Former college professor, charged with assault, alleges improper police investigation


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Eric Clanton, a former Diablo Valley Community College professor charged with four counts of assault with a deadly weapon at an April 15 rally in Berkeley, released a statement Aug. 16 criticizing Berkeley Police Department’s investigation tactics.

Clanton was first booked in Berkeley Jail on May 25 after being arrested in Oakland earlier that afternoon, and he was later charged with four counts of felony assault with a deadly weapon. In his statement, first reported by Berkeleyside, Clanton alleged that the actions of BPD in connection with its investigation into him have legitimized “the violence and the rhetoric of the so-called alt-right.”

“My case threatens to set a new standard in which right wing extremists can select targets for repression and have police enthusiastically and forcefully pursue them,” Clanton alleged in his statement.

According to Clanton’s statement, he began being targeted April 19, four days after the rally, by a swarm of viral social media posts related to him. Clanton said in his statement that his address was published, calls were made to his employers and “countless threats of physical violence” were made against him.

Clanton further alleged in his statement that Berkeley police used these social media posts and videos to target him.

“My case threatens to set a new standard in which right wing extremists can select targets for repression and have police enthusiastically and forcefully pursue them,” Clanton alleged in his statement.

BPD spokesperson Officer Jennifer Coats said in an email that because Clanton’s case is still going through the court process, BPD will not comment on its investigative techniques.

“Ours Officers conducted a complete and thorough investigation, which was presented to the District Attorney’s Office for charging,” Coats said in her email.

Clanton’s preliminary hearing is set for Sept. 28.

Harini Shyamsundar is the university news editor. Contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter at @hshyamsundar.

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  • Why are there no recent updates on this criminal psychopath? Did the state of CA let him go?

  • Dusty Thompson

    Don’t drop the soap convict, lololol…

    If anyone ever wants to truly know the “root cause” of why the worldwide ctrl-left act the way they do then you really need to watch Yuri Bezmenov American Hero explain it all, in simple understandable terms. In 1984 no less. This is a WOW video for anyone that wants to know the truth.

  • John W

    What morons like Clanton don’t understand is that standards of behaviour and codes of honour are not there to protect regular Americans from people like him, but are there to protect people like him from regular Americans. If his kind start any kind of war with white America then I think white America will be delighted.

  • cm 220

    “My case threatens to set a new standard in which right wing extremists can select targets for repression and have police enthusiastically and forcefully pursue them,” (E. Clanton, coward & bike lock thug)
    – Repression = Arresting him from assaulting people with a deadly weapon??
    – Repression = Stopping him from assaulting *more* people with a deadly weapon??
    – “enthusiastically and forcefully pursue them” means the Police are doing their job?
    Marxist ‘logic’!

  • Thresh The Chain Warden

    “right wing extremists can select targets for repression” Oh yea, nothing to do with the bike lock mate, you are the victim here. the kid you hit in the head is actually the oppressor. smh

  • alex

    lol they should drop charges and hand over the matter to vigilante justice

  • Bill_Goodwin

    Poor guy. Can’t even commit unprovoked felony assault. Trumps America, indeed. SMH

    • cm 220

      I share your commiserations with the poor benighted ‘Professor’ of ethics! :-p

  • Odd that this article would not include a link to widely available YouTube videos of the “alleged” assault:

  • Vichara

    Antifa are an extreme expression of the modern, and therefore supposedly enlightened, anti-traditional view. (‘Traditional’ here means life lived within, and formed under a recognition of, there being a Reality/Truth higher than, and the source of, man, (higher than ordinary consciousness), of which people have different views and take different relations towards).

    Antifa are inheritors of the anti-traditional view who equate anyone standing on the Right as naive, ignorant, racist, homophobe, etc. But these critical ones, standing outside and above are naive and uncritical of themselves. A challenge for modern critical consciousness: how to become conscious and critical of itself as ‘a way’, ‘a view’.

  • Leila Blanc

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    • Rob

      Hey, man! That’s awesome! I made sooo much money! Bye bye mommy. You won’t have to smell my farts anymore!

  • roccolore

    Clanton is a fascist left-wing crybaby.

    • spencer_e9876

      “fascist left-wing”

      Yeah, um, that’s not how fascism works.

      • lspanker

        You don’t seem to understand how anything works…

        • spencer_e9876

          Please elaborate.

          • Gladys McFibben

            Facism can come from any side. Look up the true definition. While real Nazis hijacked for some time doesn’t mean it can’t be used by anyone. His philosophy is well documented what you use to corrupt to your own political comments are all on you.

