Alt-right firebrand Kyle ‘Based Stickman’ Chapman charged with possession of leaded stick


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Update 08/18/17: This article has been updated to reflect additional information from the East Bay Express about Chapman’s mandatory prison sentence.

The Alameda County District Attorney filed a felony charge against Kyle Chapman on Wednesday for possession of a leaded stick, related to several fights at a chaotic pro-Trump rally earlier this year.

As first reported by the East Bay Express, the charges are connected to melees between Trump supporters, counter-protesters and anti-fascists, during a March 4 pro-Trump rally. Chapman — an outspoken member of the alt-right and a self-proclaimed “American nationalist” — was seen carrying a long baton into several incidents at the rally and was filmed hitting the heads of Antifa members and protesters.

Chapman faces up to a year in jail if convicted, according to the Express, and possession of any weapons in the future would be a felony. During the March rally, Berkeley police arrested Chapman for suspicion of felony assault. Chapman was also arrested while promoting another Berkeley pro-Trump rally April 10 after another alleged fight.

After the attacks, Chapman got the nickname “Based Stickman” from followers in both pro-Trump and white supremacist groups.

Chapman could not be reached for comment as of press time.

Chapman is listed as planning to attend another alt-right rally in Berkeley on Aug. 27. In a post on his Facebook page, he urged his “all patriots and warriors” to attend the rally. Berkeley mayor Jesse Arreguín has been actively working to stop the event, saying its “hateful rhetoric, is not welcome in our city.”

“We can not submit and give the left another win,” Chapman said in the Facebook post. “Berkeley is the most important Battle ground in the country. We must make a stand.”

According to Alameda County State Superior Court documents obtained by the East Bay Express, because of prior arrests and convictions in 2001 for felony grand theft and a felony robbery in 1993, Chapman must serve a mandatory state prison sentence of unspecified length. Chapman was arrested for the 2001 felony in San Diego County and in Travis County, Texas, for the 1993 robbery.

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  • FreedomFan

    So I guess now it’s cool to “punch a nazi”, but not “bonk a marxist”. Sounds fair.


    Alt-left are the violent ones. Alt-left.

  • Dave Doleshal

    Arresting Kyle Chapman seems like a good start. Seems like the next step ought to be arresting Nathan Damigo, the neo-Nazi who beat up that woman here in Berkeley last April, was seen doing so by many witnesses, and captured on video, but was never arrested.

    • zzz

      For what?

      For some reason the silly left are all for womens rights and agency until they are not. Situational ethics are so interesting to me, she went to a riot, to riot, she got rioted on, and now she needs these sexist leftists to deny her her agency.

      Why do the fringes of politics think they have extra rights?

  • George286

    This guy was a convicted felon long before anything political, violent with mental and substance-abuse problems, kicked out of high school and the Navy for it according to Just a troubled uneducated thug who found a niche to glorify it all, just pathetic.
    Add that “free speech” as a legal concept means that the government can’t stop you (they aren’t), not about what other people like Anitfa or anyone else does. Showing up to fight them is showing up to have a fight with them, not somehow ‘protecting the Constitution’.

  • frenchie mama

    White supremacy? Wow.
    First, anyone that won’t bow to the Dem agenda is called racist.
    Second, now “racist” has been upgraded to White Supremacist?
    You all realize that these insulting names just infuriate Republicans more?
    This is not about a group of white people hating non whites. It’s about the right to disagree with the Dem agenda and the right to SAY SO PUBLICLY.
    As this election got underway, Republicans and anyone leaning conservative were called racists and/or bigot along with everything under the sun- and with hate and glee! It was and STILL IS reprehensible to sling these unprovoked insults onto the entirety of Republicans. It’s equivalent to being awful school yard bullies. It’s low.
    And this behavior is exactly why Trump won. People do NOT like being bullied and called horrific names, nevermind people that merely disagree with another’s
    point of view.
    So. As you continue to incite hatred of anyone that is a Conservative American, I would expect that you, by doing so, will continue to call for this war pitting one American’s right to speak and be heard against another’s. But you legally may NOT impede ANYONE’s Right to Free Speech or their RIGHT to protect their person. Including this Based Stick Man’s rights – As it’s not considered hate speech to disagree with anothers political views.
    So stop with the hate agenda and start talking like civilized adults. Agree to disagree. But don’t make up labels for people you do not know.

    • Tree Frog 🌴🐸 (LRAD)

      and white supremacist has been upgraded to white nationalist. “doublespeak” propaganda technique.

      • Primarily because they are the same thing flying different flags. White nationalists are white supremacists who are too cowardly to fly the flag. Same agenda, smaller nuts.

        • LRAD 🌴🐸

          idiot. what a load of crap

  • Willy Huhu

    convicted felon all over youtube……not very smart…going back to jail

    • mojorisin69

      For self defense??
      Apparently you never watched one second of the Berkeley riots.

  • SDS

    Anti fa had plenty of sticks as well and were attacking. Why aren’t more of these clowns being charged. Oh that’s right they are in Berkley

  • Sam Spade


  • Vote4SexualPredator’sWife2016

    “Please consider turning off Adblock or donating to The Daily Californian.
    We are a nonprofit student-run newsroom, and we rely on advertising revenue to help support our coverage.”

    Never been happier to have Adblock in my life….

  • Vote4SexualPredator’sWife2016

    The name “Based Stickman” was coined by a bunch of kids over at 4chan, not “white supremacist groups.”

