BAMN organizer Yvette Felarca’s arraignment on charges of assault, riot postponed to November

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The arraignment hearing of By Any Means Necessary, or BAMN, activist Yvette Felarca was postponed Wednesday to Nov. 8. Felarca is facing a felony charge of assault and two misdemeanor charges of rioting and inciting to riot.

Felarca’s attorney and BAMN activist Ronald Cruz said the judge granted the defense more time to review the evidence that the prosecutors produced against Felarca. Felarca faces these charges for allegedly attacking Nigel Walker, according to the complaint. A BAMN press release states that Felarca and other BAMN members were protesting a “recruitment rally” for “neo-Nazi/KKK members” in Sacramento before the 2016 election.

Shelly Orio, a spokesperson for the Sacramento County District Attorney’s office, declined to comment on the litigation because it is a pending case.

According to Cruz, 25 individuals from the Berkeley community came to the courthouse Wednesday to support Felarca. Cruz said the prosecution asked the judge to ban Felarca from participating in current protests as long Felarca faces charges. The judge, however, only warned Felarca to not participate in any illegal activity.

Felarca confirmed that she is pleading not guilty to all charges.

“We plan to fight the charges because she did nothing wrong,” Cruz said. “People shouldn’t be jailed for standing up to the rise of fascism.”

Porfirio Paz and Michael Williams, the two other protesters who were arrested in Sacramento, have already been arraigned, according to Cruz.

Felarca was also arrested Sept. 26 on suspicion of battery and resisting arrest at a free speech rally in Berkeley held by Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson. Cruz said Felarca’s court date for the September incident is scheduled for Oct. 26.

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  • They are NOT anti-KKK, they are anti-White.

    You know that because they label all white people as Nazis or KKK members, then continue to hate them.

    Pay attention.

  • I’mOffendedYou’reOffended

    The fascists of today call themselves anti-fascists. This vermin squelches free speech for everyone opposing her, yet uses it herself like a weapon. Hubris and hypocrisy are overflowing in the left.

  • roccolore

    Felarca is a Mexican fascist who hates free speech.

  • Ren Jason Lou

    This woman should be put into the Jail. She made Berkeley crazy and haunted.

  • joy

    This mentally ill person should not be teaching in any school. Parents should go to the school board and demand that she be fired. If the school board will not fire her, parents should transfer their children to a private school. The children’s welfare should not be taken lightly by letting this violent psycho remain in the classroom.

  • Charles Kobold

    What she is trying to do right now is convince the prosecutor to let her plead guilty to misdemeanors and no felonies. If nothing happens between now and her next appearance you can be sure that the prosecutor (yes there are some responsible people running the show in CA) is not having it. Every decent defense attorney does this. They delay and delay and delay, hoping witnesses move and can’t be contacted and so on. Unfortunately for Ms. Felarca the main piece of evidence is herself. Video of her bragging about attacking people and throwing punches that wouldn’t floor a toy poodle are the main pieces of evidence against her. Those pieces of evidence also can’t move and can’t not be contacted and can’t recant. She is desperately trying to avoid a felony for financial reasons. IF you get a felony on your record it is a real kick to the groin, even if you don’t serve any time (I don’t think she will get more than a few token days in jail even if convicted). People won’t rent to you and your resume automatically goes to the bottom of the pile. She certainly would lose her job as a teacher (god can you imagine your child in her classroom) and have to start from scratch. It’s going to take time but I think she will have to face the consequences for her actions and will not like it. She may put on a brave face but I think she is scared right now. I might be wrong, but I hope not.

    • Michal Tastik

      A felony is the only way she would get fired and she needs that access to kids for BAMN.

      • Charles Kobold

        Unfortunately you are probably correct. But I still think she is running scared right now. Wait and see what happens in early November. If she can’t get a plea bargain to get rid of that felony by then she will be in trouble. The evidence is so overwhelming and I would bet money that even in very left leaning sympathetic CA the majority of people are against weirdos like her. A jury trial should convict her. Once again its not like she is facing any real time, its the papertrail that never goes away that she is scared of.

        • Michal Tastik

          I know I’m right. It was in an article a while back that felony is the only way they can fire her. They WANT to fire her, but the unions are too powerful in CA.

  • Graeme Stewart

    She might actually like North Korea.

  • opuspenquin
    • Michal Tastik

      You should tweet that out with #yvettefelarca and also put it on gab and in the comments of videos about Yvette.

    • DoNoHarm

      The petition is not active.

  • MondegreenMom

    So… this arraignment delay is for the June 2016 arrests, while the September 2017 arrests arraignment (delay) isn’t until the end of October… so, the first judge’s stipulation that she avoid illegal activity really doesn’t apply to her getting arrested again for roughly the same thing she says she was not guilty of the first time. Awesome.

  • DancerTiffy

    Multiple felony charges and this thug is walking free, still teaching kids and infecting them with her hate, and still out on bail, which by every standard should at this time be revoked.

    • I’mOffendedYou’reOffended

      omg – can you imagine the vitriol spewing from her mouth to those poor children’s ears?

      • DancerTiffy

        Well, Felarca is unfortunately the norm in our schools these days.
        We have criminals charged with violent crimes teaching our children these days, and to the left that is perfectly ok.

  • Strip her citizenship and deport her.

    • Michal Tastik

      She might not be a citizen. She is filipino and grew up in NY finger lakes. I don’t think we know if she was born here or there.