9 arrested in connection with protests of UC Berkeley Ben Shapiro event

Yukun Zhang/Staff

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Berkeley Police Department and its law enforcement partners arrested nine people Thursday night in connection to protests related to Ben Shapiro’s speaking event on the UC Berkeley campus.

According to Berkeley Police Department spokesperson Officer Byron White, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office worked with BPD as one of its allied partners to make the arrests. BPD released a Nixle alert late Thursday evening with details about the arrests.

The nine people arrested are:

  • Sarah Rourke, 44, San Francisco, on suspicion of carrying a banned weapon
  • Hannah Benjamin, 20, Fremont, on suspicion of carrying a banned weapon and battery on a police officer
  • Michael Paul Sullivan, 29, Hayward, on suspicion of carrying a banned weapon
  • Kerim Celik, 18, Saratoga, on suspicion of disturbing the peace
  • Noe Gonzalez Gudino, 24, Richmond, on suspicion of disturbing the peace and public intoxication
  • Miguel Reyes, 21, Colton, on suspicion of resisting arrest
  • Jorge Cabanillas, 20, Rialto, on suspicion of battery
  • Eddy Robinson, 44, Oakland, on suspicion of carrying a banned weapon
  • Darin Bauer, 45, Berkeley, on suspicion of battery

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  • R Braiwick Jr

    Are Tiki torches banned weapons? Ummmmmmmm

  • FreedomFan

    Finally the Berkeley police were allowed to do their jobs, and prevent Democrat thugs from running rampant and burning down the town again.

    The BAMN-loving mayor probably realized that if he allowed his marxist pals to shut down another Conservative speech, then the feds would get involved.

  • kennebec123

    Round up all the anti-free speech little fascist “protesters” and ship them to North Korea for a month or two. Let them experience some real oppression.

    Oh, wait; they already live in California. Close enough.

    • Steve Todd

      Were you born that stupid, or have you worked at it?

      • kennebec123

        Well, Steve, according to High School, college, and military IQ tests, I had a 98th percentile IQ at one point.

        But, since then, I have read a lot of leftist political commentary, so it’s possible that I could now be a drooling, imbecilic, moronic, hate-filled, bigoted, racist lunatic.

        You know: like you.

  • Reiko Redmonde

    This “weapon” thing is a big fat police lie that the Daily Cal should not fall for. I can’t speak for all of them but arrest of my friend was completely bogus. She was arrested while carrying a big sign that told about the Trump Regime’s attacks on Muslims.She was on her way to the speakout, and the sign was part of the speakout, and one of a set. The speakout was beautiful, powerful and completely non-violent. THERE WAS NO “weapon.” She was told the sign was “too big.”

    • Rollie

      If true, your account is definitely newsworthy, and perhaps damning of the police. You should definitely present your evidence (photos, video, police report, etc.). But understand that until you do, The Daily Californian and its journalists can’t be expected to take your word for it.

    • Reiko Redmode, was your anti-American AntiF(irst)A(mendment) friend carrying her sign attached to a stick/piece of wood?

      A partial list of banned weapons:

      •Lengths of lumber or wood (any size)
      •Wooden dowels
      •Poles or staffs

      I love how you poor dears on the rabid left just hate someone else having an opinion vastly different from your own debased one. And then to {GASP} speak out in public? I’m sure that’s a hanging offense to your ilk.

      It’s too bad no one teaches History any more. Antifa are commie rat b*stards, in another word, lefties. Nazis were also socialist, making them lefties, too, national socialists as opposed to international socialists. I guess you were happy with the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (August 23, 1939); June 22, 1941, not so much.

      Antifa are nothing more than a US version of Mao’s Red Guards during China’s ‘Cultural Revolution’. You know, Mao’s thugs. The same Mao responsible for the deaths of over 70 million people. Great role model you have there, Cupcake.

    • BerkeleyMews

      Your friend has been living under a rock if they had not read the list of what was banned.

    • Wait until someone cracks your skull open with a large piece of wood, as has happened to others at other protests, then you may feel differently.

    • ESPM360

      The left cannot take the push back. Bunch of wussies.

    • FreedomFan

      Her goofy sign was massive and heavy because it was backed with plywood. The police finally figured out the leftist game in which antifa thugs bring a sign, then they use the wood in the sign to give a concussion to a random innocent person they smear as a “fascist’.

      That’s why a wood-backed sign clearly was on the banned list. If your friend had been literate then she would not be in prison. So let the violent antifa thugs rot in jail.

  • John Prescott

    Sorta dont strike me as white supremacists. What gives?