    And let’s not forget that his original use of said stick happened in response to one of the evil bastards of Antifa pepper spraying an elderly man for wearing a hat.

    Try as you might, the true thugs and villains here are not people who got tired of Antifa’s fascism….

    • C Bierbauer78


      • Vote4SexualPredator’sWife2016

        I await your educated rebuttal that disproves my facts….

        • C Bierbauer78

          No facts, no rebuttal. The butt you have is all your very own!

          • Vote4SexualPredator’sWife2016

            Fair enough. Thank you for admitting that you had no facts to form a rebuttal. All the best!

    • Sophia Sadek

      Good point. Everyone knows that there are no white supremacists at 4chan.

      • PabloDali

        Beware of Poe’s Law !

        • Sophia Sadek

          This is a mild one.

          • PabloDali

            In this modern day, it’s impossible to tell satire and sarcasm from the actual position of fools and imbeciles.

      • Vote4SexualPredator’sWife2016

        I can’t speak for the company you keep, but I hope you can break away from your white supremacist friends….

        • Sophia Sadek

          The white supremacists I encounter typically consider me to be one of their most formidable enemies.

          • Vote4SexualPredator’sWife2016

            Yet you still hang around with them? That’s really sad and desperate….

          • Sophia Sadek

            You assume far too much.

  • TJ

    I am shocked that the man named “Based Stickman” is in trouble for hitting people with a stick

    • mojorisin69

      After being attacked by leftist thugs.

  • Groundoggy

    This guy is a national hero! When Police stood down and let violent AntiFa thugs hiding behind a mask attack peaceful Free Speech rally goers Chapman stepped in and defended the helpless. AntiFa thugs had been attacking TRUMP supporters and anyone else they suspected of not being a far left extremist for months prior to this event.

    It is appalling that law enforcement has been so neutered that they will not prevent violent leftists from running wild, burning, breaking and bashing anything they please without any repercussion. One man stood up to defend those the police would not.

    It is a sad state that the situation that now exists is peaceful TRUMP supporters must either arm and defend themselves or risk getting beaten by a mob who doesn’t like the fact that they have different political opinions than a group of armed, feral, communist thugs.

  • txJM

    You should be focusing your efforts on Eric Clanton, instead of these re-election gimmicks

  • Faggory Daggory Doo!

    so free speech is alt-right now?

  • Annika O’Brien

    Since when did Free Speech become a tenet of White Supremacy or the Alt-Right? Many a rogue Liberal are leaving the DNC over things like this – a complete disregard for the law and The Constitution of the United States. If you consider 90% of the country to be Nazis because they don’t agree with your extremist views, it’s going to be a tough 2020 election for the few of you who will be left behind.

    • holy_crap_this_is_boring

      Listen. The only people that I think are nazis are the people carrying Nazi flags or those standing beside them.

      no one believes that you’re simply going to a peaceful rally with a stick.

      No one believes that you’re a centrist history buff either.

      You made your decision. Live with it.

      • intranethatemachine

        No one thinks you’re simply going to a peaceful rally wearing a black mask covering your face.

      • Annika O’Brien

        Didn’t claim to be a centrist history buff. What decision are you referring to? I haven’t taken any sticks anywhere.

      • mojorisin69

        When you anticipate being attacked by antifa ninja warriors carrying a stick is common sense.

  • BourneInTheUSA ♡’s TRUMP USA🇺🇸

    The idea of California being an American State drives them nuts. That’s the truth. You were attacked in March – it was all over the National News. California Government doesn’t want you to have access to the US Constitution. They are playing head games, because they want you to be weak. You were born strong. It’s not your fault. You don’t need a lead filled pipe! What an insult.

    • Paul-Kealoha Blake

      see you in Court… innocent until proven guilty

      • BourneInTheUSA ♡’s TRUMP USA🇺🇸

        Are you talking to me, pig breath???? Don’t you address me. I don’t want to speak with you pos and I want absolutely NO contact with you at all. Do not speak to me again. PERIOD!


    Guess a free speech rally is now considered alt-right. Way to dog whistle to violent protesters that want to beat up “nazis.” You’re literally putting people in danger.

    • holy_crap_this_is_boring

      The “free speech” rally was officially named “Unite the Right” and was directly organized by and featured many self described alt-right personalities.

      Jack poboseic, Richard Spencer, based stickman, baked alaska. The only personality that wasn’t part of the alt-right was David Duke.

      • PLISKIN

        Spencer and Baked are alt-right, the others are not. But can they not attend a free speech rally without the entire rally being labeled alt-right? It’s like white supremacists showing up to a Jill stein rally so now the rally is officially for white supremacists. The purpose of the rally is to promote free speech for all, not alt-right ideology.

        • C Bierbauer78

          Why lie Pliskin? Is your vasectomy scar itching?

          • PLISKIN

            Where’s the lie?

          • C Bierbauer78

            Everything you say, duh!

      • mojorisin69

        The article refers to a upcoming 8/27 Patriot rally in Berkeley. The past rallies in Berkeley had ZERO Nazis involved.
        Comprehension is hard

  • Tom_in_SFCA

    What a corrupt article! It is laughable how far you stretched to get the term “white supremacist” in there, and there is no basis for calling the Aug. 27th event “alt-right.”

  • zzz

    We can only hope he shares a cell with Eric Clanton.

    • M_Young

      I think I know how that will turn out.

      • zzz

        I would hope like an episode of the odd couple. In the end we would all learn a valuable life lesson.