Song requests for the Campanile

Michael Drummond/File

The Campanile is our jam — literally. Three times a day (on weekdays), members of the Sather Tower Carillon head to the top of the Campanile to bust out a tune. Typically, it’s a classical piece written specifically to be played for a bell tower, but every now and then you’ll hear some top-40 songs, such as “Turn Down for What” and everyone’s childhood favorite, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” While we at the Clog can never get enough of other popular hits, such as “Sonata 3 Adagio,” there are certainly some jams we’ve been itching to hear during our walks to class. So, Campanile, listen up. Here’s what we want to hear next.

“Thriller” – Michael Jackson

Now that it’s October, it’s time to get into the Halloween spirit. And what better way to do that than to hear “Thriller” on the way to our 8 a.m. classes? We can just see the zombie flash mobs on Sproul Plaza now.


“You Belong with Me” – Taylor Swift

If you don’t love the old Taylor Swift wearing the big, goofy glasses and a homemade T-shirt as she wistfully looks upon her crush through her bedroom window, then you’re simply wrong. There’s nothing we’d love more than to throw it back to our middle school days as we relive this song’s iconic music video in our minds.


“Gas Pedal” – Sage the Gemini ft. IamSu

Sometimes we’re feeling nostalgic on our strolls through campus, and often times that nostalgia entails us reminiscing on crappy frat parties from freshman year, in which the only song we could remember was 2014’s “Gas Pedal.” Please, Campanile. Let us feel young again.


“Bodak Yellow” – Cardi B

All we could ever want in our college years to is to hear the Campanile play the instrumental rendition of the lyrics “Said little b****, you can’t f*** with me.” It’s about time Sather Tower gets a little lit and spits some fire (not literally, of course). Plus, “Bodak Yellow” is a great jam to get you pumped up for a dreadful discussion section or midterm exam.


“TiK ToK” – Ke$ha

Don’t make fun of us for this one. Deep down inside, you know that there would be nothing better than the clock tower playing a song called “Tik Tok.” Plus, it’s an incredible throwback hit.


“The Office” theme song

If this isn’t your favorite song, we don’t know what is. And even if you don’t, we promise you that even if you’ve never even heard of “The Office,” you’ll immediately feel alive when the Campanile plays this jingle.


“You Make My Dreams” – Daryl Hall and John Oates

Picture this. You’re skipping out of your last class of the week on a clear, sunny Friday towards a hangout sesh with your best buds on the Glade. The (cartoon) birds are a-chirpin’, you’re dancing your way down the street and the next thing you know, you’re Joseph Gordon-Levitt in that scene from 500 Days of Summer – all thanks to the Campanile.


“Time Warp” – Patricia Quinn, Richard O’Brien, Little Nell

Remember CalSO or GBO, when your orientation leaders showed you how to do a dance to a song that you’d never, ever do again in your entire life? Well, now there can finally be a point to that previously useless 45 minutes of everyone’s lives!

So, dearest Campanile. Make our dreams come true. We believe in you.

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