Your comprehensive guide to Taylor Swift’s music videos

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Are you a Taylor Swift fan? Oh, you despise her? Either way, you should know that although she has taken down most lyric videos to protect against piracy, she has a hefty pile of music videos waiting for you to enjoy.

Of all Taylor Swift’s music videos, some are clearly better than others. Of course, this is all dependent on taste, it’s subjective, blah, blah, blah. However, for the music video lovers out there, here is what you need to know about T-Swift’s visual medium.

T. Swizzle has 34 music videos on her Vevo page, not including the various versions and “making of” videos such as “I Don’t Want to Live Forever.” These videos fall into several categories: just for fun, narratives, tour videos and Taylor looking really hot and/or sad. So, without further ado, here’s the Clog’s categorization of almost every Taylor Swift music video.

Just for fun:
“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together:” It’s all one continuous shot, and there is a band dressed as bears.
“Mean:” It’s fun and folksy and tells the story of people besides Taylor.
“Shake it Off:” This is an amazing expose on Taylor’s dance moves (or lack of) and gets you pumped to take on the world.
“Style:” Honestly, it’s just artsy af and cool to watch.
“22:” I wish my birthday parties were this fun.
“Bad Blood:” AKA how many A-list celebs can you fit in one music video?

“You Belong With Me:” Everyone loves it. If you don’t love it, you’re wrong.
“Blank Space:” It has amazing production quality and a hot guy and is pretty much the most badass music video that’s ever been made.
“Wildest Dreams:” She’s lying in front of a lion! What else do you want? Also — Scott Eastwood. That is all.
“Story of Us:” Don’t we all hope that this happens to us in Doe Library? (It also includes sporadic shots of Ms. Taylor dancing.)
“Everything Has Changed:” It’s a cute little love story between two kids, and then Ed Sheeran shows up.
“Begin Again:” Includes a bunch of cool shots of Taylor in France in beautiful gowns.
“Ours:” It’s cute, the boy is cute and the ending is super cute. ‘Murica.
“I Knew You Were Trouble:” At least it has great production quality, but honestly it’s just uncomfortable watching Taylor’s attempt at being a grunge party girl.

Taylor looking really hot and/or sad:
“Love Story:” Who doesn’t love a good Shakespeare allusion and a white gown?
“Our Song:” This is probably one of the peaks of Taylor hotness, as she looks like a literal Barbie, but in a cute, Southern way.
“Out of the Woods:” Not really sure why she felt the need to add the ending statement, but the special effects are pretty cool and she looks better than most would when crawling through mud.
“Back to December:” There are a lot of shots of Taylor on the floor and leaning against walls looking sad. Maybe she just took her finals?
“Picture to Burn:” Here’s another one for the badasses who fantasize about trashing their ex-boyfriend’s house.
“Teardrops on My Guitar:” This is the song that made her famous, and the music video does a great job of making her look like a watercolor portrait.
“Fifteen:” They kind of overdid it on the special effects and animation, but it’s still a #relatable topic.
“Change:” There’s a lot of her playing the guitar, which is cool, but I don’t think we really needed a music video for it. We know, Taylor, you can play guitar (refer to the video two prior to this)!
“Safe and Sound:”If you’re looking for a video of Taylor just walking through the woods with her feelings, this is it.
“Tim McGraw:” This is a cute combo of her looking good overlaid with a small narrative.
“White Horse:” It’s just Taylor looking really sad while it rains and she thinks about making out with a boy
on the couch.

As you can see, there’s quite a bit to check out. Even if music videos aren’t your vibe, we’d still recommend watching “You Belong With Me,” “Blank Space” and “Our Song” if you’re any kind of Taylor Swift fan. Enjoy!

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