          • spencer_e9876

            “Facism can come from any side. Look up the true definition.”

            No, dude, it can’t. I know what the word means. The “true definition” includes the fact that it is a right-wing philosophy of government. Yes, you can have authoritarianism from either end of the spectrum, but fascism is most definitely a right-wing flavor of it.

          • Mark Weaver

            Like it or not, ANTIFA, or rather ‘PROFA’, is fighting on the side of the left. They want total and complete control over what everyone can say, think and do and are extremely violent.

          • JSpicoli

            According to your overlord Mr. Google. Also google “white couple” “american inventors” and “Oven definition”

          • machlin

            Hitler was an SJW who worked for Eisner (a Germany Jewish Bolshevik like Trotsky in Russia at the time) when they took over Bavaria in 1919 and declared the Bavarian Soviet. And then Hitler worked for the Bavarian Soviet government for a short time until it was deposed and Eisner was assassinated. Look it up on Wikipedia. Kind of like today’s little Hitlers who call themselves SJW’s and take their orders from the Semitic George Soros.
            Fascists are usually left wing, but sometimes there are right wing dictators who adopt fascist tactics to suppress oppressive forces like Islam (ie the Shah of Iran’s suppression of hatemongering muslims) or Communism (ie Pinochet’s suppression of power hungry commies).

          • Scott Robinson

            Hitler was not a SJW. SJWs are left-wing extremists who pretend to care about “marginalized minorities” so they have a better chance at destroying the status quo.

          • machlin

            The German Bolsheviks that Hitler served in 1919 were left wing extremists. Hitler had a highly tuned reflexive instinct of how to feed crowd sentiments, and how to feed off of those energies, much like progressives today like Al Franken who harps about women’s rights and then in private is a misogynist. If it were suddenly ok/PC to be a misogynist, don’t you think that the privately misogynist people would suddenly be leaders in misogyny against women? Like Bill Clinton, Al Franken, Hillary, etc?
            Even Feminist Gloria Steinem has been quoted as praising Sharia Law.
            So that explains why Hitler was a soldier of a Jewish 1919 version of today’s George Soros, and yet he fed off of the energies of the crowds and then killed all the Jews he could find. And Bill Clinton/Al Franken/Harvey Weinstein “cares” the most about women and then accosts them.

          • Dusty Thompson

            The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.

          • Greg Hopkins

            dunno if he was a sjw or not but what he was for sure is a rebranded communist..there was no way he was going to adopt the mantle of communist as the whole notion was conceived by two Jews…Democratic Socialist Party or Fascists of Mussolini were just marxists with a different name and slightly different MO..still garbage however,,as are all marxists

          • Dusty Thompson

            Spencer is a Hitler Youth in 1932 and too ignorant to even realize it…

            Collectivism of any flavor by its very nature requires tyranny. What kind of idiot voluntarily hands over his property and labor to a Bureaucrat? Oh yea, Liberals…. Liberals also want to hand over my stuff to some bureaucrat… Here is where we are going to have serious issues in America going forward…

            TICK TOCK seditious leftwits…

          • Dusty Thompson

            I did above, but I think it will break your brain. Left wing indoctrination historically does just that to all of its adherents.

        • Dusty Thompson

          Its sure easy to see to see the indoctrinated Liberals that really really really believe COLLECTIVIST FASCISM, which Mussolini himself said was based upon MARXISM is somehow the same as the Individualist American right wing, lolol.. America’s right wing is the complete opposite end of the political spectrum. But Liberals are liars.

          Political Spectrum 101:
          Modern American Left
          America at Founding
          Modern American Right

          That Fascism is considered “right wing” in Europe is a BUG, not a feature of European Politics. Why Europe will forever be a collectivist cesspool.

          Its past time for the American right to kick a lot of collectivist butt.

      • JSpicoli

        Yes it is. Get up to speed

    • Dusty Thompson


  • Killer Marmot

    For better or worse, there are video cameras everywhere, and they are getting higher quality all of the time. This means that if you misbehave in public, you may well be a YouTube sensation before you return home.

  • Nunya Beeswax

    Poor poor baby.

    • alex

      i say drop the charges and let the public deal to him see if he prefers that

  • s randall

    The only way to keep things peaceful is to prosecute the haters on both sides.

    • lspanker

      They can “hate” all they want as long as they don’t initiate acts of violence.

  • Spanker Dane

    Sucks that tax dollars go to pay for the salary of cowardly scum like this Clanton creep.