Bringing down Barrows

Joel Mayorga/Staff

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  • CSears

    An old Blue here. I’m used to calling it Barrows Hall but yep, this is the right thing to do.

    • X Ray

      I’m an alum, too, and I’m wondering what *exactly* is the proof that Barrows was a “White Supremacist” and an “Imperialist”. He served in the National Guard. Comparing his participation in the 1934 San Francisco General Strike as a Guard commander to some fascist organization leader is absurd. The Philippines? America did things like that back then. No reflection on him.

      This is not a Robert E. Lee and the presence of his name shouldn’t cause upset to *anyone* from what I have seen The building bears his name because he was a UC president and it needs no revisionist history

      • CSears

        His service in the Philippines was inarguably imperialism. However that was our national policy at the time and moreover we didn’t so much colonize as we won the Philippines from the Spanish who had colonized her.

        As for his participation in the General Strike, he was the Guard commander in the service of strike breaking. Machine guns were used and strikers were killed. Using the state’s authority and its monopoly of violence against workers sounds like textbook fascism.

        As for white supremacy, I’d need better evidence. Yeah, he’s not James Phelan but he’s definitely not Chang-Lin Tien.