House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi condemns Antifa for violence at ‘alt-right’ rally

May 27, 2014 - San Francisco, California, United States:

Democratic Leader, U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi and Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez at The Department of Labor Regional Forum in San Francisco as part of the White House Summit on Working Families in the Milton Marks Auditorium, San Francisco, California.
May 27, 2014 - San Francisco, California, United States: Democratic Leader, U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi and Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez at The Department of Labor Regional Forum in San Francisco as part of the White House Summit on Working Families in the Milton Marks Auditorium, San Francisco, California.

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi criticized Antifa’s presence at Sunday’s “alt-right” rally in a statement Tuesday.

Pelosi is among many politicians — including Congresswoman Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, and Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguín — who have denounced violence at Berkeley protests.

“The violent actions of people calling themselves Antifa in Berkeley this weekend deserve unequivocal condemnation, and the perpetrators should be arrested and prosecuted,” Pelosi said in her statement.

Jack Citrin, campus professor of political science, said in an email he “unequivocally” supports Pelosi’s statement, referring to it as a “necessary and courageous” statement of values.

“Actions speak louder than words,” said Naweed Tahmas, Berkeley College Republicans external vice president, in an email. “If Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi wants to prove she is serious, she should twist the arm of the Mayor and the new Chancellor to protect conservative students from Antifa’s leftist thuggery in Berkeley and on campus.”

ASUC Senator Juniperangelica Cordova said although groups such as Antifa use distinct protesting tactics, “the political climate is intensifying what protecting ourselves may look like.” Cordova added that she does not condone fighting violence with violence, but nonviolent, moderate debates are not always effective enough to stop Nazis and protect the lives of marginalized communities.

ASUC Senator Sankalp Aggarwal said he agreed with the sentiment of Pelosi’s statement, but he added that Pelosi should have also condemned “alt-right” members for the violence incited at Sunday’s demonstration.

Regarding demonstrations such as Sunday’s “alt-right” rally, ASUC Senator Nuha Khalfay said the safety of the students should be a top priority for campus administration, adding that increased police presence may not be the answer.

According to BPD spokesperson Officer Jennifer Coats, BPD is currently conducting follow-up investigations regarding Sunday’s rally to identify and arrest anyone “responsible for a violent incident.”

Dean of the Goldman School of Public Policy Henry Brady deemed Antifa’s actions “unacceptable,” adding that wherever Antifa appears, violence seems to occur. Brady also condemned the “alt-right” and referenced the events in Charlottesville, which “horrified and appalled” him.

“We have to condemn violence when we see it,” Brady said. “I think Pelosi has done that with her statement.”

Amber Tang covers student life. Contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter at @ambertang_dc.

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  • SMH


    I bet that the *Jews*, *Roma*, Slavs, gays, congenitally handicapped, and other minorities of *Europe* would have wished there could have been a LLLOT more direct action antifa opposition against the *NAZIs* & *Fascists* of pre-WWII *Europe*! If so, more that **60,000,000** people might not have died as a result WWII!

    Instead it was the equivalent of the milquetoast liberal Democrat party, and the equivalent of Nancy Pelosi, in Wiemar Germany that actually put Hitler in power!


  • Leila Blanc

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  • FreedomFan

    Giving credit when credit is due: Thank you Nancy Pelosi. You and Berkeley Chancellor Christ are honorable Democrats. I knew there were some.

    It should be obvious, but once again here are the rules:

    Anyone gets to speak without another person stopping him.

    If you use violence against anyone who is not physically threatening you, then you are a criminal thug. You are not “defending” your pals; you are not a masked hero. You are a feral animal who belongs in prison where you cannot hurt decent people.

    Speech is not “violence”. Taking someone’s picture in a public place is not “violence”. Just because you smear someone as a “racist” or a “nazi” doesn’t mean he is, and you don’t get to hurt anyone just for talking, regardless.

    The Berkeley mayor and cops need to start doing their jobs, and stop acting like antifa collaborators. If you cowardly wear a mask so people can’t identify you when you batter innocent people, you need to be arrested. There is a law against doing that; cops need to enforce the law. This isn’t hard, people.

    With Ben Shapiro’s event, Berkeley will have one last chance to redeem themselves. Otherwise they will ruin their reputations and wind up like Evergreen and Missou: Violent marxist hell-holes where no decent person wants to enroll.

    • SMH


      “Speech is not “violence”.”

      Actually, speech itself can be legally considered forms of ‘violence’. Just a few examples are: making criminal physical threats; or inciting a riot; or incitement to mayhem; or telling someone with a gun to murder someone else; or issuing a murder or kidnapping contract; conspiracy to commit murder or kidnapping, etc.

      Free speech is not an absolute even in *any* “democratic” country in the world.

      In Canada and in many Eur-Western countries, “hate speech” is considered a form of violence.

      The right-wing, and much of the U.S. political & media establishment, historically was and regularly *always* trying to cut free speech when it came to anti-racists and leftists.

      Now Nancy Pelosi et al are threatening *anti-fascists* with greater vehemence that she/they actually threaten *fascists*. That’s because there has always been a fascist state element in this country against minorities, leftists and even peace activists. Jim Crow was certainly fascist against Black, Brown and Asian people in this country — and I won’t even go into various forms of enslavement (de facto, de jure, criminal-‘justice’, & economic) against Black, Brown and Asian people in the history of AmeriKKKa.

      Many Black people all along — especially working-class, lower-income, and red-lined Black and Brown people — live(d) under a form of police-occupation *fascist* impunity where civil law was/is typically suspended by the cops and ignored by the D.A.’s & judges, compared to where white people live(d).

      The historical arc from at least Goldwater, to Nixon, to Reagan, to Bush I & Bush II, to *Trump* is an historically rather smooth arc — and even with Bill “Mass Incarceration” Clinton as one of the points in/near that arc — where Trump is the natural endpoint thus far!


  • Pareto

    Nancy Pelosi is a better nationalist than cuckhold Paul Ryan! Ryan *endorsed* antifa terrorism. The GOP is a completely fake, astroturf party that only exists to give the rubes in flyover country the illusion that America is a democracy and that its not actually a rigid “””progressive””” dictatorship.