UC Berkeley ties with UCLA as No. 1 public school in US

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For the first time in almost 20 years, UC Berkeley has not achieved the sole title of No. 1 public university in the United States, as ranked by U.S. News and World Report.

The leader in college rankings placed UC Berkeley at No. 21 on its annual list, tying with UCLA, USC and Emory University. Private universities dominated the top spots in the rankings list.

The list ranks national universities that offer a full range of undergraduate majors, master’s degrees and doctoral programs and that demonstrate a commitment to producing “groundbreaking research,” according to the organization’s website.

Princeton University was ranked the No. 1 school in the country overall, with an undergraduate enrollment of 5,400 and tuition and fees coming in at $47,140. UC Berkeley enrolls 29,311 undergraduates at $42,112 for out-of-state tuition and $14,098 for in-state tuition.

According to Robert Morse, chief data strategist at U.S. News and World Report, the rankings put the most weight on “student outcomes,” at approximately 30 percent. These outcomes include student graduation and retention rate. UC Berkeley performs well in these areas, with a four-year graduation rate of 76 percent and a one-year retention rate of about 97 percent.

The top 20 schools in the rankings, however, were all private universities.

Part of the disparity between public and private universities can be attributed to the rankings criteria, which include academic reputation, student selectivity and alumni giving.

“The criteria really (favor) private schools over public. Some of the public institutions I have talked to were really critical of that,” Politico education reporter Ben Wermund said.

A recent special report by Wermund analyzed the economic disparities between high-ranked universities and those ranked lower in the standings. The study found that many top schools admitted more students from the top 1 percent of earners than those from the bottom 60 percent.

About 17 percent of students at Princeton University were in the top 1 percent of earners, and only about 14 percent of students were in the bottom 60 percent, as of 2011. In contrast, about 5 percent of students at UC Berkeley were from the top 1 percent, and just below 30 percent of students were from the bottom 60 percent.

“This will be the greatest societal challenge of today — trying to make the upward path more accessible,” campus professor emeritus of economics Richard Gilbert said.

According to Morse, nearly 90 percent of people utilizing the rankings are researching universities outside the top 10 schools.

UC Berkeley did not drop any points in any measurement this year, according to campus spokesperson Michael Dirda. He emphasized that UC Berkeley focuses on “twin pillars of access and excellence.”

“We don’t sacrifice that mission to score highly on these rankings,” Dirda said.

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  • s randall

    Berkeley got complacent.

  • Jay Cha

    Lol. Not gonna lie, berkeley is slapping its own face. You say berkeley is ranked lower unfairly because of alumni giving. So you are criticizing the use of alumni giving? Essentially why are Berkeley alumni not giving anything back to their alma mater? Did Berkeley treat them that badly? It is not a good atitude to point fingers at others who point out your flaws, especially an obvious and seriously bad one.

  • Douglas Bonham

    The Daily Cal should do a story on what the Alumni think of Berkeley today. Go ahead, see if
    you can get the Alumni Office to release its polling data to you. See if they will tell you anything
    about downturns in alumni funding and participation. But you won’t do it, because at heart
    you’re shills for Napolitano and her femmemafia and the whole durn PC/Diversity/freak racket. That’s where the money and mobthink/groupthink are—
    — for now. No surprise that UCLA has outstripped Berkeley – but what a continuing disgrace, and almost entirely due to the adminstration and fellow traveler faculty, except in STEM. Eventually too they’ll
    destroy STEM at Berkeley in the name of Diversity. O tempora! O Mores!

    • Berkeley Alum

      Hi, I am a Berkeley alumni actually.

      I do agree that Berkeley’s finances are terrible. Berkeley doesn’t lack in funding, it is the most funded public school in California, but somehow, the maintenance and quality of living is much below that of its competitors.

      HOWEVER, the education that Berkeley provides is one of the best in the nation, if not the best. The researchers and professors are phenomenal, and there is a enormous selection of classes and subareas of study that is not seen ANYWHERE else. In the math and physics departments, I have yet to see a school with such a tremendous variety of high-quality seminars, colloquia talks, undergraduate and graduate classes, research interests, etc. In every subfield of math and physics, Berkeley shines. This partnership of diversity, rigor, and quality is also seen in the language departments (Berkeley has a separate department for each category of languages!!!), the clubs and organizations, the wonderful Zellerbach performances, etc. Berkeley is simply a giant, in a league of its own. I owe so much to the education and experience I had at Berkeley, and I have yet to see any other school comparable in magnitude to Berkeley.

  • UC Berkeley is the laughing stock of the country right now, this ranking doesn’t surprise me.

    • Steve Fischer

      and your expertise is _________? In what part of the country do you work? Private profile -what are you hiding? Some drug convictions?

