Life mysteries that bother every student during the day

Melanie Chan/File

As you walk up Sproul Plaza and head to your class after lunch, do you ever think about how much of your life you can’t control? It seems unavoidable at this point, but it would be nice to know why things are the way they are. Let’s face it, even Albert Einstein wouldn’t be able to explain the some phenomena that undoubtedly rule our lives. Just to add some extra stress, here are the Clog’s most unsettling life mysteries.

The missing sock

Where did it go?! My guess is that it’s on the back of that monster in that “Monster’s Inc.” movie. In any case, it’s gone forever and we have to deal with looking like slobs and have mismatched socks for the rest of our lives.

The unpredictable (and frustrating) temperature changes

Sometimes it’s hot in the morning and cold in the afternoon, and vice versa. Now, consider the temperature in each of our lecture halls — Pimentel Hall is too cold, and LeConte Hall is boiling. There’s no winning. When it comes to temperature at UC Berkeley, consistency is not key.

The infinite laundry pile

We all know the deal. You do your laundry on Saturday. Then, when you wake up Sunday, it’s like you never did the laundry to begin with! Those two hours of mechanical scrubbing and drying seemed to be for naught. A consequence of this phenomenon is that clothes on the floor becomes such a common sight that all of your articles, clean or not, form a layer to protect us from the lava — don’t pretend you still don’t play that game.

The quiz/midterm grade of doom

We’ve all felt that feeling of dread when we get a grade back and see the number of points slashed as if a seemingly reasonable answer was actually a crude sketch of an Oski-dinosaur hybrid. The GSI’s explanation may never seem logical, but, then again, neither was the one they gave in discussion.

While we may very well never find solutions to these mysteries, it’s comforting to know what to look out for. Remember friends, we’re all in this together.

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