Tickets not yet released for Ben Shapiro’s speaking event at UC Berkeley

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The campus has yet to release tickets for the Ben Shapiro speaking event hosted by Berkeley College Republicans and the Young America’s Foundation and scheduled for Sept. 14.

An article by the Daily Wire alleges that representatives for BCR and YAF tried to take up the matter with management of Cal Performances but were unable to set up a meeting. Due to campus’s alleged lack of urgency, YAF set up a link to notify those who sign up of the availability of tickets as soon as they are released.

BCR and Cal Performances could not be reached for comment as of press time.

“Planning and preparation for the September 14th event is proceeding, and we are working hard so that this will be a safe and successful event,” campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof said in an email. “There was a long and constructive meeting between representatives of the Berkeley College Republicans (BCR) and event staff from Zellerbach Hall.”

According to Mogulof, ticketing is supposed to start once BCR conveys its finalized logistical decisions to campus and the venue staff.

Although BCR is expected to pay for the cost of security, the campus is covering the remaining costs of the event, which Mogulof described as “unprecedented.” He said the campus eventually made the decision to accommodate Shapiro because BCR committed to a time and date before asking the campus whether one of the venues that is free to student organizations was available.

The event was scheduled in between the time when the old event policy was rescinded and the new event policy was put in place. Therefore, the new rules governing how student organizations can host events were not applicable.

According to Mogulof, Chancellor Carol Christ made her decision on a one-time-only basis because she believes it is essential for the campus to successfully host speakers across the political spectrum.

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Due to an editing error, a previous version of the headline accompanying this article incorrectly stated that the campus is delaying the release of tickets. In fact, tickets have not been released yet due to ongoing logistical planning.

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  • BerkPed

    Is the College Republican’s interuption of a BAMN meeting on campus really compatible with free speech?

    • FreedomFan

      Filming a public meeting at a public university is “interrupting”? Good to know.

  • FreedomFan

    Carol Christ is a hypocrite who preens as a champion of free speech while striving to suppress Conservatives from speaking. Just another corrupt, book-burning Democrat.

    “Berkeley had notified YAF and BCR that half of the roughly 2,000 seat Zellerbach Hall must be left empty, despite the university having charged the sponsors $15,000 for security for the event. YAF noted, More than 2,500 individuals have confirmed their desire to hear Shapiro speak at Berkeley via wait list.”

  • Bob Bird

    “…she believes it is essential for the campus to successfully host speakers across the political spectrum.”

    By “spectrum” she must surely mean “racist” or “not racist”.

    • s randall

      Shapiro was at Berkeley last year. Why is it different this year? It must be because both sides are looking for an issue.

      BTW, here’s a video of his previous visit. Let me know if he said anything interesting. I have more important things to do.

    • FreedomFan

      Yes because the peaceful intellectual wearing the yarmulke is “racist”…not the white thugs wearing black masks who beat up people of color.