Steve Bannon, Ann Coulter not included in new list of speakers for ‘Free Speech Week’ released by UC Berkeley

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Update 09/19/2017: This article has been updated with additional information from The Berkeley Patriot, Michael Malice and James Damore.

UC Berkeley administration released Monday the finalized list of speakers scheduled for “Free Speech Week” given to them by the Berkeley Patriot.

The first list released by co-sponsor Milo Yiannopoulos on Thursday was quickly met with uncertainty and confusion, with several speakers on the list, including libertarian political scientist Charles Murray, stating that they had never been invited or that they did not intend to appear. Steve Bannon and Ann Coulter are not included in the updated list.

Of the nine events listed, six of them are set to take place on the steps of Sproul Hall. The events of Sept. 26 will take place on Lower Sproul and the third event scheduled for Sept. 25 will be held in Anna Head Alumnae Hall.

The list of speakers provided by the campus administration is slightly different from the list shown on Yiannopoulos’ Free Speech Week website, which includes speakers such as Bannon, Coulter and Breitbart News London editor Raheem Kassam. None of these speakers were included on the list given to campus administration by the Berkeley Patriot.

Mogulof added in his email that only two of the speakers on this list have been confirmed so far.

The author Michael Malice, who is on the list for Sept. 26, said in an email Tuesday that he will not be speaking at UC Berkeley during Free Speech Week.

James Damore, the former Google employee who was fired for criticizing Google’s diversity policies in an internal memo, posted Tuesday evening on Twitter that he was added to the list of speakers without his knowledge, and that he would not be attending Free Speech Week.

According to the Berkeley Patriot news editor Pranav Jandhyala, however, the list released by the campus administration was “made up” by administrators who were under the impression that Bannon and Coulter would no longer be part of the event, as they were scheduled to speak in Zellerbach.

Sept. 24, “Feminism Awareness Day:”

Savio Steps, noon to 12:55 p.m.: Miss Elaine

Savio Steps, 5 p.m. to 6:45 p.m.: Lucian Wintrich, Lisa De Pasquale and Chadwick Moore

Sep. 25, “Zuck 2020:”

Savio Steps, noon to 12:55 p.m.: Heather Mac Donald

Savio Steps, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.: Monica Crowley and SABO

Anna Head Alumnae Hall, 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.: Jordan Peterson and James Damore

Sept. 26, “Islamic Peace and Tolerance Day:”

Lower Sproul Plaza, noon to 12:55 p.m.: Michael Malice

Lower Sproul Plaza, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.: Katie Hopkins and an interview with Erik Prince, Pamela Geller and David Horowitz hosted by Yiannopoulos

Sept. 27, “Mario Savio is Dead:”

Savio Steps, noon to 12:55 p.m.: Mike Cernovich

Savio Steps, 5 p.m. to 6:55 p.m.: Ariana Rowlands and Stellion Onufrei

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  • jeyhovah

    I don’t understand, you update that bannon/coulter have been removed, but don’t take the time to reupdate your list that has them back on?

  • cdw

    I wish I could attend the Berkeley Free Speech Week events.

    Milo Yiannopoulos has a phenomenal wit and sense of humor. I estimate his I.Q. (intelligence quotient) to be in the upper genius range.

    I saw an interesting published list of leftists who were also invited to speak but, unsurprisingly, declined the offer (heh-heh), The marketplace of ideas is ruthless to those that are not founded in fact and reason.

  • Sonic Bodyboarder

    Why are the two best speakers removed from free speech week? I was looking forward to hearing our potential future president, Steve Bannon.

  • (((NunuyaBizinizz)))

    From Milo:

    >”The Patriot’s list has not changed. Berkeley sent out a release without Ann or Steve to stir up s**t”

  • robert x martin

    Should they bring their Tiki Torches?

    • Sonic Bodyboarder

      Keep them for your backyard BBQs!

  • sorrykb1

    Grifters gonna grift, and the “alt-right” is rife with willing fools.
    Enjoy your non-event.

    • josh

      Comment fail.

      Dismissing people with superficial slights has stopped working, hence Trump in the White House, hence the rise of the Alt-Right.

      It was a good run, but withering scorn has lost its sting. People know who they are, and no longer care if people on the left act like disapproving mean girls.

      You are being left behind.

      Get some arguments

    • cdw

      Identity Politics (what you are espousing) is the stuff of genocides.

      Collectively demonizing any group of people is intellectually dishonest and the epitome of bigotry.

    • rychastings

      if it is such a non event, how come your antifa thug friends are willing to crack skulls to stop people from discussing political ideas?