Why we are all Taylor Swift right now

Diginomica /Creative Commons

In case you haven’t heard, Taylor Swift deleted everything off of her social media accounts last Friday. Website? Blank space. Instagram? Gone — maybe all her pictures were worth burning. Twitter? No tweets — everything has changed. While we at the Clog are freaking the frick out right now, we also realized that as we come back to school, there are loads of overlaps between us and Taylor’s online presence.

We need a reset

Everything, up until Monday morning, was gonezo from Taylor’s accounts. Now that school’s starting up again, we’re going to need a reset as well. Forget all the bad things from last year — new year, new us. We’re going to forget all of last year’s fake promises to ourselves and start with a brand-new, fresh slate. We’re so totally going to go to the RSF two times a day, catching up with old friends by the fireplace and finishing all of our assignments three days early. Go us.

The Haas-holes are slithering back to campus

What is it that you hear on campus? Nothing — an eerie silence looms. But fear not; it’ll soon dissipate, for our favorite snakes are slowly slithering back into our lives. TSwift posted a silent video of a slithering snake on Instagram Monday morning, and similarly, be prepared to feel the presence of our favorite business students and their beloved business clubs. While you may try to stay as silent as Taylor’s 10-second video, you cannot avoid the Sproul fliers and club event invites; they’re simply inevitable.

We experienced an undesired whirlwind of emotions

Shock. Confusion. Wariness. All emotions that rushed into our heads when Taylor went on a deleting spree last week. These are also emotions that flooded our consciousness when reality hit us — fall semester is starting. Yikes. We’re not mentally prepared for Taylor Swift to drop a new album on us. But we’re even less mentally prepared to wake up before 11 a.m. and sprint to Li Ka Shing, study for midterms in Moffitt into the wee hours of the night and socialize with people who we’ll undoubtedly run into at Caffe Strada starting, well, now. Yikes again.

Whatever Taylor is up to, us Bears sure have to snap out of our wholesome break from college life. While we just have to come to terms with the fact that school’s starting again, maybe it won’t be so bad after all. We’re actually a little excited to see what the near future holds for us. Plus, more Clog content, so crisis averted. 

Avanti Mehrotra is the assistant blog editor. Contact Avanti Mehrotra at [email protected].