Things that could’ve been built instead of Ramona’s Café by now

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It’s been a long, long time since we’ve had to say goodbye to Ramona’s Café. Gone are the days of delicious paninis and delectable teriyaki bowls. While we’ve come to terms with the fact that a new café is supposed to open, we’d like to inquire as to where this café is. We were promised a replacement a year ago, and we at the Clog are heartbroken that Ramona’s had to go so soon. As a result, we’d like to suggest a few other things that could act as a replacement. Here are our suggestions; take them with a grain of salt.

An amusement park ride

Being stressed simply comes with the territory of being a UC Berkeley student. While we always need food, a great alternative is a roller coaster ride. Give us a drop tower, Ferris wheel or bumper cars. We find it hard to believe any of these would take more than a year to build.

In-N-Out Burger

We deserve cheap meals. We deserve good burgers. We deserve freshly made french fries. All in favor of having an In-N-Out, say “Aye.” Even though we can’t hear you, we know you’re all for it. Don’t worry, we feel the exact same way.

Barnes & Noble

We just miss the good ol’ days of hard copies of books. Our hearts ache to leisurely read in a relaxed environment. Maybe a Barnes & Noble would’ve taken less time to build than a brand new restaurant. A solid alternative.

A new Ramona’s

Couldn’t we just have remodeled Ramona’s by now instead? Why did we have to replace it altogether? A few remodels here and there would’ve surely cost less than constructing a brand-new restaurant. RIP our favorite toasted sandwiches.

We reluctantly accept the Ramona’s replacement, but we can’t help but notice how long it’s taken to come. We just hope the food is worthwhile; otherwise, we’d take one of the above options any day.

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  • Justin

    How come the article doesn’t give any information about the new place? I passed by the cafe just last week and they said it’s supposed to open a week after Labor Day. And there’s no mention of the name of the restaurant, Rice and Bone, which serves modern Vietnamese and California food according to a quick google search.

    Seriously, Daily Cal. At least do 5 min of research before you publish an article that literally provides no useful information. It’s a fun and lighthearted article, but I do wish it at least provided an update on the restaurant construction progress.