Why UC Berkeley is better than USC

Ameena Golding/Staff

UC Berkeley may not have a rivalry with USC, but we Bears just want to make sure it’s clear: USC pales in comparison to our school. It’s not that USC is bad, it’s just that we’re better. Disagree? You’re probably just salty that you’re not a Bear.


One of the things that makes UC Berkeley great is its international reputation. US Weekly’s Best Global University rankings has Berkeley at No. 4 in the world. USC on the other hand is ranked No. 53. UC Berkeley can boast about its reputation internationally, while USC may not be so acclaimed.


The quality of the libraries are often equal to the quality of the school. The rings true in the case of UC Berkeley versus USC. UC Berkeley has 12 million book volumes (including priceless first editions), while USC’s libraries hold 4 million printed book volumes. Better luck next time, Trojans.

Nobel Prizes

UC Berkeley has seven nobel prize winners on its current faculty. USC on the other hand has three nobel prizes held by current faculty. That isn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s no UC Berkeley.

First born

UCB came first, established in 1868, as opposed to 1880, when USC was founded. Face it, USC: y’all copied us.


You’d be hard pressed to find a school that equals Berkeley in protests. This could be seen as a bad thing, but it means that us Bears stand for what we believe in and take action so that policy is influenced. Where was USC’s Free Speech Movement?

Tuition costs

Berkeley’s in-state tuition hovers around $35,000, whilst USC costs around $48,000 per year to attend. Our tuition is way lower, a definite plus.

By now, we hope you realize that Berkeley is clearly better than USC. Our reputation, amazing libraries, nobel prize-winning faculty and tuition cost make Berkeley way more ideal than USC. Let’s just hope we show our superiority on the football field next week. 

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