      • So you’re mad that berkeley is a joke now? hahaha

        • Steve Fischer

          Aww whining – poor guy – see above and try to make an intelligent response. I do not feel bad about the rankings- tied for #1 is cool – #1 in Forbes is cool.

          • Berkeley has become a joke. It’s the laughing stock of the country now. Whatever respect it had is slipping, fast. Go ahead and cry about it. Haha, weirdo old racist fool.

          • Steve Fischer

            So you repeat the same crap every toke. Have someone not on drugs read the question to you. A bit of research ( way beyond your capability) will show Cal’s rating has little effect on me; I simply spotted a piece of uneducated trash and enjoy kicking you a bit before I move on.

          • Berkeley is a joke, my friend. It simply is. Slamming your keyboard in anger over this FACT is not productive at all. Just try to breathe slowly and calm down and repeat after me, “UC Berkeley is joke and a laughing stock.” Say it slowly and remember to enunciate. Also, try to befriend some minorities to help rid yourself of your bigoted views of African-Americans — maybe this way you’ll realize that not all blacks do drugs. You, on the other hand, must have fried your brain on LSD.

          • Steve Fischer

            No one is slamming any keyboard. This is the most attention you have received from a professional since you met your probation officer. You were asked to not be coward, to show some evidence instead “He’s a racist cause he pointed out that I’m stupid and on drugs” There is no way you could have been accepted to Cal and now you’re bitter. Cal is just one university I attended and I’m happy with my income and property and my professional position. If you put down the pipe you could ascertain that as I’m not a coward whining about race.

          • Steve Fischer Is A Cuck

            I wouldn’t try to argue with Steve. His IQ is far above us mortals. lmao what a cuck. Look at his profile. Its filled with him bragging about his $400 an hour job and pistachio orchard to random people people.

          • Steve Fischer Is A Cuck

            A solid percentage of Steve’s comments are of him demanding others to post their education / job history and qualification .

          • jeyhovah

            Bro this guy really exists I can’t believe a lawyer would actually post these comments anywhere. Unless he’s looking to ruin the reputation of the actual Steve Fischer, you could probably get his Bar license in texas reviewed with comments like this. He even uses the same picture here as he does on FB! https://www.facebook.com/steve.fischer.1253

          • You mean you simply thought you could be racist and not get called out on it. Pathetic loser, old racist scum.

      • Racist chump. Mad over a school ranking so you resort to racial innuendos to make yourself feel better.. Bruh seriously?

        • Steve Fischer

          No its because you’re stupid, a coward and present no evidence. You don’t get that dumb without drugs. You can’t read, or think. 1. Show us some statistically significant data that shows “Berkeley is a joke”2 Come out of hiding- show us your background and expertise. I say you won’t and can’t — yep pass around that pipe.

  • Cmr

    Berkeley’s Socialist administrators are destroying Cal’s reputation. Corporations despise Cal now for its free speech INTOLERANCE, and now prefer to hire from other UC campuses. Voice your opinion to admin of you care at all. You are despised throughout the country for your communist , anarchic tendencies. This drop in rankings is your own fault for being weak against P.C. CRAP. Even Bill Maher now calls UC Berkeley a bunch of intellectual cowards and babies. You should demand your tuition money back, except it has gone to support your fat admin costs and admin pensions already!

    • Steve Fischer

      Here we have a coward hiding behind a phony screen name acting like it knows what the country thinks. I travel around a bunch and Cal’s reputation is just fine at least in Texas and New Mexico.

      • Cmr

        Steve, you work for Cal and are a state worker parasite on hard working people. Warning , your promised pension will evaporate, and Cal will go the way of Illinois.

        • Steve Fischer

          Have the courage to use a real profile. Have the brains to be able to read one and see what I do and where I live. You will fail at both.

          • Cmr

            I noticed you boast about traveling to New Mexico and Texas, which means unm and ut dallas, probably. Not Cambridge and New Haven? Poor 2nd tier Stevie…

          • Steve Fischer

            You are really dumb. jeez – no wonder you don’t have a profile. I get $400 an hour to speak to ignorants. Because you are too stupid to figure it out – I own a large pistachio orchard in NM and practice law in Texas . I went to Cal and Indiana, Now as to YOU?? If you wont come out of your whole -I’ll just ignore you.

          • Cmr

            Jeez , no wonder nobody’s written articles about you in nyt or wsj with those lame credentials. ..indiana??

          • Cmr

            You travel to NM and Tx. Not Cambridge and New Haven? You are 2nd tier Stevie.

  • jim hoch

    UCLA has spent significant time conducting advanced research in numerous fields. At Cal this is now considered extraneous, with a predictable result.

  • elrod

    Bogus ranking.