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In this week’s issue of the Weekender, our writers contemplate the worlds both within and without.

Staff writer Olivia Staser and Weekender editor Ericka Shin muse upon their personal lives in “OK” and “Recipe for finding peace,” respectively. And in “The Modern Body Paradox: Love to hate, hate to love,” staff writer Frida Schaefer Bastian opens up about her struggle with her body image and reaches out to advise all our readers who are going through a similar experience.

Senior staff writer Robert Tooke gives readers a tour of the UC Berkeley campus through the sense of smell that segues into a tour of his past in “The savor of smell.”

Finally, in “Genres of survival: On the theme of resilience in media,” staff writer Caitlyn Jordan brings readers’ attention to a theme of survival prevalent in all media throughout history, but one that seems especially pertinent today considering all that has been going on in the world and all that will possibly go on on our campus.

So slow down, sit back and let these pieces serve as a welcome reprieve before the week picks back up again — because it’s the Weekend(er).

— Ericka Shin and Gibson Chu

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