Berkeley electrician no longer employed after planned speech at Charlottesville protests


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A well known Berkeley white nationalist no longer works at his job at an electric company after being connected to the white supremacist protests in Charlottesville, Virginia.

John Ramondetta, also known as Johnny Monoxide, is a prominent white supremacist and runs his own white supremacist blog called The Right Stuff, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Ramondetta was scheduled to speak at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville over the weekend. He worked as an electrician at Rosendin Electric until Wednesday, as first reported by the San Francisco Examiner.

Rosendin Electric’s Director of Human Resources Julie Moss said she could not reveal employee information because of company policy, but did confirm that Rosendetta no longer worked at the company.

“We’re a union contractor and employees are dispatched through IBEW,” Moss said. “I can only say that (Ramondetta is) no longer employed with Rosendin Electric.”

Ramondetta declined to comment on the matter.

Ramondetta’s departure from Rosendin Electric comes after Cole White, who was seen at the Charlottesville protests, resigned from his position at popular Berkeley hot dog chain Top Dog.

Ramondetta is a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union No. 6, which published a press release on its website Monday to address Ramondetta’s involvement in the Charlottesville protests. In the release, IBEW said Ramondetta’s views and opinions “are solely his own, and do not reflect the views and opinions” of either Local Union No. 6 or its parent organization, IBEW.

“While IBEW Local Union No. 6 does not share the views and opinions expressed by John Ramondetta, we recognize that the Constitution of the United States allows him to express those views and opinions provided that he does so in accordance with the law,” IBEW said in the release. “The authority of IBEW Local 6 to discipline or otherwise hold Mr. Ramondetta accountable does not extend to the expression of his views and opinions as an individual outside of the workplace.”

IBEW emphasized in the statement that it strives towards inclusivity and diversity and that it condemns the violence and white nationalism that took place in Charlottesville.

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  • lspanker

    Did he participate in the violence or commit, other illegal acts, or did he mere hold rather unpopular views?

    Yvette Felaraca, an rather well-known left-wing activist, has not been fired from her teaching position with the BUSD even though she has been charged with felony assault. Curious double standards seem to exist in Berkeley…

  • John Satterfield

    So when do company’s start firing BLM and other hate groups if it’s good for one group it’s good for them all!!! Equal rights

    • d eaves

      As a retired IBEW Wireman, it is my belief that rhis company gave him a reduction on force lay off. If they do not fight his unemployment claim he has ZERO recourse. This is a very large electrical contractor that does multi-million contracts. If his being employed by them hurts them they will cut him loose before you can throw a hard hat to the floor. Looks like that’s what they did. His reputation will be on the next job before he gets there. Move info, rumors or gossip there are 3 proven ways. 1) telephone 2) telegraph or 3) for fastest movement of rumors containing dirt on a member then TELL-A-WIREMAN

  • Killer Marmot

    As repugnant as white supremacy is, we should not be firing people for their involvement so long as they keep it out of the workplace. Those are the tactics of Joseph McCarthy. It was wrong against communists then, and it’s wrong against white supremacists now.

    • intranethatemachine

      It doesn’t say anywhere (credible) that he was fired. Instead, maybe he realized that Berkeley is not the best place a white nationalist.

  • Ely

    Did CNN TELL EVERY ONE THAT THIS ORGANISATION HAD A PERMIT FOR “A lawfully Assembly” granted under Everyone’s Constitution?

  • Freddo Corleone

    As usual I can expect all the bat$hit crazy people to come here to defend Nazi’s and KKK. You poor oppressed fat white pukes. My only problem with Sherman was that he stopped before he wiped your seed completely from this planet. He should’ve headed West. Zeig heil mein furer Trump minions.
    Before you go off on your self-righteous rants, my grandfather my father and I all served this country. Now you can go put on your bumper stickers and claim yourselves Patriots before you pick up your disability check from the government.

    • Killer Marmot

      My only problem with Sherman was that he stopped before he wiped your seed completely from this planet.

      When criticizing Nazis, try not to sound like a Nazi.

      Just sayin’.

    • BerkeleyMews

      Do you mean your grandfather, the Godfather?

    • lspanker

      I guess you missed the part about freedom of speech, where people the right to express their political views in an appropriate forum provided they don’t commit violent acts or do it on their employer’s time. Thanks for confirming that the left is filled with people looking for any excuse for violence…

    • mojorisin69

      Violent Antifa Communists said thank you for your support


    Fired for exercising his free speech ?


    • Nick of Lehigh

      Where did it say he was fired for his speech or views?

      • mojorisin69

        It is easily implied by the article.


    What would happen if companies fired people for supporting BLM, LaRaza ?

    • mojorisin69

      Hitler was a Liberal, just sayin…
      — Gun Control
      — Big Government
      — Socialized Healthcare
      — Allied with Muslims

  • mercurywoodrose

    espouse horrible, atrocious, inhuman ideas, get shunned. as long as the govt is not telling you to shut up, thats the essence of free speech. some use speech which catapults them to the highest echelons of society, like jesus, lincoln, newton, darwin, einstein, roosevelt, gandhi and king. others use speech and become vilified and hated by millions of people: hitler, stalin, mccarthy, trump, and these morons. so go ahead, spread your ideas far and wide. we the people will pass judgement on you, and you will be begging for food scraps at the local church.

    • lspanker

      Well, at least unlike the majority of the type of BLM supporters we have seen on the streets of Ferguson or Baltimore, at least this Ramondetta has some marketable job skills, so he probably will find employment again if he can convince the next outfit he will keep his political views separate from his work.

  • sven holmes

    The paranormies is probably the best podcast on the Alt-Right. Johnny is a great american who fought for this country, and is doing his ancestors proud by trying to advocate social justice for his people.

    Oppressors like anti-fa and the far liberal daily cal are trying to colonize thought in this country to only be under the neo-liberal american hegemony.

    The tactics of moral shame and creating situations of having nothing to lose for their political enemies seems to be a successful strategy in stopping the rise of white nationalism. I recommend they keep it up, because what could go wrong with a bunch of people who have nothing to lose?!