this?

          • Romosexual_Ca

            name calling… the sure sign of losing an argument!

          • > So you’re admitting that her subject matter is political activism an

            Don’t lie.

          • Bob S

            LOL/ She is ignorant of history.

          • still rockin’

            If you want to have your children taught by a anarchist piece of lowlife trash, social services should look into to your ability to parent!

          • rubberdildo

            She is a violent communist.

          • Romosexual_Ca

            “Lie about her”… She’s a commie! You guys oppose democracy of any kind. Stop acting like you support the people’s rights when you don’t. You are communists and the video doesn’t lie. She is a violent extremest. Maybe I should live by the same rules as she does and stop the commies “By Any Means Necessary”. We all saw her hit the guy. Strange how her attorney likes to blame the police for not stopping her!! Capitalism is the only system that provides choice.

          • Antifa, sponsored by CNN

            Ya, to label anyone you disagree with a fascist or Nazi, which gives you the right to beat them up. You are the problem in this country. Not some made up group of Nazis.

        • rubberdildo

          This garbage woman is poisoning the minds of children and trying to literally create communists in America. She belongs in prison.

      • Antifa, sponsored by CNN

        Just shut up.

    • Bob S

      This is not her only assault and her definition of fascist is so broad it covers anyone. She was on Tucker carlson

      • MJLS1104

        Her definition actually includes herself. Seriously, the description she provided on Tucker Carlson’s show describes her behavior quite well; she defines herself as a fascist by empirical demonstration. (Certainly does not admit it as such.)

  • lspanker

    Good, now the BUSD should fire her outright, the same treatment that Top Dog gave to that clown who voluntarily participated in that Weimar Republic re-enactment in Charlotte…

    • Jorge Carolinos

      The Tiki torches added a real Nuremberg Rally aspect to the whole thing. What a bunch of morons.

      • Jason Allen

        The whole thing was ground zero for morons. 90% of the people ….on all sides”. who went there went to cause trouble, fight, etc. and they got it.

        If the police had done their job it wouldn’t have gotten to the point it did. My question is why are police being told time and time and time again to stand down at these clashes? Why do people not call out the police and Charlottesville’s mayor?

        And if the protestors had just let the “Nazis” (and many there were just ordinary citizens there to protest the removal of the statue) nobody would have gotten hurt and everyone would have went home. But no, “protesting” today means violence.

        So keep going the way you’re going Alt Left and Antifa. Keep “smashing Nazis”, but don’t expect me to feel for you when it escalates. Violence only results in more violence.

        • joedog

          The best response to the “white supremacist” march and rally would have been for people to show them how out of touch they are – by simply ignoring them, or laughing at them.

          Or, do what that German town did and get sponsors to donate money to a very nice charity – maybe the UNCF – based on every “Nazi” that showed up.

          That’s how you put them in their place – not by sinking to their level.

        • Bryan Hinnen

          Local police are frequently ordered to stand down when they become the target. Antifa and BAMN routinely target the police when the police are protecting anyone who disagrees with them, whether it’s a garden variety conservative speaker at the Berkeley campus, or a Nazi/KKK torchlight rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

          This is why any counterprotest by BAMN/Antifa must be met with overwhelming force by federal authorities. Body armor, riot shields, helmets, face masks, teargas, billy clubs, and large quantities of handcuffs and Glock 9mm handguns. Just arrest them all, try them all, convict them all, and send them all to prison.

    • At least Felarca doesn’t equivocate fascists with people who stand up, non-anonymously, in real life, against them. Unlike… well, you know.

      • Jason Allen

        Thomas, why is violent extremism A-OK as long as it agrees with your politics? Really, you’re defending and advocating violence and extremism. The problem with that is violence only brings more violence. If you think everyone is just going to sit around letting 4 foot tall thugs like Felarca punch and attack them like the guy in this video you’re very naive.

        If Felarca….and you…..keep advocating violence and extremism it’s just going to result in violence and extremism. You and Felarca are creating the the thing to be against. A thug is a thug is a thug, even if she’s only 4 foot tall and she teaches children.

        • Cupcake, take your 5th grade debate tactics somewhere else. I’m not interested.

      • still rockin’

        If you haven’t yet, please don’t procreate as this world is already full of morons!

      • Jgorish

        BAMN and Antifa – the best recruiters the alt-right couldn’t afford to hire.