How to get on ‘The Bachelor’ or ‘The Bachelorette’ as a Golden Bear

Hannah Cooper/Staff

Even UC Berkeley students want their 15 minutes of fame. Becoming a reality TV star would mean no more late night cramming and no more setting foot in Dwinelle Hall again. That’s hard to pass up. And what better show is there to go on than The Bachelor or The Bachelorette? While we at the Clog have already spoken about which students we think should be on the show, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a shot. So how can a UC Berkeley student achieve reality stardom? Easy, it just takes some preparation.

In order to have the best chance to get on the show, you should recruit a film major to make your casting tape truly extra. Go to the Big C and watch the sunset while you profess how much you want to find your one true love. Maybe even take some shots of you protesting, to show your sexy political activist side.

It’s also important to not get arrested when protesting (contestants must have never been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor). You also need to be 21, so juniors or seniors need only apply. Also, be sure to pick up a passport from the RSF passport station, because you’ll have to be able to travel without restriction.

Staff/Hannah Cooper

Staff/Hannah Cooper

Now it’s time to acquire some skills to set you apart from the competition. Take the Greek Folk Dancing DeCal in order to upgrade your moves, and impress that special guy or gal. You also might want to join the Fashion and Student Trends club in order to get the lowdown on how to strut your stuff in style. Another good move is to start reading the Berkeley Poetry Review in order to add some written romance to your repertoire. Maybe even join the comedy group jericho! so that you can laugh the night away with your potential bae.

If you’re down for a brief moment of fame (or infamy), becoming the next bachelor or bachelorette is the clear thing to do. Just make sure to take the Sex 101 DeCal in case you make it to the fantasy suite – because clearly we can’t rely on the Whaboom guy (a UC Berkeley alum). Peace, love, Clog.  

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