You’re supposed to be uncomfortable

If you are a fan of the NFL, chances are that your world of quarterback statistics, defensive fumbles and touchdowns has been confounded with political rhetoric in the aftermath of President Donald Trump’s criticisms of protests during the national anthem. Football is usually about barbecues, beer, family values, American pride.
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Student leaders’ continued collaboration is crucial

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Graduate student leaders opted to split off from the UC Student Association, potentially weakening the student voice in state conversations.

Graduate student leaders opted last week to split off from the well-established advocacy body, the UC Student Association, dealing a blow that could deeply impact the power of student voices in systemwide conversations and state legislation.
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Erwin Chemerinsky should address Palestine exception to free speech

Erwin Chemerinsky, the new dean of Berkeley Law, has been making waves in campus politics regarding free speech issues. Chemerinsky is a major constitutional law scholar, an outspoken liberal and a free speech absolutist. He’s the perfect figure to defend the UC Berkeley’s administration from people who are angry about
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